Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant will make ultimate decision on playing


When news of Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant’s finger injury broke on Monday, the Cowboys indicated the fate of his season would depend on the results of his visits to doctors to assess the severity of the injury.

Specifically, coach Jason Garrett said that Bryant would be shut down for the remainder of the year if the “medical decision” pointed in that direction. Owner Jerry Jones had a slightly different take during his weekly radio show on Tuesday.

“I know he wants to play,” Jones said on KRLD, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Dez will be the ultimate decision-maker on surgery or playing with some kind of padding.”

Bryant is on the longest sustained stretch of success in his career with 35 catches for 525 yards and seven touchdowns over the last five games, four of which have been Dallas wins. Losing that kind of production from the lineup would be a major blow to the Cowboys’ playoff hopes.

Bryant was able to catch a key touchdown pass in the fourth quarter after hurting the finger on Sunday, something that could impact that ultimate decision he has to make about the rest of the year. Jones also said that Bryant would risk permanent stiffness in the finger if he played through the injury and waited on having surgery, which also figures to play into the final call.

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  1. Now that is one huge pile of BS! To put that on the player, who would have to look the entire team and organization in the eye and say he’s more concerned about his future than the team’s present…stupid. Objective professionals need to make this kind decision.
    This is another indicator of the Jerry Jones mentality and why every rational football fan not lost in devotion to the Cowboys knows that he is the biggest idiot/liar/abuser/loser in the entire NFL.

  2. no matter how detrimental playing through the injury is to him in the long run, he cant not play when the owner says it’s his decision, especially in the middle of a playoff race.

    another classless move by a classless owner

  3. Why does the media even bother to take the time to ask anyone other than Jones anything about the Cowgirls? He is the only owner in the league who does all the talking, on all issues from medical to discipline to what colors they wear, everything. I guess it’s good for the Cowgirls and their fans that he is so involved… I know it’s good for rest of the league as he seems to keep them from winning.

  4. Wow cannot believe some these comments, we are talking about a fractured finger..I have heard many many owners say the same thing about a player, if he can play with the pain then he will you other morons are just haters..Im guessing you’re probabvly Giant or Skins fans but thats ok I would want the hottest reciever in football right now to sit too.

  5. Lets see, continue playing football and risk more permanent injury, or take the rest of the year off and spend more time at home boxing with his mom — that truly is a dilema.

  6. Jack Youngblood played a playoff game on a BROKEN LEG!!! I would think Dez could play through a hurt pinkie finger…

  7. As a longtime (and currently beaten down) Cowboys fan, I don’t see Dallas going to the playoffs anyhow. If we do, given the state of our depleted defense, we aren’t going beyond the first round anyhow.

    Do the intelligent and long term solution, shut Dez down, get him fixed up correctly. And then revamp the hell out of the conditioning teams, so that half of the impact players on the team aren’t on IT next year like this year.

  8. Really fans? Have we forgotten that Ronnie Lott cut his finger off in order to play the game. If Dez can shoot it up and tape it up, he should be out there on Sunday. His teammates are out there playing injured, believe that…

  9. What is wrong with Jerry Jones? The doctor should be making the decision not the patient’s boss. Jerry’s an enabler who constantly undermines himself and his team. The Cowboys will never be more than an underperforming team like the Chargers while he runs the show.

  10. welll he has been killin it for me in fantasy and of course he gets hurt right in the middle of the playoffs. just my luck. hopefully he mans up and just plays! i need him badly!

  11. I keep hearing people saying shut it down and get treatment. Not to sound like football is more important than health but this is a finger. I’m sure several NFL players have finger issues and haven’t shut it down for the season. I would think Bryant could manage to play.

  12. The appropriate comment from a GM would be that the doctors will make the final decision. The player will always choose to play without regard to long term consequences. A real General Manager, who is responsible, and who takes the health of his players seriously; knows that players are not the best judge of whether or not to play. Jerry likes to take all the credit for the Super Bowls but he seems a tad reluctant to take responsibility for a decision regarding the health of his star receiver.

  13. Jerry wants butts in seats (or feet in SRO). In his mind, no Dez Bryant = Cowboys have given up on making the playoffs.

    I also agree that, many football players have played with various injuries worse than Dez’s.

  14. Well, it’s fairly obvious how many of these ding bats commenting on here telling Dez to “play through the pain” have never played a down of football in their lives, and/or never been injured to the extent that permanent injury is a real serious possibility.

  15. “hockeyfootball98 says:
    Dec 11, 2012 11:05 AM
    …..but thats ok I would want the hottest reciever in football right now to sit too.”

    I thought we were talking about Dez Bryant, not Calvin Johnson.

  16. What’s a Receiver without all his fingers working properly. Dez needs to shut it down. He’s finally playing up to his billing. No need to effect the rest of his career over three games.

  17. This is Jerry trying to get positive PR for Dez. You know Dez wants to play so Jerry makes it appear as though it is Dez’s decision (I assume they have already gotten medical clearance). When Dez plays he looks like a true team player, yada, yada, yada. I am glad Dez is going to play, he’s really worked hard this year to establish himself and gain the trust of Romo.

  18. “What’s a Receiver without all his fingers working properly”

    He scored a 27 yard TD on his second play after returning to the game.

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