Chilling eyewitness account says Josh Brent initially reluctant to tend to Jerry Brown


More details continue to emerge from the incident early Saturday morning that ended the life of Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jerry Brown and landed defensive tackle Josh Brent in jail charged with intoxication manslaughter.

The Dallas Morning News interviewed Stacee McWilliams, an eyewitness to the crash scene. In a four-minute video interview, McWilliams described driving up on the scene of the accident shortly after the incident took place. She described the situation saying Brent had already exited the mangled vehicle and was walking around while Brown remained in the vehicle. Another person had stopped at the scene and already dialed 911.

McWilliams arrived seeing Brent in the street and didn’t realize there was another passenger still in the car. McWilliams then described hearing Brown call out from the vehicle for help with Brent allegedly unwilling to tend to his friend and teammate.

“Josh looked at me and he said ‘(Brown) won’t get out of the car,'” McWilliams said. “And I said ‘well you can’t just leave him in there and let him die, you’ve got to help him. Go get him.’ I commanded him several times and Josh looked at me again and he said ‘he won’t get out of the car’ and I told him ‘you can’t stand here and watch him die. You’ve got to get him out.’ He still didn’t move so I thought he wasn’t going to help at all.”

McWilliams said as she returned to her car to retrieve her cell phone, Brent finally did tend to Brown and pulled him from the burning wreckage.

“I want people to understand that Josh Brent is not a hero,” McWilliams said. “I keep hearing reports of how he was there to pull his friend from the fire but he had to be coerced and pushed and begged and pleaded to get his friend out of the fire and when he pulled him out, he just left him in the street. He didn’t tell him ‘hang in there, help is on the way.’ Nothing. He just left him there and I want the magnitude of that to be understood.”

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  1. I’m not defending brent in the least. But it seems like something is missing. I cant imagine someone just walking around. Maybe he was on other drugs as well, but the story makes it sound as if brent just didn’t care enough to help his friend. Many of us have driven at least somewhat intoxicated and if this happened to me and i hear a very good friend yelling for help, the first thing i and many people would do is run to him. Especially if it was my fault.

  2. That sounds like a person still in shock from the wreck; disoriented, dazed, maybe concussed from the accident. Nevertheless, that’s on him for happening and he’ll live with that forever. (not rushing to judgement)….

  3. Did anyone consider that the dude was just in a car accident? His car flipped over. Most people are not even alert or orientated to whats going on after such a violent experience.

  4. Umm does this woman have any respect for Brown’s family. Nah in her rush to smear Brent she didn’t consider Jerry Brown’s family one bit.

  5. In my experience, bystanders are the ones who help those in an accident.
    Brent was drinking and involved in an accident where the car rolled. To expect him to be of sound mind & body to help is just naive and designed to deflect responsibility away from her own inaction.

    The fact that this article doesn’t state any of this is irresponsible. Brent made a horrible decision by driving. Lets not pile on.

  6. I’m not in any way trying to defend Josh Brent here, but I could imagine an intoxicated person being in shock, razzled, and confused after flipping his car. Josh Brent isn’t a hero, but it also wasn’t his intention to kill Jerry Brown.

    This woman’s comments are in bad taste. She didn’t help Jerry either. She’s looking for her 15 minutes… I truly hope it backfires.

  7. What this guy did was horrifically wrong and he will no doubt be punished, but it’s entirely possible that he was completely bewildered and shellshocked, alcohol and a big car wreck can have that effect.

    The quote to me seems like an attempt to dissuade people of the notion that he somehow acted heroically (possibly at the behest of the district Attorney), not to try to paint the picture of a sociopath. He acted stupidly and selfishly on a criminal level, and it ended up costing his teammate his life but that doesn’t mean that he has to also be malicious.

    It’s way to easy to let sensationalism rule the day after events like this in my opinion.

  8. “I want the magnitude of that to be understood.”

    Meaning that SHE (AND the other person who dialed 911) didnt do anything either. They were the sober, fully coherant ones on the scene.

    Josh Brent was intoxicated, in shock and was just in a bad wreck. Who knows, maybe even concust. I can easily see why he made have been a bit out of it or disoriented.

