Ownership meeting figures to be “interesting”


The ruling from former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue overturning the suspensions imposed on four players arising from the Saints bounty case comes, coincidentally, as the owners are preparing to convene for a quarterly meeting.

As one high-level source from one of the 32 teams remarked with a request for anonymity:  “Should be interesting.”

Indeed it will.  Regardless of how it is packaged and postured by the league, Commissioner Roger Goodell has received the equivalent of a jarring right hand to the chin from Juan Manuel Marquez.  Goodell will now have to stagger to his feet and finesse his way through what could be a delicate, awkward, and potentially hostile gathering.

We think he’ll pull it off.  However, it will require plenty of patience and dexterity and diplomacy to keep this one under control.

If nothing else, it will be good preparation for his eventual trip to New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

15 responses to “Ownership meeting figures to be “interesting”

  1. And Vilma will land a jarring left hook to Goodells chin next.

    a Marquez/Vilma combo will knock out the Dictator

  2. Should have used “discipline” instead of “patience” for 3 “D” consecutive sounds and some psychological alliteration bonuses. Hopefully the NFL is more careful with their “packaging, positioning and posturing”!

  3. I can imagine some of the owners giving Goodell the famous line from The Bobs in the movie Office Space, as they were trying to figure out who should get fired. “What would you say you DO here???”

  4. As A saints season ticket holder I want A refund from the league office. A season of great potential down the drain thanks to this clown.

  5. Nothing is going to prepare Goodell for his trip to New Orleans during the Super Bowl. He’s not going to be able to leave his hotel room.

  6. From the early season replacements refs to this never ending bounty gate…2012 season has been tainted. Lot of ripple effects caused by league issues.

  7. @S Nevada, I am right along with you. But there is little chance that will happen. For one neither team actually list money. they lost cap space and I can’t see the league giving it all back without creating the very thing they were trying to dissuade: competitive advantage. Given that both teams have put the issue to rest, I don’t see it happening…… but I can dream.

  8. Goodell will be fine. He works for the Mara Football League. He can win any vote to remove or discipline him by a 1 (Mara) pro-Goodell vote to [insert any number up to 31 here] anti-Goodell votes. As long as he does Baby John’s bidding, he will lead the MFL. Just wait for the “player-safety” rules against zone blocking and the zone read, option plays. Baby John can’t have RGIII, Kaepernick and Wilson raining on his parades. Wellington Mara would be ashamed. Hail!

  9. National Football League
    Office of Pigskin Napoleon
    One Eight Up Commissioner Boulevard
    Whining and Tantrum, NY 86000

    Dear Football Fans,

    I remain steadfast in my belief that the New Orleans Saints did in fact seek to pay to ruin the careers of opposing players with a pay for injury system. The defensive coach admits he did wrong and the players who received these payments are just as guilty – they accepted the extra money.

    As Commissioner, I have overseen the most aggressive discipline system know to man. Please consider my stellar achievements….

    1. The Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys were punished severely for violating the spirit of the rules we set out after the fact. We did not write down these rules but these owners knew that an uncapped year really wasn’t uncapped because I said so. The Mara and Kraft family concur and that is as good as having your arse kissed by God.

    2. Our use of fines to punish players who were not fined by our outstanding officials is justifiable. We cannot expect our professional referees to see all the things that we will find arbitrarily offensive after the fact. As Commissioner, I take solace that I can fine anyone for not wearing even the approved male support devices should I so want to conduct a jockstrap check.

    3. Our annual boob-cancer pink ribbon, towel, shoe, and other chickification of football is justifiable. As men don’t ever die from gender-specific cancers, we should always stand up for women (except those decked by the Steeler’s QB or ones killed by a Kansas City Chief). And besides, men already watch our sport so why give a damn if there are gender-specific cancers that men might have. Boob cancer month panders to the right crowd.

    4. We will be removing the kickoff and all tackles in order to make our sport less mean. After each play our players will shake hands and pat each other on the rear. And to pander to the gays, they’ll also kiss after every touchdown.

    5. Look for women to be playing football in the NFL in the next five years. When they enter the sport no one will be able to tackle or hit them (except for the Steeler Quarterback).

    We remain committed to making the Saints pay for their egregious behavior and will continue to drag their good name behind our $400k luxury vehicle(s) whenever the time seems appropriate.


    Chief Good and Plenty, Goodhell
    Executive Director and God Figure of the NFL

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