Mike Mularkey back at work after hospital visit

Getty Images

There have been no shortage of negative developments during Mike Mularkey’s first years as Jaguars coach, including Monday’s visit to the hospital for tests after Mularkey fell ill at the team’s facility.

Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker was sent out for the Monday press conference usually handled by the head coach with Mularkey taking care of his health, but Tucker won’t have to make a second appearance. Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida-Times Union reports that Mularkey is back at work on Tuesday.

Mularkey did not spend the night at the hospital, so we’re hopeful that doctors have been able to get a handle on whatever was bothering him and that Mularkey is on his way to full strength.

With Mularkey on the mend, the Jaguars returned to the business of football. Running back Keith Toston is back for a third stint with the team this season and guard Mike Brewster has been placed on injured reserve with a broken left hand.