    This guy is dealing with a traumatic situation already, he doesn’t need this lady going WAY out of her way to make this situation even more difficult for him. What does she get out of this??

    Im not defending him in any way. I just dont get the necessity of her interview.

  9. I’m in no way condoning any of what he did, but if you’ve been in a wreck like that, maybe he was truly dazed or concussed and any rational behavior wouldn’t be normal. Add to that he was drunk, I just don’t think you can expect someone to act normal.

    I don’t drink, and have never been in a wreck of that magnitude, but maybe those who know can lend some thought that you can’t expect anything normal after a wreck like that…

  10. How many times do you hear that you aren’t supposed to move people that have had an accident because you don’t know the damage you might do, unless the car is on fire and in danger of exploding, you don’t move them. Not to mention the physical and mental shock Brent would have initially been in effecting his decision making process (let alone the alcohol in his system). I’m not sure how this story is supposed to help clarify anything and it seems more likely to be written to drum up controversy over a tragedy than anything else.

  11. Speaking as a Firefighter EMT you have to realize that people react to stress in completely different ways. Him not helping out his friend Brown doesn’t make him a coward. I’d like to point out that this person McWilliams did not make a move to help out Brown either.

    Depending on the situation and Im not sure 100% of the facts but one can do a lot more harm just by yanking someone out of mangled car than just leaving that person in there and waiting for the professionals to do their job.

    Im not defending what he did but lets not just start bashing people out of anger

  12. Hmmmm, not excusing anybody here but when someone is drunk they’re judgement is impaired and the act in a manner that is often much different than when sober.

  13. Some people run into the fire and some run away from it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big football player, and you wont even know who you are until something happens. It’s instinct, it’s not negotiable. The guy was obviously panicked, inebriated and not in any normal state of mind. Court of public opinion will brand him a coward though. It’s really just a sad story that we could all stand to learn from. All of us are capable of making an error in judgement that leads to catastrophe.

  14. If this lady was so concerned about Jerry Brown, why didn’t she try and help get him out of the car? She is complaining about Josh Brent, but he DID in fact go back and get Jerry. Maybe Josh Brent was in shock? Regardless, that video was shown in poor taste.

  15. Isn’t the eyewitness here just as bad for not helping him then? Because think about it she’s fighting with Brent trying to get him to help brown out of the car, ok I get that.but she should’ve been able to tell he was either drunk or high based off of how belligerent he was being and other than arguing with him (let alone wasteing precious time) it doesn’t sound like she was offering any assistance either.

  16. i can understand the shock part of it being an emergency responder, but its hard for me to think about being responsible for something like this and not doing everything i can to save my friend. how drunk was he?

  17. This is an just a sad and tragic story. I have to believe that Brent was in severe shock. Rest in peace Jerry Brown.

  18. This is really disturbing news. I’m sure more facts are going to come out as time goes on. I have the feeling this is going to get ugly and Brent is going to be dismissed from the team and locked up. It boggles the mind why these guys won’t call for a ride. The NFL really needs to develop a better system for educating and caring for these young men, where they can feel free from repercussions from the league.

  19. Brent was definatly in the wrong. But who is this lady to feel the need to set the record straight on him not being a hero. I mean if it was so easy and expected then why didn’t she try to get Brown out?

    Or tend him? Someone already called 911 and she contributed nothing except to look on and be disgusted…

  20. Pretty heavy criticism from someone whose best response was to berate a man who was probably in shock, then go to her car for her cell phone. There was more than one person at the scene who was no hero.

  21. Reading the response from Brent, it would seem he may not be “all there” mentally, if you know what I mean. Sounds like he could not comprehend that his teammate was unable to exit the vehicle, instead acting as though he refused to exit the vehicle. Weird.

  22. Well, while this certainly looks and sounds quite bad.

    That being said, I would wager Brent was suffering from a bit of shock himself after the accident. Not trying to defend the guy really, but after any kind of accident-especially one as bad as this one sounds, some sort of “jolt” is usually needed to kind of snap people out of it.

