After sliding to round five, Richard Sherman vowed to “destroy” the league

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As Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman becomes more and more popular and respected and recognized for his stellar play, his motivation comes from a place where plenty of great players have found that thing that coaxes a high level of performance.

A draft-day free fall.

“Some of those guys who got drafted [ahead of me], I was like, ‘Wow, this is ridiculous.’ I thought, ‘What’s the point of playing good ball if it doesn’t matter?’ By the time the fifth round rolled around, the damage was done,” Sherman told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  “I was like, ‘When I get to the NFL, I’m gonna destroy the league, as soon as they give me the chance.’  And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.”

Sherman has climbed from day three of the draft to the top of the sport in less than two seasons.  He now wants to climb even higher.

“I want to be the best, period,” Sherman said.  “A lot of people don’t think it’s possible, because how could a fifth-rounder be the best of all time?  But that’s what I want to be.  Where you get drafted is such a big deal in the league, respect-wise, and that’s why it still frustrates me.”

Sherman, who explained that he’s less physical than fellow Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner because Sherman wants to bait quarterbacks into throwing the ball his way, won’t be eligible for the Pro Bowl if his four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy against steroids and related substances is upheld before the end of the season.  So he won’t be officially included among the best current players, at least for 2012.

And that likely will give him even more motivation.  Especially since he seems to pretty good at identifying actual or perceived indignities.

“Let’s face it,” Sherman told Silver, “if I had been the first pick in the first round, I’d still find something to be pissed about.”

So, yeah, the guy who famously posed the “u mad bro?” question to Tom Brady likes to be mad, too.

47 responses to “After sliding to round five, Richard Sherman vowed to “destroy” the league

  1. Well if he wants to get on my list of the best of all-time, it’s a mandatory requirement to not take PEDs, so stop sipping other people’s water bottles. Until you figure that out you’ll never be considered the best of all-time but I will keep an open mind about you being maybe the stupidest of all-time.

    Approach the game the right way, and a better way than everybody else, and then maybe you can be the best one day. If you have the skills to back it up once your mind is first in focus.

  2. “Richard Sherman vowed to “destroy” the league”

    ….speed kills…

    Browner was snubbed even worse by the NFL. Originally tabbed as one of the best DBs, by draft day not one team showed any interest. Hard to believe he discovered his skill set in Canada; and his recent positive drug test for peds shows where it really comes from. Coincidence that both “disgruntled and snubbed”
    DBs are playing their best ball this season?

    When a team has players testing positive like the ‘hawks and others this season, the NFL should send their lab guys to that team with a sample jar for each player on the roster.

  3. Sherman plays with a chip on his shoulder and you could see his talent even as a rookie when they had him on AJ Green. He is an elite cover corner, with great technique and uses his size to his advantage. The fact he has played WR gives him an edge as a ball hawk. When Revis comes back the battle for the best will be between these two. But what makes the secondary elite is the fact with have soon to be All Pro Earl Thomas over the top, Big Kam loading the box and probably the best press CB on the other side. Legion of Boom- Go Hawks.

  4. I have to admit, he’s pretty good despite his bravado. I did enjoy him giving Brady a dose of his own trash talk when the Seahawks won the game.

  5. Based on the Silver article, Sherman comes across as an intelligent, knowledgeable, and self-aware individual. Add his [self-motivating] “mad”, and he is someone definitely worth watching over the next few years.

  6. To think, Sherman has only been playing corner for a couple of years is crazy. Everyone forgets he played WR for 2 or 3 years at Stanford before making the switch to corner. This guy is only going to get better, it’s scary how good he can be.

    Wish my Ravens would have drafted him. Sherman and Webb would have made one heck of a cornerback duo.

  7. So you see no connection between his wanting to destroy the league and his use of banned substances? And you write a post that basically praises him?

  8. Not sure if anybody on this site has taken adderall but I can tell you from my experience there is no competitive advantage to taking it as it relates to football. If you want to stay awake to get through finals week and Carnegie Mellon it works wonders.All it does is keep you up, kill your appetite, and make you feel like deep fried dog poo the next day..

  9. It is funny how NFL fans are so naive. In the NFL everybody uses something. Some get caught, others walk. If they test for HGH tomorrow no team will hve more than 10 players. Don’t anyone think that their team is clean. In this new media age we are all saints. Please!!!!

  10. Sherman shut down the best WR’s this year – period. He is on the way to being the best, but I wish he would let his game speak for himself and be that type. I am affraid he is going to be a T.O. and keep talking and getting into trouble.

  11. Love this guy, its a game after all folks and he’s playing it on and off the field. Lynch started it all for the Hawks, his physical and passionate play has inspired his team and thier fans. Hawks are gona be a force for a while.

  12. Dude everyone shut up about the adderrall like it’s that big of a deal if he did or didn’t, there been over 12 suspensions of corners from all teams including the pats and ravens but they don’t get called cheaters because they are on an east coast team. On second thought go ahead it’s d-bags like you that fuel this guy. Another thing his case got undisclosed longer until further notice which usually means he has a decent case, it’s just sad that in the nfl you are guilty until proven innocent. I remember when the pats taped all the opposing teams practices, oh yeah the same year they won the superbowl, but nooo they’re from Boston they are gods they can do no wrong. Please.

  13. He has a lot of skills and he plays hard, but he comes across as a mental midget. I don’t see him sustaining for long enough to be “the best of all time.” Guys like this flame out quickly once they do taste success.

  14. This idiot is the spokesman for the spoiled rotten entitlement society we have become. It’s me, me, me by these classless jerks. Brady is the epitome of class, and only jarred a very little with him on the field- AFTER Sherman started the jawing!!! This assclown took it to a level that was completely uncalled for. And what did Brady do after the game? Hung his head for not producing, and took whatever Sherman had to offer- like a man. And EVEN… said later that Sherman was a very good player, he admired him, no hard feelings, he actually respects him etc.. And this asshat STILL tried to talk smack again later against one of the classiest guys in the NFL. He’s a total douche.

  15. Barry was the best before steroids. All these christians on here. U go perfect sports society. I have never done wrong in my life. Haters!!!! We are a such a sensitive country. Wow!!!!

  16. Guess none of the complete and total idiots that made comments based on non-fact will be able to comprehend this, but Sherman has been tested since the alleged PED news came out, in fact twice weekly per failed test, and as it turns out, he has still played at an all-pro level. Also fact is he has actually had even better games intercepting passes including 2 against Arizona, one for six. I would only have to believe that most of the negative and downright laughable comments on this thread referring him to Barry Bonds, and a “juicer” are either uneducated on the facts, or too dumb to comprehend them.

  17. jrojrofc253

    The game immediately following his suspension and subsequent appeal was against the bears, and i remember #15 having his way with both of those corners the whole game. So not a great example saying he’s doing just as well. The cardinals are a dumpster fire and not a good measuring stick. his first game after the suspension against a decent quarterback/receiver wasn’t exactly a stellar performance.

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