Patriots place Stallworth on IR, Deion Branch reportedly returning

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The Patriots will be shuffling their wide receiver corps once again.

Donte’ Stallworth is heading to injured reserve with an ankle injury a week after he rejoined the team as a free agent. Stallworth certainly got the most out of his brief stay on the active roster as he caught a 63-yard touchdown in Monday night’s 42-14 win over the Texans, but the Patriots will now be in the market for more depth at receiver.

Stallworth was signed when Julian Edelman went on injured reserve and the team now only has Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd and Matthew Slater at the position with Slater seeing almost all of his time on special teams. Stallworth was with the Patriots during the summer and in 2007 before coming back for this short stay. Another familiar face is reportedly taking his place. Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reports that Deion Branch is headed back to the team.

The Patriots also released Visanthe Shiancoe on Tuesday. Shiancoe spent eight weeks on injured reserve and played in four games after being activated without catching a pass. New England hopes to get Rob Gronkowski back at tight end before too much longer as he heals from his broken forearm.

33 responses to “Patriots place Stallworth on IR, Deion Branch reportedly returning

  1. Stallworth killed a man driving under the influence. He was just some normal joe, so nobody paid any attention.

    Josh Brent kills a man who’s an NFL player. People want him drawn and quartered.

  2. You mean the ghost of Deion Branch. He’s a shadow of his former self and is merely taking up a roster spot. Too bad the Patriots can’t sign someone who can actually help them ’cause it ain’t Deion Branch.

  3. It’s so weird how the Patriots have this circle of wide receivers they will release and bring back over and over, yet they never miss a beat. You would think after the second or third of being released by the Patriots they would just stop signing with them.

    I mean, the need for a job and a chance for a Super Bowl is enough to keep coming back. But it’s pretty telling that guys like Stallworth and Branch keep getting released and can’t get on with another team.

  4. That’s a shame, It was nice having another WR who was capable of getting behind the defenders and pulling in a very nice catch. Deon Branch can add another possession style receiver, but his days of burning a defender deep are long gone.

  5. The Patriots scrummage through the Redskins trash at the end of every training camp. They will sign Pierre Garçon in like 8 years once he’s severially declined. Even Brady wishes he was RGIII…ah, The Patriot way.

  6. Why even bother? They’re just going to release him again. And probably soon.

    It’s amazing that guys like Branch and Gaffney and Stallworth can’t find work anywhere else, and the only team interested in them is the team that most would consider to be the best in the NFL.

    Maybe New England pays them to stay free agents so they can sign them when needed.

  7. TR man let it go. The reason he got off was because he 1) wasn’t speeding or committing any other infraction and 2) the guy he hit was trying cross a 4 lane highway illegally

    Stallworth stopped and was the one that called 911

  8. @logicalvoice
    You’re completely insane. Good for you and your team, you’ve made back to relevance , somewhat. Redskins aren’t making playoffs, so toucan have a great seat to another deep playoff run by the Patriots (with or without your”garbage”)

  9. logicalvoicesays: The Patriots scrummage through the Redskins trash at the end of every training camp.

    Hey stupid, Stallworth was first with the Patriots in 2007, long before he was a Redskin.

  10. Stallworth didn’t crash into another car, or drive off the road and hit a wall. He hit a guy who was walking on the roadway of a bridge at night. If Stallworth didn’t blow over the legal limit, they would have let him off. No one ever showed that it was his fault that he hit the guy. I’d stand with him over a lot of other people with long histories of drunk driving citations who keep driving and getting in accidents without killing anyone.

  11. The reason receivers / players like Donte Stallworth, Jabar Gaffney, and Deion Branch find opportunities with Patriots is because they know and understand the complex Patriots offense, unlike Chad Johnson and Chad Jackson who never quite grasped the offense.
    Sports are physical, but a high percentage is mental acuity.

  12. Just as important, Stallworth has never tried to minimize his responsibility. Yes it was a tragedy, but when it happened he did the right thing, something far too many people like internet posters find too hard to do in this society dominated by “don’t judge” nonsense. Frankly, he has my respect, to the extent permitted by his original action. I hope he is able to resume his career.

  13. logicalvoicesays says:Dec 11, 2012 7:55 PM

    The Patriots scrummage through the Redskins trash at the end of every training camp. They will sign Pierre Garçon in like 8 years once he’s severially declined. Even Brady wishes he was RGIII…ah, The Patriot way.


    Now after 20 years the Redskins have a team that might make the playoffs if they are lucky, the Skins fans are going to start yapping? A bit illogical I would say.

  14. Once again Belichick shows why its wise to have a deep “shadow roster” of veteran players he had in camp to pull from for added depth throughout the season.

  15. One game wonder. Bring him back in for basically one play and then put him on IR. Manuipulating the system much?

  16. If I had a bunch of WR injuries, I would not have signed this China doll in the first place. Always on IR.

  17. Stallworth is a good guy who made a bad mistake and manned up and owned every bit of it. Never hid from any of it. I wish him nothing but the best, and if that was his last play as a Patriot it was a pretty damn good one-handed catch for a TD. Good for him!

    There’s a lot of people who snap judge someone because it makes them believe it gives them the moral high ground. I’ll take a solid dude like Donte Stallworth and his character any day.

  18. Another reason why players like Stallworth, Gaffney and Branch keep coming back to New England is that the QB there is pretty good and they’ve got a good chance to get to the Super Bowl and win a ring, or another ring.

  19. It really suprised me that this year they worked out stallworth, gaffney, shaincoe, among others yet no brush with Moss. Out of all the free agent recievers over the summer, including former patriots, Moss was still the most valuable.

    His production this year cant really be evaluated as we know Smith and Kirkpatrick cantg even thow the deep ball to him

  20. Guys, logicalreason does not speak for Skin’s fans solely on behalf of his own ridiculous notions.. please dont even bother responding to that ridiculousness… if anything i damn sure hope RG3 can someday be more like Tom Brady… he’s about as precise a passer as it gets and furthermore you already know how successful he’s been… but for Stallworth to get injured it does suck and im obviously not a Pats fan but seeks like you all were playing at an extremely high level without him… a testament to Brady making some average to slightly above average receivers look pretty damn good..

  21. That’s a pretty sad lineup of receivers right there. Going to see a lot of two tight ends and more running the ball I bet. Okay with me.

    Branch… He’s not going to burn anyone but he’s good for a couple reliable 1st down catches at key times.

    Shiancoe, we hardly knew ye.

  22. I’m really surprised that the Pats don’t have anyone on the practice squad to call up. Someone on the squad would at least be familiar with the system.

  23. thefiesty1 says:
    Dec 11, 2012 9:07 PM
    One game wonder. Bring him back in for basically one play and then put him on IR. Manuipulating the system much?

    Oh my god you’re right. Belichick obviously knew in pre-season that the Texans would be susceptible to Donte Stallworth running a seam. So you pretend that he had a terrible preseason, cut him, pay off the other 30 teams to not sign him. Then bring him back in week 14, run the secret weapon play, and make sure it looks like Brady just threw it to him for the hell of it because they had a 21 point lead. Then put him on “IR” so you can never use this awesome secret weapon again.

  24. There is one WR on the practice squad. He must not be ready or he would be on the active roster. Guy from Northwestern who is physically similar to Edleman.

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