Terrell Owens begged the Clippers to sign him


The NFL isn’t the only league Terrell Owens wants to play in.

Owens, who was last seen begging the Jets to give him a chance, also begged the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers to sign him, according to Clippers forward Blake Griffin.

“Terrell Owens is always — he was at our practice facility this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract,” Griffin said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Although Griffin allowed that Owens “can play a little bit,” it’s safe to say that at age 39, Owens won’t be taking up a second career in the NBA. And seeing as he hasn’t played in an NFL game since December 19, 2010, we can just about declare his first career over as well.

Griffin also mentioned that he played football in high school and sometimes wonders what he could have accomplished if he had stuck with it instead of quitting during his sophomore year to turn all of his attention to hoops.

“I think about that sometimes, I wish I had played it a little longer,” Griffin said. “But I’m glad I stuck with basketball.”

The 6-foot-10, 251-pound Griffin has amazing leaping ability and would be quite a threat as a receiver in the red zone. At least, he’d have a better chance of competing in the NFL than Owens would of competing in the NBA.

19 responses to “Terrell Owens begged the Clippers to sign him

  1. Given the choice to play in the NFL or the NBA, as a player it would be a no brainer.

    Note that I am not saying the NBA is better than the NFL. Not even close, NFL is the best league in the world… but…

    In the NBA, you get paid millions for doing virtually nothing at all. Your body does not get hit day in day out, no threat of brain injuries, and your avg salary is 5mil.

    The best CBA contract out there. I am surprised there are no more lockouts.

  2. [Owens] hasn’t played in an NFL game since December 19, 2010..

    That should read NFL “regular season” game.. Although one could argue that he actually hasn’t “played” football since he was a Cowboy.

    I liked him as a Seahawk, and I think if he had caught the passes that went his way he’d still be on the team.

  3. Did this guy bang one of your wives? You sure do love bashing him here, god forbid this unemployed man try to ask for jobs in this great economy we have.

  4. Why can’t T.O. just go away. If he is really so hard up for cash why doesn’t he take up MMA. I bet folks will pay thru the nose to see him get his face punched repeatedly. Even better he can charge $500-$1000 bucks for the chance to punch him in the face. He would be rich once again!!

  5. Karma is a bitch aint it. I saw this guy in Atlanta in a barbershop when my son was one of his biggest fans. An empty barbershop by the way. Asked him to take a pic with me for my son and he emphatically said NO!!! I hope he doesn’t end up on welfare. I don’t want a single dollar of my taxes going to him.

  6. If T.O. had handled himself in a professional way during his career he’d still be wearing a uniform today.

    Nobody wants the attitude that comes with T.O., no one wants that headache.

  7. It’s pitiful how greedy and far from reality this guy is. Instead of accepting the fact his career is finished, he keeps begging for one more chance and probably one more big payday. He needs to move on and find a way to provide for his children. Seriously tho the man keeps himself in terrific shape. I am sure he could make a very decent living for himself by becoming a personal trainer and nutritionist. It’s evident he knows how to work out, why not make some money from teaching it. TO just needs to swallow his pride, man up, and start doing something else to make money. The days of getting paid thousands of dollars to play football are over.

  8. Maybe he can play in China or some other foreign countries are decent money What other NBA players who are somewhat washed up.

    I just want the noisiness Around him to be over. Either he finishes his career with a team that needs a wide receiver (A few contending teams do) Or just to be in enshrined in to the Hall of Fame (Which shouldn’t be presently known as “the Hall of why can’t Cris Carter get in”).

  9. Griffin has a good sense of humor. He was being sarcastic & having some fun with his buddy, TO. I wouldn’t read too into this like TO was literally begging for a contract.

  10. How long until we see T.O. and Dennis Rodman doing a reality TV show together. Oh…and let’s not forget Ryan Leaf too!

  11. TO’s next stop is either as a WWF short time bad guy or as a centerfold candidate for Playgirl. Either way, “it won’t be long now”.

  12. Hey T.O.,
    Saw a “Help Wanted” sign at the golden arches.
    Clue: No sports team wants you.

  13. I was thinking: what does a young man such as T.O. who has been very wealthy, and is now NOT, do with the next forty years of his life, especially when he has no marketable job skill and several children? This must be a very frightening visitor each night in the wee hours when one cannot get to sleep…Very sad.

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