Ravens’ Asa Jackson suspended four games for PEDs


Ravens rookie cornerback Asa Jackson is the latest NFL player to get a four-game suspension for violating the league policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

The team confirmed Jackson’s suspension on Tuesday afternoon and issued a statement that didn’t say much of anything.

“We are aware of this matter, but due to the confidentiality of the program we are unable to provide additional comment on the situation,” the statement said.

Jackson was a fifth-round draft pick of the Ravens this year who has spent most of the season on the bench but did play in the last three games. His absence will further deplete an already thin secondary in Baltimore. The suspension will continue into the playoffs, so if the Ravens make it, Jackson will be eligible to return following Baltimore’s first postseason game.

Jackson hasn’t issued a public comment, but based on recent history, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear him say he tested positive for the prescription drug Adderall. One of the noteworthy aspects of the NFL’s epidemic of Adderall suspensions has been that it seems to be a particularly popular prescription drug with defensive backs: Seattle’s Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, Washington’s Cedric Griffin, the Giants’ Tyler Sash and Will Hill, Tampa Bay’s Eric Wright and Aqib Talib, Cleveland’s Joe Haden, have all blamed Adderall for their positive PED tests.

17 responses to “Ravens’ Asa Jackson suspended four games for PEDs

  1. Don’t forget that there have also been players that didn’t get suspended. Oh yeah, that is because they filled out the paperwork.

  2. Now I suppose the haters will make asinine comments pointing the finger at Suggs and Lewis. Not like Jackson has played much at all this year. Pretty stupid decision on his part.

  3. I’m no Dr but this drug is SPEED. From what I understand it masks ped use making it a banned substance. It is prescribed for severe ADD ADHD. Pretty sure you want your cornerbacks and safety’s having NO attention deficit. The Redskins also lost Tanard Jackson for the Season due to adderall.

  4. They blame Adderall? The NFL has crystal clear rules about what constitutes a P.E.D., what happens to those who get popped using them and what you have to do to get permission to use certain drugs with a valid prescription. These rules are explained to them repeatedly by both NFL teams and the NFLPA. The only thing they have to blame is themselves.

    Also, even the time-released versions of Adderall and the like leave the bloodstream relatively fast. To get caught using Adderall w/o a permission slip means they were either very unlucky or they’re using regularly at higher doses.

  5. No surprise. A culture of drug use and criminals in that locker room. The small window they may have had to win a Super Bowl has been slammed shut.

  6. It’s funny when I used to see PEDs I assumed it was steroids – now my guess is adderal (amphetamines). Tough break for the Ravens, but how the heck can guys not keep other people’s pills out of their mouths (pun while not intended, left in because it funny).

  7. ravenator says:
    Dec 11, 2012 5:32 PM
    Now I suppose the haters will make asinine comments…

    Well, isn’t that exactly what you do?

  8. steelpenbucs87 says:
    Dec 11, 2012 8:17 PM
    …It’s funny when I used to see PEDs I assumed it was steroids – now my guess is adderal (amphetamines)…..


    It probably was steriods. The NFL cannot state anything in regards to the testing so those players who test positive are free to say anything. Not that I approve of it, but Adderall sounds more “innocent” than steriods.

  9. Waiting to see the Ravens get pistol-whipped by the Mannings two weeks in a row may be the highlight of the season. After all, a 38 year old 3rd string QB and a 22 year old rookie QB (and his backup QB) handed the Ravens losses two weeks in a row, just imagine the carnage that two high caliber superbowl winning QB’s will administer on that aging and injured Ravens defense.

  10. again steeler fans. you are behind the ravens. and lost to the ravens…and the raiders…and the titans…and the chargers. great team yinz got. enjoy watching us in the playoffs

  11. Wonder what his side of the story is.

    In any case, why not have team doctors that have to prescribe any and all meds to the players during the season and off season? Make it a part of their NFL contract and fine them when they do not use the team doctor.

    If they are getting the meds off the street, then make it a more severe fine/suspension when they get caught, like half the season.

    The risk/reward/penalty ration has to be greater to have these players think more about their decisions.

    By the way, this is not going to help the ratbirds going down the final stretch and into the playoffs. Manning will probably have tremendous stats this coming game. Maybe Reed will get to blitz off the end once or twice and knock the sh-t out of him. Get him banged up a little going into the playoffs

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