Drew Brees on bounty ruling: Some things can never be taken back

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been steadfast in his support of his suspended teammates, and suspended coach Sean Payton, since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell cracked down on them in the league’s bounty investigation.

So while Brees is pleased that former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue voided the suspensions of the four players Goodell initially disciplined, that doesn’t mean he’s satisfied. In a statement on Twitter, Brees congratulated the players who had their suspensions vacated, but he added that there are some things that can never be taken back.”

Brees didn’t detail which “things that can never be taken back” he was referring to, but with the Saints on pace for their worst record since Brees arrived in New Orleans, he may be wondering what might have been different if today’s news had come at the start of the season, instead of the end.

75 responses to “Drew Brees on bounty ruling: Some things can never be taken back

  1. That’s right. Somethings can’t be taken back. Like watching how bad you guys have been playing this year. Image is burned into my memory. Thanks Drew!

  2. While I disagree with Goodell’s handling of the case, it’s not like Saints were free of fault. Many parties behaved badly but Greg Williams and co. have to take the cake.

  3. Theres been a ton of articles on this today and I havent had time to read them all. What does this mean for Sean Payton?

    Michael David Smith: It means nothing for Sean Payton. His suspension continues as before.

  4. Thats correct. It doesnt matter that the suspensions were vacated, you can’t take back the horrific actions that took place under your coaches watch. So stop trying to deflect blame for you and your team’s poor play this season. There are very few outside of Lousiana that have much respect left for you.

  5. I hope all of you enjoy yoursleves when SP gets back next year I promise all of you haters your teams will have a price to pay. Because, we’re going to beat your teams down of the football field. And, just so you’ll know. We won’t need a pay for performace program to do it. We’re going to beat you down for free. Who Dat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. vikesfansteve says:
    Dec 11, 2012 4:05 PM
    Like the refs handing you a title asshat.

    I’ll say it again for you slow Viqueen fans,Your teams 6 turnovers handed the Saints the Title asshat..Noone to blame but your own Team…maybe next time

  7. What this shows is that Brees isn’t the savior of the team, it is Payton.

    Their players have been playing all season. So what have they lost other than their coach.

    If 1 coach is the difference between playoff contender and a really bad team, they have bigger problems.

    Again I ask, what have they lost?

  8. Like what Brees? The one free agent and one guy that now plays on the Browns who would’t be playing for the Saints, suspension or not?

    That your team’s image is still tarnished? That remains, as the organization that pays you your millions also allowed your coaches to break the rules for 3 years at the expense of other players in the league’s potential health.

    Or what? The PFT readers want an explanation.

  9. Maybe he was talking about himself and all the money he held out for all the while saying it was time for other people to step up for the team????

  10. I didn’t particularly hate the ‘Aints before, but I sure do after reading hor2012’s semi-literate comment.

  11. Did he get his explanation yet? No matter who was suspended or not…this saints defense is historically bad and everyone is starting to figure out how to stop Brees. Take away Sproles and put a safety deep to pick off his greedy over the middle deep bombs.

  12. Yeah… Can’t take back destroying my fantasy team with your 5 picks & 7 pts in the final week of the regular season (fantasy). You were my first pick… Thanks Drew!

  13. I love this jerks denial. The saints are cheaters and we do not recognize their superbowl win. I heard the guy in the video say..”where’s my money?!” The vikes with their 5-6 turnovers didn’t help themselves. dang

  14. I think he means suspending coaches and front office, taking away picks who would be playing this year, keeping Vilma, the QB of the defense, out of training camp and team rehab and unable to work with teammates, having multiple defensive veterans tied up in court during most of the season, having offseason decisions in free agency and the draft confused and affected by uncertainty of which players would be suspended and when those suspensions would be served, and all the distractions all that caused. Anyone who thinks all this has no connection to the change in the Saints record between 2011 and 2012 is living in denial.

  15. It would be ironic if Drew Brees was taken out of a game after a bounty hit and would demand action from the league. He enabled the behavior of his teammates and has made himself a target against other players around the league.