  23. It kindof sounds like he was in shock – which should be expected.

    I understand the point here is that this description is different from the initial ones of Brent’s behavior, but between his pre-accident state of mind, and the fact that even a fully sober person involved in a serious accident might not be thinking straight, I’m not all that surprised to hear this.

  24. Sounds like he was in Shock. People tend to act like that. Hard to make a guy out to be a hero considering the situation. I don’t think this report is appropriate. Just pointless news to poke and prod. Intoxication manslaughter or whatever it was. There’s no hero in that. Pray for their family and that man’s soul.

  25. We forgive him because he can play a sport – character doesn’t matter. And when he retires from sports, he can move to politics – character doesn’t matter there either.

  26. “I want people to understand that Josh Brent is not a hero,” McWilliams said. “I keep hearing reports of how he was there to pull his friend from the fire but he had to be coerced and pushed and begged and pleaded to get his friend out of the fire and when he pulled him out, he just left him in the street. He didn’t tell him ‘hang in there, help is on the way.’ Nothing. He just left him there and I want the magnitude of that to be understood.”


    Certainly puts a different “spin” on this…….

    How bad must this have been, for McWilliams to have emphasized that last sentance?

  27. Let’s not forget that he was supposedly intoxicated and had just been a significant roll over accident. He may not have been all there. That being said, this certainly paints a more disturbing image on an already disturbing scene.

  28. I’m not defending Brent, what he did in this whole situation was poor decision-making. Having said that, It sounds like he could have been in shock/denial on what had just happened and just froze, having this witness snap him out of it when he realized a friend was dying. Never know how you’ll react in a situation, especially a serious one like this.

  29. After a high impact crash, people cannot be expected to have their wits about them. The guy was clearly in a confused, traumatized state. The notion that this person wants the world to know that he is not a hero speaks poorly of her. In fact, her urgings to send a confused, traumatized person into a fire by yelling at him would only serve to make him more resistant. In other words, she kept the victim from being saved. If she was in such right mind, why didn’t she take matters into her own hands instead of verbally abusing a drunken traumatized accident victim? This is an attention getting move that should backfire on her.


  31. My condolences to the family. My comment is I notice within this article that the witness “Stacee McWilliams” has labeled Josh Brent as not being a hero, but my question is what action did she take as to only attempt to encourage a person who probably wasn’t in his right mind, go attend to his friend. Did she take the initative to go get Mr. Brown out of the burning vehicle? Should she also be labeled within the news media as not being a hero either since her actions truly did not reflect that as well?

  32. This lady pulls no punches. Hard to explain the indifferent behavior of Josh. I know he had alcohol but seriously, what are you doing? Wow.

  33. Terrible tragedy but this woman isn’t helping. I didn’t hear any mention of her try to help him out or say encouraging things either. The guy was obviously intoxicated and probably in shock. Lets just let it play out and pray for all the families involved.

  34. I don’t know how to feel about Brent in this situation. But I think this eyewitness wants publicity. Not saying it didn’t happen the way she said it did. It just seems to me like he was in shock, which is common in situations like this. “He won’t get out of the car,” repeated over and over, like a mantra. Just doesn’t sound like someone who’s in their right mind, at the time. Still, what a horrible, horrible tragedy. Hopefully this is a permanent reminder for many to turn in the keys.

  35. I have seen this too many times. In my hometown they gloified Jerome Brown as a saint and a hero. His automobile accident killed the child passenger. He was doing over 100mph in a rain storm in Miami. Hereos? No way!!

  36. He was in shock. His brain wasn’t processing what had happened. I’ve seen it before in combat. Guys being subjected to significant trauma (mortar rounds going off, grenades, etc) and seeing buddies down but they just aren’t able to process what has happened, so they do stuff like that.

  37. Wow. He must have been really tanked. (The fact he was too drunk to attend his arraignment at 10:30 AM Saturday is telling).

    Wonder what his BAC was? I’m betting >0.3%.

  38. Who has refered to him as a hero?

    I’m not exactly shocked that he got wasted drunk, drove a car, wrecked it and then continued to make questionable decisions afterward. Confusion is not uncommon while blackout drunk…throw in a deadly carwreck and…well…

  39. I wasn’t there and I have no experience in the matter,but maybe after a major accident he was confused or in shock or even concussed. ‘He won’t get out of the car’ doesn’t seem like a guy who’s all there in the moment.

