Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t share father’s view of Cardinals


Larry Fitzgerald Sr. was in Seattle on Sunday and got to witness first-hand the drubbing his son’s team took at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. The Cardinals season hit a new low as they turned the ball over eight times in a 58-0 loss to the Seahawks.

His son made just one catch for two yards despite being targeted 11 times by Arizona quarterbacks John Skelton and Ryan Lindley. Three passes intended for Fitzgerald were picked off by the Seahawks.

After the game, the elder Fitzgerald took to twitter in criticizing the Cardinals.

“Pathetic performance by Arizona Cardinals,” Fitzgerald Sr. wrote. “Cardinals loss 9 straight can’t do anything right.”

During his weekly Monday night football pregame show appearance with Jim Gray of Dial Global Sports, Fitzgerald responded to the frustrations expressed by his father the night before.

“I’m in a unique situation with my father being a media member,” Fitzgerald said. “He’s making an observation based on what he sees and what he feels and that’s his opinion. I don’t share in those same feelings and that’s where I stand on that.”

Even if he does feel the same as his dad, Fitzgerald is not the kind of player that feels the need to voice his frustrations publicly. He’s always said the right things about his situation regardless of how he may actually feel. Fitzgerald dismissed any notion that he’s wasting away playing for the moribund Cardinals.

“I enjoy playing for the Arizona Cardinals and I want to continue to play here and try to win,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said he didn’t understand why Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt felt the need to apologize for the team’s performance against the Seahawks. Fitzgerald said his coach wasn’t playing in the game, it was the players that didn’t get the job done. He also shot down the thought the Cardinals have quit.

“Never.  We’re professionals. That will never happen,” Fitzgerald said. “We’re going to continue to play. We’re going to continue to practice. We’re going to continue to prepare every week like we would if we had won nine games in a row. That’s not going to change. We’re not going to quit.”

Team president Michael Bidwell said Monday that Whisenhunt will finish the season as the Cardinals head coach but it’s hard to fathom a team as listless as the one that played in Seattle Sunday hasn’t quit on this season. If that’s the case, it’s tough to imagine Whisenhunt keeping his job in 2013.

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  1. As a Rams fan I can suggest that Larry Sr talk to Howie Long for tips on having to watch your son’s team get pummeled week after week and still managing to stay positive in public.

  2. You have to feel bad for the guy. He was two minutes and change from being the Super Bowl MVP. He’s the only talented player on this years team. Hard to believe that they started out 4 – 0.

  3. The father might want to considering shutting up. He isn’t helping, and Larry Jr basically crippled the franchise with a huge contract allowing very few FA to be signed besides him whining for Kolb, Whiz should be embarrassed for his evaluations of QB talent.

  4. Fitz is a good soldier, but Whisenhunt will prolly have to take a bad college job if he ever wants to be a head coach again. And whoever gets the new GM job will turn Fitz into 2-3 high value draft picks spread out over a couple seasons.

    The Cardinals have zero chance to be a competitive team while Fitz is in his prime, so time to move him and accelerate the rebuild…

  5. At what point do we begin to question whether Fitzgerald has simply lost a step? I realize the QB and OL situation is horrendous in Arizona and that Fitzgerald draws coverage. Whatever. He has caught 6 passes for 67 yards in the past four games. Why does he get a pass?

  6. Can’t the Cardinals find a QB that can play? You don’t play this game, you lose 58-0. Sure, Arizona has given up. It’s quite obvious. 58-0, in the pros? Fire the whole damn team. The Cardinals must be the worst team in history. 58-0?

  7. It’s probably a forgone conclusion that Whisenhunt is through as the Head Coach, but there is plenty of blame to go around; Upper management, after all, put some very inept players in uniform.

  8. If he does keep his job…the Owner should be ‘fired’ then banished to the deep desert with only one bottle of Designer Vitamin Water!

  9. Whiz is a good solid head coach… If Peyton signed, they would be talking about trying to clinch home field. The qb situation is beyond sad. Now you will fire a good coach over having no qb? Yeah they got murdered, but it’s a lost season with those QBs.. Don’t go back to being those old sorry Cardinals. Stick with Wiz and get a QB.

  10. This is why Larry Fitzgerald is such a great guy. He just does his job and doesn’t complain. As bad as he wants to win, he wants to win in Arizona. Classy.

    To think that just a few years ago the three best receivers were Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, and Chad Johnson/Ochocinco – all players that were vocal and off-field distractions. Now look at the top 3: Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Andre Johnson. Never hear a thing that would cause a stir. We need more players like that.


  12. And from news of Josh Brent’s unspeakable actions to a refreshing perspective of an impressive young adult: Larry is the kind of young man who would make any parent proud taking the high road to criticism set by his own father. Fantastic words and a true teammate an organization can count on. It’s no wonder you hear all the praise given to him – he’s a model citizen.

  13. Larry Sr is such a little girl on Twitter. The bickering, run-on sentences, and terrible grammar are especially jarring coming from a so-called “giant” of sports media. Whatever his editors make, they deserve a raise.

  14. I remember watching Walter Payton in the late 70’s when the Bears weren’t a good team. You always felt bad for him, but he never complained.

    Kind of the same thing here. It’s nice that Fitz doesn’t complain, but you know he has to hate the situation.

  15. Fitz is pure class on and off the field, humanitarian of the year and the kind of role model every mother wants a sports figure to be for her child. He is the face of the the Arizona Cardinals, is loyal to his coach and a team leader. We love you Fitz!

  16. Larry Fitzgerald pressured the Cardinals to draft WR Michael Floyd. In thirteen games Floyd only has 28 catches for a microscopic 312 yds. Like Lakers Earvin Johnson and Kobe, Fitz is not shy to tell management how to do their job. Cardinals passed on Philip Rivers to get Fitz.

    Fitz has been in the league since 2004 so his best years are in the rear view mirror. True Cardinal fans should want Fitz traded, lose all remaining games AND check out ourlads site.

    Cardinals internal rot will not stop until their unqualified GM Rod Graves is fired. FIRE ROD GRAVES

  17. $65 million and hall of fame with playoff football somewhere else or $120 million, no hall of fame and wasting away in the desert. That truly is a hard call.

  18. Larry is one of the NFL greats, for his performance and for his character. The Barry Sanders analogy is dead on. How great would he be if he was on a team with a good QB?

  19. Oh, Larry. If you were only on a team that was worth a flip or had stability at QB. You really would be one of the greats. I appreciate and respect your dedication; that’s why I like you so much. But you’re not getting any younger (you’re hardly old, but you know what I mean)… you really should switch to another team so your talents aren’t wasted.

  20. If you’ve been in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area long enough, you know that Larry Sr. is living his dreams through his son. His lack of class when things go wrong is the polar opposite of his son’s.

  21. I bet the Cardinals regret passing up a guy like Russell Wilson in last years draft. Imagine what he could do with a top WR like Fitz, even behind that sorry O line?

    the cards will have to get a qb and develop him for the future…their qb problems date back to 2010, when Warner retired and they had no one to take over….they cut Matt Lineart, who was supposed to be the future and have taken their chances with Kolb, Bartell, Skelton and Lindlay, none of whom is any good.

    they are in the same boat as kansas city, jacksonville, and buffalo…qb handicaps holding all those teams back.

  22. abninf says:
    Dec 11, 2012 9:11 AM
    He drives a Lexus LFA and lives in a new mansion. He has little to complain about.

    I think he has realized that there is more to life than that and regrets his money grubbing signing with one of the NLF’s worst franchises.

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