  16. I do think Drew is a great QB overall, but I lost some respect for him when he got permission for Sean Peyton to watch him break Johnny U’s record. That struck me as an excessively egotistical act for someone who plays the ultimate team sport. You can’t compare eras like that, either. My father played high school football and he told me that his coach gave the players rewards for hurting opponents. That’s was in the ’50s. Bounties have existed since football began. Singling out the Saints for something that everyone has been doing is very unfair. It’s even more ridiculous to “take it back”.

  17. Also, the serious injuries the Saints caused to opposing QBs from 2009-2011 cannot be taken back, because they never occurred, because the Saints defense was never the hardest hitting or dirtiest team during that era. What can be taken back if Goodell’s retirement benefits, for cause.

  18. Amazing how many haters there are for Brees, the Saints, and even the city of New Orleans. Well, he took us all the way to a Super Bowl and won it…he gives back to the community, and treats people here with kindness and respect, hate him all you want, but we who are here in the immediate area wouldn’t trade him for anybody. Go ahead and love your Brady’s with their super model wives, and Manning’s with their arrogance, and poor sportsmanship, we’ll gladly keep Brees.

  19. belichickrulz
    Sense you didn’t quite get the humor in my statement let met clarify it for you. Next year we’ll win our divison and make a run at another superbowl. As for you hate of the Saints. As a Saints fan I promise you we could care less.

  20. Drew you should tell your own children it is ok for others to try and harm the others teams players. This will teach them great leadership skills they can use later in life to become premier citizens and role models.

  21. Did Brees hire Tim Tebow’s pr firm? All of a sudden he can’t keep his trap shut, can’t stop talking about himself, can’t hand off and can’t win.

  22. You know what, Brees? You may be very talented, but you’re on the Dead to Me List now.

    I can’t believe the balls you have to make a statement like that. Some things can’t be taken back? REALLY? You mean like the existence of an illegal pay for hits program? You mean like a D-coordinator who was caught on tape talking about targeting guy’s heads who were on the way back from concussions? Dude, shut up.

  23. The organization should sue goodell for ruining their season. Season ticket holders should sue him too.

  24. Lots of Saints fans talking about how “wait till next year, Sean will be back and this team will take it out on others – onto the Superbowl!”

    Um – newsflash, you had Brees, Vilma, Peyton and Williams LAST year – you didn’t win anything. You had them when you lost in the play offs to a 7-9 Seahawks team.

    Excuse the league if they’re not all that scared of the proposition.

    BTW – Andrew Luck doesn’t have his HC, he’s taken a 2-14 team to the playoffs with a chance of winning their division.

  25. that’s right. once you did it, it can’t be taken back. the same goes with those guys in new england. spygate can’t never be taken back… and it has been proven so far.

  26. Once a cheater always a cheater, Saving face for the NFL doesnt mean the Saints arent a bunch or cheaters, Tags just blamed the ownership and coaches. Still need an explantion Drew,

  27. filthymcnasty1 says:filthymcnasty1 says:Dec 11, 2012 5:45 PM

    Does this mean Viking fans will quit whining about losing the NFCCG against the Saints?

    Probably not.

    They still cheated, Tagliabue just moved the blame away from the players and blamed the coaches, normal life in this country, always someone elses fault. They cheated, face it, they won because they cheated, notice how things are going this year!!!!!!

  28. Everybody that continues to falsely accuse te Saints of wrong doing is a moron. Way to over look the truth and ignore the facts. It no wonder why our country is in so much trouble!

  29. Drew Brees is easily the most annoying player in the entire NFL. Just shut up! He takes to twitter to whine and cry victim for everything – the labor strike, this bounty scandal, his greedy contract negotiations. Yeah, way to lead Drew – threaten to sit out and demand a ridiculous amount of money forcing the Saints to send other players packing so they can afford to pay you. Then proceed to have the worst year of your career. Now you can’t blame “da man”for keeping you down….you’re doing it yourself.

  30. Exactly how would the news “change their season”. Films and Smith missed games from injury. Tags essentially said coaches did it, can’t blame players.

  31. rg3isvictory says:
    Dec 11, 2012 6:37 PM
    Everybody that continues to falsely accuse te Saints of wrong doing is a moron. Way to over look the truth and ignore the facts. It no wonder why our country is in so much trouble!
    Who is falsely accusing the Saints? There were correctly accused, found guilty more than once, and the players’ punishment was removed for being too harsh–not because they didn’t do anything. Next time you think you see a moron, turn away from the mirror.