  40. The problem is the man was drunk, in shock, and had just been in the same accident that knocked him senseless. The sadness of this story changes very little. A tragic loss to a young man.

  41. First, I’ve never heard anybody describe Brent as a hero, so I don’t know what she is talking about. It sounds like this lady just wants her 15 minutes of fame. If what she says is true, Brent was probably in shock, or suffering from some type of head injury immediately following a serious crash. Brent and Brown were best friends, so I have a hard time believing he wouldn’t immediately help him if he had a clear head.

    Brent made a stupid, tragic decision. The result was his best friend ending up dead. He’ll have to live with that fact for the rest of his life.

  42. Also, I’m pretty sure the conversation didn’t go like ‘bro, I know you’re drunk and I’m sober but why don’t you take the keys.’ I swear I don’t want to speak ill of the dead, but the driver’s decision probably wasn’t the only bad one made that fateful night.

  43. Any decent human being who comes upon a horrific accident is a little traumatized by that as well. So, yeah, she may not have realized that he was stone dead drunk and maybe had a head injury and his mental processes were off. Her own focus was probably on processing what she saw in front of her — a horrible accident, someone crying out for help, and the possibility, and rising panic, that a life was slipping away.

    I don’t think this is an empty publicity grab, I think she is just processing her own traumatic impressions of what she saw, and it’s coming out in an emotional speech.

  44. Those of you so quick to pass judgement be careful. I had the misfortune of having to pull my best friend from his truck when he slid off the road into a small creek. Neither of us were drunk just on our way to work and I must say it was very difficult. So many emotions such a shock of what just happened, fear of injuring him more, and more shock of watching the person you were just talking to bleed out and scream in agony. I’m not defending this guy but I understand every emotion he felt that night and it is really unexplainable.

  45. He was obviously in shock. Also, I don’t care. How anyone could call the guy a hero, before or after this last bit of news, confounds me.

  46. Guy was drunk right?? SHOCK comes to mind. It can paralyze anyone. Including a DT in the NFL.

    I don’t believe there was anything malicious there.

  47. No one is asking the most important question. What was McWillams doing while she watched a person burn in a car? Bark orders at a person who just got out of a car wreck? That’s called “failure to render aid” in Texas and most other states. She ought to shut up rather than criticize him for the exact same thing she did.

  48. I don’t think a single person is trying to say Brent acted like a hero, but this lady is doing NOTHING but make things worse.

    1: It is obvious he was most likely in shock. Even if he wasn’t drunk, this could of been a fairly typical reaction. You add the fact he was drunk and it just gets worse. He simply was not processing what had happened. She says he kept saying “he won’t get out of the car” again and again. Does that sound like someone who is mentally processing and understanding what has happened? Not in the least.

    2: This does not help serve the families of either man. I am sure Brown’s family don’t want to read or hear about how he laid in that car dying. And I am sure Brent’s family don’t want to read or hear about how their son didn’t act heroically and jump in and save Brown ASAP.

    3: She is just making things worse when this goes to trial. Potential jurors will read this and already have formed an opinion.

    4: This woman is attention seeking. Nothing more.

    5: Both men were drunk, right? In that case, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Jerry Brown either. I know that sounds harsh and maybe it is, but if Brown was drunk along with Brent, then he made a decision to get in that car and be drove. I still think Brent should get punished for it – but mainly because these two idiots were out on the road and risking OTHER PEOPLE’S lives. Not because one of them died for acting idiotic.

  49. I don’t want to sound like I am defending this guy because if he was drunk I want him to go to jail for a very long time. But I would like to make two points:

    – One of my best friends is a state trooper who has been first on the scene of many accidents. He tells me that people often go into shock and display all sorts of bizarre behavior in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

    – Who the heck is trying to make Josh Brent a hero? This woman acts like she is the first person to condemn his actions that night.

