Steelers suspend Rashard Mendenhall

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Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall has gone from the doghouse to the outhouse.

Mendenhall, recently demoted to third string, has been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.  The one-game ban will cost Mendenhall more than $41,000.

He has been replaced by Baron Batch, a practice-squad player who was on the roster for the team’s first 10 games of 2012.

The move further confirms that Mendenhall won’t be back with the team in 2013.  He arrived in Pittsburgh in 2008, as a first-round draft pick.

67 responses to “Steelers suspend Rashard Mendenhall

  1. Bad mouth the US after the killing of Bin Laden and that’s A-OK with the Steelers. Bad mouth the Rooneys and you get suspended.

  2. Ego’s above performance usually don’t work in the burg. Holding onto the ball plus holding onto reality would be good for fumble hall right now. Steeler mgt has patience , but there is a limit. Let him sign with the elite Ravens..LMFAO…

  3. “Good. I’ll never forgive him for his beyond-moronic 9/11 comments. Least favorite NFL player.”

    For the same reason I like the guy. Clearly not afraid to step on some toes with his opinions, which is refreshing.

  4. He blew off attending the game against the Chargers, once he found out he was inactive. I hope he takes Stone Hands Wallace with him when he goes. Good riddance.

  5. He failed to show up to the 12/9 game vs San Diego after he was informed he would be inactive. That’s what got him suspended

  6. I dont know that he is going anywhere. CFL? Steelers have given this guy more chances than he deserved and he never really produced. He isn’t decisive, spins too much, and can’t be trusted to secure the ball. I dont know what redeeming qualities he has. Now we have at least two, if not three, backs that are better and cheaper than Mendenhall. Maybe BA will want him in Indy.

  7. It was reported that he was inactive for the game, so he decided not to show up at all. If that’s the case, dumb move. He deserves some punishment for not being a good teammate, to be there and support the team even if he is not dressing. They played at home. A one game suspension seems pretty harsh (versus a fine), so I wonder if more is involved. Steelers usually do a good job of not airing dirty laundry.

  8. @steelcurtain9, He was told by the team he wouldn’t be dressed for the Chargers game, so he didn’t show up. Personally, a very immature move for someone who has ZERO leverage in the RB situation. Tomlin said he would get another chance to prove himself, guess he screwed that up. “Daddy says I can’t play! Humph!” (sitting in the corner, arms crossed).

  9. malvord13 says:
    Dec 11, 2012 7:33 PM
    Jets, trade for him this off season


    He’s a UFA after this season, the Jets wouldn’t have to trade for him, just sign him.

  10. When he found out he was inactive vs SD, he didnt show up for the game (which you are supposed to regardless).

  11. Look at the bright side Rashard, no more nightmares of Haloti Ngata. But yes, he still owns you. It was at that moment, you lost it and became a fumbling machine.

  12. I expect an updated story as to why Rashard Mendenhall has suspended ? !

    Steelers are done now, put a fork in them.

    Now that the Ravens will be scoring 40 points a game with their new offensive coordinator ! Ha

  13. realfootballfan says:
    Dec 11, 2012 7:46 PM
    What happened to this guy? Ever since he fumbled away the momentum in the Super Bowl that the Steelers were on the verge of taking control of, it’s been all down hill.

    …I couldn’t agree more. Get rid of him, finally, and shut the door on the Steelers 2008 draft class. Oh wait, we still have Ryan Mundy, smh!

  14. caseyanthonymunoz says:

    Bad mouth the US after the killing of Bin Laden and that’s A-OK with the Steelers. Bad mouth the Rooneys and you get suspended.
    He didn’t bad-mouth the US–he made an idiotic conspiracy-theory comment about 9/11. I didn’t like it either, but if tweeting stupid political comments could get people fired, unemployment would be 75 percent. And he didn’t get suspended for bad-mouthing the Rooneys; he got suspended for skipping a game.

    But why should the facts get in the way of you slamming the Rooneys?

  15. Who cares, he was gone after this season anyway. Dwyer has been better and at least he doesn’t try to spin every carry.

  16. To think, the steelers passed on Ray Rice not once but twice and instead opted for superstars like Mendenhall and Limas Sweed.