  32. Now can we season ticket holders start the class-action against the NFL and Goodell for intentionally damaging the product we had paid for?!?

  33. It’s been great watching the saints and even more specifically Brees himself floundering and stumbling thier poor little ways through this season. My favorite was when they blew a 24-6 late 3rd qtr lead to the CHIEFS! Keep talkin’, Breesy! I’d be willing to bet that at this point in the season, many of your own fans probably wish you’d shut up and see if you can remember what a “W” feels like again.

  34. No bigger fraud in the league than drew Bree’s. mr. I play for the love of the game, but if you don’t give me$40 million a year, I’m going to sit and bitcchh about it like I’ve been wronged for my entire life.

  35. strokeytheclown says:Dec 11, 2012 7:47 PM

    The next time I hear someone say “hater” I may just barf! It’s now the most overused word in the English language.
    Agreed. Irks me even more when they toss in “que the…whatever” (as though to say “I can see what’s coming NOW” like they’re some kind of future-seeing geniuses or something)

  36. Every Saints fan seems to be saying that Payton’s suspension (unwarranted in their eyes somehow) is the reason for the team’s poor record. I have no doubt that it has had an effect but there are other factors. Andrew Luck (rookie) has taken his 2-14 team to a winning record and a likely playoff game while their head coach is MIA due to cancer. I think it is just as likely that Brees’ huge contract caused the loss of other players that were just as important to winning as Payton was/is.

  37. The Saints really got the shaft this year; without all this bounty-gate stuff they’d be on track for the playoffs now.

  38. This coming from a guy that held up the CBA so he can try to make a back room deal for HIMSELF. This coming from a guy that went off on a women reporter that asked him about his meaningless record when he went in a game to score a garbage time TD down by 4 scores.

    Drew Brees is a liar with absolutely no class.

  39. Shut up, Drew. It was a sloppy, botched investigation so I don’t disagree that there wasn’t evidence to convict. But for you to pretend there was a Chinese wall between the offensive and defensive side of the locker room and that you overheard no mention of a bounty program (while you were a lead NFLPA spokesman no less) – not on one occasion – is a farce.

    By the way, the rest of the NFC thanks you for all of the early Christmas presents this year.

  40. I’ve always liked Drew, but it is time for him to stop complaining. The Saints’ coaches deserved their suspensions. Yes, Goodell screwed the Saints’ players. That’s what happens when you sign a CBA that invests sole power in the commissioner to play judge, jury, and executioner. That’s why the Steelers fought that clause in the CBA and were the only team to vote against the agreement. If Drew was concerned about protecting his fellow players, he could have used his position in the negotiations to fight giving Goodell that kind of power. But he didn’t. So he should probably shut up now.

  41. buffaloviking says: Dec 11, 2012 6:10 PM

    They still cheated, Tagliabue just moved the blame away from the players and blamed the coaches, normal life in this country, always someone elses fault. They cheated, face it, they won because they cheated, notice how things are going this year!!!!!!
    Uh, read Tagliabue’s ruling and weep: “It is essential to recognize that Vilma is being most severely disciplined for “talk” or speech at a team meeting on the evening before the Saints-Vikings game. He is not being punished for his performance on the field and, indeed, none of the discipline of any player here relates to on-field conduct. No Saints’ player was suspended for on-field play by the League
    after the game in question.”

    There was no cheating, there is no asterisk, the Saints still have the Lombardi trophy, and your team is still 0-4 in Super Bowls. Now do us all a favor and go ice fishing.

  42. Goodell’s tenure as NFL Commissioner has been a complete and utter failure. I’d have more faith in my fantasy football commish than I do this jackass!

  43. Very surprised at the Brees haterfest here! Without Drew Brees, Saints probably go 0-16 this season. He deserves MVP consideration not our scorn. He doesn’t play defense last I checked. And if you read Scott Fajita’s well-stated comments, there are two sides to this story.

  44. Yeah like my Vikings Super Bowl chances cause you pieces of trash tried to break our QB’s ankle. What a team full of pieces of human garbage.

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