  50. This dude was driving drunk. Probably in shock and impaired. About to do some time, career may be over, repeat offender with a death on his hands now. He was never thought of as a hero. He’s already low and th

  51. I wonder if anyone has ever heard of the word “shock” on here?? I’m not a Cowboys fan by any means but I do believe in being fair minded, so maybe we should give Brent the benefit of the doubt til we know more. Not to mention he was inebriated at the time also.

  52. I have been on three scenes like this. The last one (right off I-35 north of Dallas) a horrific multi-flip of a trans am travelling well over 120mph. The driver was ejected, conscious and able to walk around, his ‘best friend’ was pinned under the car and dying. It took me several times of telling him to go over hold his hand, tell him to stay with us, before he even looked up at me, he was drunk and in complete shock. I don’t think he even realized what was really happening, so yes, it is VERY common in accidents like this for someone to go into total shock. No one should defend Josh Brent, his actions lead to a young man’s death, but before he is cast as a heartless coward, let’s not file this down to a tiny singular point, ignoring all other factors.

  53. Having just been in an accident and also intoxicated he clearly wasn’t in his right mind and likely was in shock as well. Also, people respond differently to trauma and emergencies.

    While deployed in 2006 a bunch of us Navy folks were at the Air Force base “The Rock” and were in the pool when one of our sailors cried out for help as he was drowning in the deep. While roughly 20 of us were right there, a great deal were frozen and I dove in to help and PO3 Rosario did shortly after that, then everybody came to the edge to help out.

    We saved his life, even though he tried to drown me twice. It wasn’t that the others didn’t care, we all loved the Big Bear, but everyone was in shock, didn’t know what to do or couldn’t move. PO3 Charles and I were just the fastest to snap out of it. Don’t be so quick to pass judgment on Brent.

  54. Not saying I care for the classiness of this woman’s disclosure…seems a bit inappropeau given the family’s mourning period…but all of you morons banging this lady for not trying to save Brown…yeah, it’s realistic this woman, whatever her size, is going to try to pull a near-300 lb man out of a burning car when another 300 lb man is standing there. She probably didn’t know Brent was intoxicated, or if he was injured/shocked. She just saw him standing there doing nothing, supposedly.

  55. For those of you accusing Brent of being a selfish jerk for not pulling Brown out remember we also suffered injuries. It is obvious when the woman says that he repeated “(Brown) won’t get out of the car.” This guy could not understand completely what was going on. That said she said another person was already at the scene and called 911, why didn’t she and the other sober person that were not injured help to get Brown out. Is Brent a hero no what he did was stupid and he will be punished because of it, however her slandering him is not going to change things. Instead of her saying “well you can’t just leave him in there and let him die, you’ve got to help him. Go get him,” she could have led by example and tried to get him from the car.

  56. Like a few of you have mentioned. The man was MORE than likely in shock. This chick was looking for her 15 minutes. She got them. Now let’s let it go. God rest his soul. The legal system will take care of the rest. Vilify the man for drunk driving if you want, but not for being in a state of shock. This is a non-story.

  57. Ok, now I watched the video and I am angry. This was not shot by the network. (filmed and edited by “Nathan” someone, networks don’t credit their own people) so her friend who is a videograher shot this, then they sent it in. She was way too composed and polished, and obviously happy to tell a story and be on camera. She is throwing fuel on a very painful fire for these families. Why? So she can be on TV? Ugly as it gets. Her family must be sooo proud.

  58. No defense for drinking and driving but I agree sounds like he was in shock. He’s going to have to pay for what he did but implying he was a coward, I disagree.

  59. Was McWilliams aware that he was intoxicated and possibly dazed before she passed judgement on what see witnessed? What she has to say amounts to just gossip.

  60. I saw a motorcyclist get hit by a pick-up truck once and, while a bunch of people rushed over, no one really did anything to “tend to” the guy. Everyone was afraid that he may have a broken back or neck and moving him might make things worse.

    Either way, the basic facts are: drunk driving is incredibly stupid and none of us were there, so we should all probably temper our fury that Brent didn’t morph into a super hero after doing something horrible and traumatic.

  61. So these people that stopped just stood around expecting a guy who had just been in a car wreck to get someone else out of a burning vehicle? Why wasn’t anyone else trying to help? Something seems amiss about this woman’s testimony.