    There’s a reason the steelers have been going downhill in recent years, and it can be attributed to bad drafting.

  17. Mendenhall fumbled away Super Bowl XLV against Green Bay, and he’s been a Fumble Factory in many other crucial instances.

    Some of Mendenhall’s issues include the following. He puts the rock on the turf way too much. Mendy gave up 2 fumbles on a mere 4 carries in his last game he suited up. And anyone from Steeler Nation will recall he fumbled a way our chance to take the lead in Super Bowl XLV against the Packers. Not good.

    Mendy also somehow thinks dancing around laterally as the pursuit arrives enhances his chances of making a productive carry. It doesn’t. Hit the hole hard like players such as Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Alfred Morris and Ray Rice do.

    Mendenhall has been known to have critical concentration lapses, and also drops easy passes with no one near him on checkdowns — killing drives.

    Finally, Mendenhall’s attitude – and willingness to voice it – can give rise to some friction too.

    In the current embroilment, this is speculation – but it seems as though Mendenhall’s abysmal fumbling issues created a benching that likely exacerbated another speak-his-mind attitude flare-up, further leading to his earning a spot further down on Tomlin’s Poop List.

  18. All this Rashard-bashing, and not one comment on his creepy bug-eyes? Dude looks like a black Vinny Cerrato. On bath salts.

  19. I will give 3 to 1 odds that both Mendenhall and Mike Wallace will be the newest toys for Andrew Luck and Bruce Arians next year. Any takers?

  20. There’s no place on one of the best organizations in professional sports for someone who decides he’s better than the team.

    His performance had been fading the past couple seasons anyway, and with Dwyer and Rainey, we’ve got plenty of youth at that position (Redman as well).

    Good luck Rashard. Don’t let that door hit you as you leave Heinz Field, and good luck getting another team to put up with your childish antics.

  21. Rashard needs to act like a professional. Yeah he THINKS he’s in a bad situation, but quitting is not going to help his case. He quit on his teammates, guys who sweat and bled next to him and sulked. Big time loser.

  22. I get that these are different situations, but why are so many people pissed about Jacobs being suspended, but, generally supportive about this move. As far as I can tell, these are similar situations. Both backs are unhappy in their current playing situations and either made comments or performed actions that proved detrimental to their respective teams. Both players deserve suspensions. And yet, the Niners get all the hate.

  23. Watch the game again he was there on film. He skipped practice today. Big no no across the board. You all listen to Mark Madden too much.

  24. Good bye and good riddance. He had a fumbling problem from Day One and instead of correcting it, he continued holding the ball away from his body and fumbled away a Superbowl and a spot on the team.

  25. Saw a few posts about jacobs… He used to be a good rb. Would like him on pit. Or johnathan stweart. Would love to see the develop dwyer into the next bettis….but is wont happen.

  26. “We’ll never know what really happened,” Mendenhall said. “I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style.”

    Mendenhall also expresses sympathy for bin Laden. “What kind of person celebrates death?” Mendenhall says. “It’s amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side.”

    The first statement I have no problem with. Believe what you want. The second one is ignorant, idiotic and inexcusable.

    Apparently this kid has more issues going on than just his declining performance and fumbling problems. Ever since the SB against the Pack and his fumble killed their momentum and cost them a chance to win he hasn’t been the same. Now his attitude is going to cost him his job.

    Good riddance.
    Later, hoss.

  27. The Colts will likely pick him up since they are in desperate need of a running back and they seem to take the Steelers leftovers or rejects

  28. Told he’d be inactive he was suspended for not showing up at Heinz Field for Chargers game. How unfair! None of his teammates showed up either.

  29. Watched this joker since he was over-drafted out of Illinois. He used to run through big holes against the likes of Purdue and Indiana.

    Guy is immature and selfish. He reacted to not dressing for the Charger game as one would expect. It is all about Mendenhall.

    I have not cared if they re-sign him since he first signed.

    He has the physical tools for the most part, but mental part is a problem.

    See ya round Mendy.

  30. Good. I didn’t want him back this year, so at least now it looks pretty definitely like he won’t be back next season. Good riddance to mediocre garbage.

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