David DeCastro could be in line for first start


The Steelers might finally get a return on their first round pick.

According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that rookie David DeCastro could play right guard this week against the Cowboys. That would allow them to switch Ramon Foster to left guard and Maurkice Pouncey back to center.

“We believe that his health is at level where, if we like what we see, he might have the opportunity to play,” Tomlin said of DeCastro, who has played only on field-goal and extra-point units the last two games. DeCastro would have likely started all year, but for a preseason knee injury.

The Steelers have been shuffling the line all season, and the aggravation of Willie Colon’s knee injury caused the latest round. Colon had surgery Monday and will miss at least two games, and probably the rest of the season. Tomlin said he wanted to see how Colon responded to surgery before he made a determination on a roster move.

Of course, that’s not their only injury problem.

Tomlin said cornerback Cortez Allen has a hip flexor injury that Tomlin which could keep him out of the Cowboys game. Allen has replaced Ike Taylor, who has been out with a hairline fracture in his right ankle.

Outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley, however, is expected to return after missing the last two games.

16 responses to “David DeCastro could be in line for first start

  1. DeCastro a pro bowler? The man hasnt even played a snap in a regular season game yet! Silly steeler fans and their misconceptions of reality.

    I feel sorry for their team, really. They’re nothing but a .500 team yet their fans pound their chests like they still matter. Well, take one look at losses to the raiders, titans, browns and chargers and everyone knows, this team is full of pretenders.

    Kelechi Osemele > David DeCastro

  2. DeCastro a pro bowler? Last time I checked you have to be playing, contributing, and effective. So far DeCastro has done none of these things. Silly Steeler fans.

  3. Wait wasnt this supposed to be the next Steve Hutchinson, at least according to steeler fans. Hah! What a joke.

  4. Seems like the first bit of good news the Steelers have had in awhile. Hopefully he can make and impact come Sunday.

  5. The last time I checked the ravens haven’t won a super bowl in 12 years. Silly ravens fans and their….um….hater aide baths? That’s all you really have right?

  6. I’d love to think of this as good news, but my gut reaction was to wonder if they’re rushing him back too soon … sigh.

  7. I’d like to see the kid play before I pass judgement – I’d like to see a comparison between him and Kevin Zeitler in a few years….

  8. Thats great news!!!! The steelers can use some great news since they have battled injuries(especially the offensive line again) all year long. I’d love to see this group to start jelling for the rest of the season. Decastro is gonna be a beast for years to come.

  9. Inserting DeCastro into the lineup, if healthy, is a no brainer. I’m excited to see a true guard in there for once!

    The Cortez Allen injury is a way bigger problem. If he can’t go I think the Steelers should insert Will Allen back at SS and let Troy Polamalu play some corner. Just like the Steelers secondary coach, Carnell Lake, did in 1995 when Rod Woodson was down.

  10. Your busy ravenator. All that BS make you feel better? Fact is, no matter who beat the Steelers this year. The last team they beat was the Ravens, in Bmore with a senior at QB. Your glorious ravens have been schooled by bench warmers two weeks in a row. The only delirious one is you buddy. It’s got to hurt to see thier D ranked near the bottom. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t at least see that #1 every year. No matter the record. Get real.

  11. Everybody hating on the steelers. Guess they forgot. We were the 1st team to win the SB as a #6 Seed. We are America’s team. Cowboys haven’t win nothing since 95. We have the most rings and will get another 1 this year.

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