  62. The people, who are criticizing the woman, should watch the video. She didn’t even realize anyone was still in the car until the fire started to really engulf the car, and she was on the side, which was more engaged. In addition, I am not sure how a very obese woman would have pulled a guy, who is listed as 253 pounds out of the car, so her telling the 320 pound guy to do it seems pretty reasonable to me. It also does not sound like he was in shock so much as possibly still simply intoxicated. According to the woman, he said he was “alright”.

  63. She makes it sound like he didn’t care what happened to him.

    They were best friends. College team mates, college room mates. Brent pleaded his case to Garrett to get Jerry on the team. They were room mates when he got signed to the Cowboys.

  64. Where’s the police car dash-cam video? They have all of the technology in their car yet she is the only one with a blurry cell phone image? C’mon Man!

  65. What the woman said was fine. She had no reason to lie and no ax to grind. She spoke the truth.

    That said he was no doubt wasted and in shock but the woman had every right to tell it like it was.

    Sad story and even worse if he died from burns or smoke inhalation.

  66. The police statement said that when they arrived on the scene Brent was pulling his friend out of the burning car. So who are you going to believe, the police or an attention seeking Ho. Brent will live in his self made prison for the rest of his life. That is more of a punishment than he will ever receive from the judge.

  67. You people are disgusting. In no way should we view this guy as a hero but also in no way should we praise Jerry Brown as innocent. He made the choice to enter a car with his buddy knowing he was drunk. It’s a shame what happened but the both had a choice in the matter and they both made a bad one. How dare any of you pass judgment on a man who has now had his life taken from him and the life of a friend on his hands.

  68. He was clearly in shock and struggling with the fact that his long time friend was going to die from his mistake of driving while impaired,he will have to deal with that the rest of his life which will be a lot harder that any punishment the law could give him….it will be for him to bear until the day he himself dies,I would hate like hell to be in that situation

  69. Horrible catastophic decisions to drive, and be driven, by both men. Brent is responsible because he was driving, and he is alive to take the blame, but the eyewitness has obviously never been walking around after a fatal car accident if she expected some sort of superman hero to be out there helping after being rolled in a car and somehow exiting under his own power. Brent lucky he wasn’t dead too.

  70. No doubt he was clearly in shock and struggling with the fact that his long time friend was going to die from his mistake of driving while impaired,he will have to deal with that the rest of his life which will be a lot harder that any punishment the law could give him….it will be for him to bear until the day he himself dies,I would hate like hell to be in that situation

  71. Seems that most posters here are offended by the lady’s strong language to the point that you are actually pointing the finger towards her.

    I’m speechless. How stupid are you people to think a woman can drag a 250lb plus man out of a wrecked car? How stupid! Stupid! Those of you who believe are all blinded by idiocy. Seriously. This is the truth.

    And now you will likely attack me. That’s who you people are – finger pointers. She’s merely reporting her eyewitness testimony. Sorry you can’t handle that but it’s likely the truth as she doesn’t know this guy from Adam.

  72. The NFL has a drinking and driving prevention program, as do most of the teams, whereby a drunk player can call a number and get a free, safe ride home. They should take it one step further and suspend any player convicted of DUI for at least 6 games for the first offense.

  73. It was very noble of McWilliams to stop at the scene, and then stand around doing nothing but telling other people what to do. A real heroine, there.

  74. It’s real simple people… If you are going out to drink, JUST TAKE A CAB!

    You can get your car tomorrow!

    Especially these guys who at minimum make hundreds of thousands of dollars – you can pay someone to take you home!

  75. markdamack says:
    Dec 11, 2012 9:42 AM
    She makes it sound like he didn’t care what happened to him.
    He DIDN’T. If he did, he wouldn’t have been driving his “best friend” around that kind of drunk.

    This guys life is FULL of bad decisions, it’s his 2nd serious DUI. Read below:

    Josh Brent had the ultimate warning on Feb. 21, 2009.
    The police pulled Brent over that night near the Illinois campus, arresting him for driving drunk and with a suspended license and ticketing him for speeding, before anybody was hurt or killed because of his careless decision to get behind the wheel.
    In June of that year, Brent was sentenced to two years probation and 60 days in the Champaign County jail. He was released after serving half that time and resumed his football career.
    “You get a new outlook on life and some of the mistakes I’ve made,” Brent told the Chicago Tribune in 2009. “You realize a lot of things, how naïve and how dumb you can be sometimes.”

    He was driving drunk with a suspended license & told the Chicago Tribune he learned his lesson.

    He’s galactically stupid & he doesn’t deserve this out pouring of support. When will we as a society learn that drunk driving is just as dangerous as pointing guns at each other?

  76. Keep in mind, these are 250 lb to 350 lb men we’re usually talking about.

    If some lady got on scene, could she have pulled him out of the wreckage.

    I dont think there is a wrong or right here. But her setting the facts straight is better now than later, when a case is in court and they are looking at evidence and if she said this then they would say why did you say it earlier?

  77. Shock can make a person who is normally helpful and loving very numb and absent. I’m sure that Josh Brent was probably in shock and wasn’t himself right after the wreck.

  78. sexyrexyfeet says:
    Dec 11, 2012 10:55 AM
    Seems that most posters here are offended by the lady’s strong language to the point that you are actually pointing the finger towards her.

    I’m speechless. How stupid are you people to think a woman can drag a 250lb plus man out of a wrecked car? How stupid! Stupid! Those of you who believe are all blinded by idiocy. Seriously. This is the truth.

    And now you will likely attack me. That’s who you people are – finger pointers. She’s merely reporting her eyewitness testimony. Sorry you can’t handle that but it’s likely the truth as she doesn’t know this guy from Adam.

    There is a such thing as kicking someone when their down. This guy just killed his best friend. HE has to live with that. But, I havent heard or read anywhere that Brent was a hero. If its stupid to wonder why neither this woman or anyone else didnt help to get Brown out of the car, Then its just as stupid to wonder why a guy that was clearly drunk out of his mind and just was involved in a deadly car crash in which his car was flipped, didnt help right away. IT’s clear that he wasnt all there because he kept saying, He wont get out and he’s ok. He didnt realize what was going on. BUt she did, Why not gather the other people out there and get them to help. I’m not offended by her strong language. I’m offended that this women just couldnt wait to tell her story. I’m offended that this woman, is protraying Brent a cold person not willing to help his best friend. When in all accounts by the police said that when they pulled up, Brent was seen pulling Brown from the car. But yet she said that Brent just left him there on the street. And what did she go to the car to get her cell phone for if someone else already had called the police? I’m not going to go so far as to say, she’s just looking for her five minutes of fame. But, IT’s just too many people out here passing judgement on not only this but a whole host of other things. Only God can judge us in the grand scheme of things. And if you think I’m defending Brent, just know I have no compassion for drunk drivers, because in every case they are the ones that kill people.

  79. what a disgrace all of you making excuses for this clown in the end he was drunk driving and will pay for what hes done unless of course the judicial system fails like it does 75% of the time

  80. Idk what his bac was, but clearly it was enough to flip a car. No defense of him but he probably wasnt thinking straight

  81. And the person says she could hear him yelling and all she does is tell brent to help? What did she do? At least brent was drunk and likely in shock from the accident

  82. @themonkeyman, I think your missing the whole point. What he did was dumb and selfish. BUt dont you think for one minute that all of these people on here feel sorry for him. They are just pointing out that, this woman twisted a tragic situation into some self serving thing. Everyone knows he was drunk and the death of a friend/teammate was a direct result of it. But to think a person that was drunk enough to flip his car over would be somehow able to process what just happened and jump into action. As most have already pointed out. He had to be in shock, not clear of what was going on. I didnt see anyone say he shouldnt pay for what he’s done. the fact of the matter is this. He’s already paying for it now with the lost of his best friend and will have to pay for it again with jail time in the near future.

  83. Funny to read all the defenders of this scumbag while you try to attack the woman for simply stating how this loser was acting while his friend was dying in the street.

    I wonder why that is? I wonder what’s motivating the sympathetic posts from people here who usually overcriticize any and every athlete when they do anything on the wrong side of the law. I wonder what’s so different about him? Hmmmmm.

    Yea, a woman should have jumped right in there and helped get a professional athlete out of a car when this scumbag was perfectly fine enough to do it after crashing the car. She’s in the wrong for pointing out what kind of coward he is.

  84. @solomon151

    With all due respect, I am not missing anything.

    What he has to live with is a direct result of his SECOND drunk driving incident.

    What is being missed by most & is inexcusable (and goes way beyond what he “feels”) is that this is a guy that was given a huge warning or second chance & he ignored it. Shock or no shock, this guy drove drunk on a suspended license only 3 years ago. He learned nothing.

    And now he took another human beings life after getting incredibly lucky in 2009. This guy was too drunk to be arraigned at TEN THIRTY the next morning.

    He’s beyond stupid & immeasurably selfish. Anyone that has ever had a loved one taken away by a drunk driver understands what a selfish disgusting excuse for a human being this guy is after getting so lucky in 2009.

  85. @realfootballfan you must have a problem reading or something. Who defended him??? All I see is people with enough common sense to know that it was something wrong, He wasnt in his right mind and instead of wasting time arguing with him about helping, she could have gather some of the other people that was out there and got them to help. It’s apparent he wasnt in the right state of mind. Considering he was saying that his friend wouldnt get out of the car and that he was fine. So No, I dont think he was perfectly fine enough to realize what was going on. The idoit was drunk out of his mind. Wonder no more, I just told you why..

  86. @realfootballfan, why do all of you think that everybody is defending Brent? In no way am I and most of the people here doing that. Most of us point out that he screwed up and should pay the penalty. We just question her motives. She did not even see Brown as she said she did not go to the other side of the car, so the excuse that she could not get him out is gone. She did not know if he was a big man or a little man. She could have tried getting others around to help. Her story does not coincide with the police report. For you to assume that Brent was “perfectly fine” would mean that he was not drunk and not suffering any trauma from the accident at all. Her own statements prove he did not really have a good grasp of things.

    Once again Brent should suffer any legal judgement that comes upon him as he will also suffer with the fact that he was responsible for what happened.

  87. I want to know about autopsy results of Jerry Brown, what exactly he died of, meaning if he was pulled out of the car right away would he have lived ? Since he was concious ? Did not getting him out of the car fast enough with the flames cause smoke inhalation ? Was his death after the crash preventable by whoever was on scene at the time ? Interesting questions, if answered…might shed light on a lot.

  88. Could have sworn Outside The Lines just said Brent was. attending Browns service that just started. identified him as the Guy in the brown jacket.. maybe I’m wrong

  89. “I’m speechless. How stupid are you people to think a woman can drag a 250lb plus man out of a wrecked car?”

    Sexist much? What’s the justification in her not even trying? She says she pleaded with Brent to get Brown out of the car and he wouldn’t do it, then she went to get her phone out of her car, then when she came back Brown was out of the car. Who pulled him out? The DUI fairy?

  90. who wouldn’t be somewhat dazed immediately after a terrible accident…together with being intoxicated…sounds like he may have been showing signs of a concussion or in shock.

    sounds to me like this lady did nothing to help the guy get out of the car. she should be held accountable for failure to render aid.

  91. for all of you that don’t know, the NFL has a designated driver program. you need a ride, just call, no problem.

  92. While he made a stupid decision, which a lot of people do, they article is in poor taste. It’s worded to make it appear as though he doesn’t care about his friend when the details of it make it pretty indicative that he was in shock.

    More importantly why didn’t the person who was commanding him jump into the action?

  93. I almost wonder if his mind refused to register that Jerry couldn’t get out of the car on his own, i.e, that he was seriously harmed. To keep saying “he won’t get out of the car”, makes me think he wasn’t comprehending that his friend COULDN’T get out of the car. Clearly, shock, alcohol, etc. can all play a part in that.

    I do find one thing curious about her statement and that was that she claims he pulled Jerry out of the car and into the street and left him there. But the report says the police arrived while JBrent was pulling Jerry out of the car. So I’m not sure I quite buy that he left him laying in the street and walked away. Seems like there would be a lot going on.

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