Texans, Ravens, 49ers, Packers can clinch divisions this week

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Two of the NFL’s eight division titles have already been clinched. By Sunday night, that number could grow to six.

The Texans, Ravens and Packers all clinch their divisions if they win on Sunday, while the 49ers will clinch the NFC West if they win and the Seahawks lose. The Colts can’t clinch their division on Sunday, but they will clinch a playoff berth if they beat the Texans.

Here are the full NFL playoff scenarios for Week 15:

Houston Texans clinch the AFC South with a win and clinch a first-round bye if they win and the Patriots and Broncos both lose.

Baltimore Ravens clinch the AFC North if they win, or if the Steelers and Bengals both lose.

Indianapolis Colts clinch a playoff spot if they win, or if the Jets and Bengals both lose.

Atlanta Falcons clinch a first-round playoff bye with a win and either a Packers loss or a 49ers loss, and the Falcons clinch home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs if they win and both the Packers and 49ers lose.

San Francisco 49ers clinch the NFC West with a win and a Seahawks loss. They also clinch a playoff spot with a win, and they can even clinch a playoff spot with a loss if the Vikings, Cowboys, Redskins and Seahawks all lose.

Green Bay Packers clinch the NFC North with a win.

21 responses to “Texans, Ravens, 49ers, Packers can clinch divisions this week

  1. Ratbirds won’t get a chance to clinch till week 17. Definitely not this week or the next. Both Mannings back to back equals 4 losses in a row. It’s gonna happen. Steelers are gonna win out. Cincy will win Thursday and lose to the Steelers next week.

  2. Peyton and Eli will have a picnic slicing and dicing what remains of the Ravens defensive unit. Afterall, the Ravens defense was beaten by a 38 year old 3rd string QB and a 22 year old rookie QB (and his backup), just imagine what Peyton Manning, one of the best to ever play the game and currently on a winning streak will do to that aging and injured group.

  3. I disagree that the steelers will win out. I believe the ravens may lose out. The bengals should…SHOULD win out. But they can’t play like they did against cowboys. Need back on track like the 4 game win streak.

  4. Actually its 3 divisions that have been clinched, the Pats, Broncos and Falcons have all clinched. So by the end of this weekend all the divisions could be clinched except the NFC East which is likely to go down to week 17.

  5. Packers fans everywhere say suck it. I believe they would give anything for an offensive line though.

  6. The Bears haven’t beaten the Packers in over 2 years, and they don’t look very interested in playing anymore football this season. So I think the Packers will clinch this weekend.

  7. And the Browns will beat the Redskins, Dallas is done whether Bryant plays through the finger or not, Giants will clinch the NFC East after beating Baltimore next week.

  8. Steelers will miss the playoffs, Colts will win the AFC South by sweeping the Texans, and Peterson will run for 175 on the Texans in a Vikings win. Texans have been very underwhelming most of the year, considering they’ve beaten up on 2-11, 4-9 teams, and would have lost to two of them had it not been for questionable officiating vs. JAX and DET.

    Texans get the 5, Bengals win the AFC North, Ravens and Jets will be scoreboard watching for the 6 seed Week 17.

  9. The Giants will lose to the falcons this weekend, and then again to the Eagles in week 17. The Skins take the NFC East with a win over the cowgirls in week 17. The Skins make a run at the NFC championship game and lose.

  10. Commonplace occurrence for the Packers. Haters can get in line. Jealousy breeds contempt. Go Pack!

  11. ickky says:
    Dec 11, 2012 2:13 PM
    PAckers Suck
    Suck so much they can clinch their division in spite of their starting Receivers and Linebackers out for most of the year – Oline banged up and filled with undrafted players – meanwhile, The trio of jokes (lions, bears & vikes) still can’t beat us.

  12. Don’t the Texans clinch a bye with a win and just a Broncos loss? Broncos fall to 10-4, then the Patriots are the only team who can finish over the Texans. Isn’t that clinching at least #2?

  13. Even if they somehow manage to squeak into the playoffs after their current 1-4 stretch, chances are this will be the Bears’ final home game this year…I’d like to think they show some pride and not let the Packers clinch at Soldier Field.

  14. Texans aren’t winning another game this season. Colts win twice and Vikes with Peterson will embarrass them. Went from clinching the #1 last night (potentially) to slipping to the #5.

  15. The Ravens could have clinched two weeks ago by beating Byron Leftwich’s backup. Couldn’t get it done. They could have clinched last week by beating RGIII’s backup. Couldn’t get it done. Does anyone think they have so much of a snifter of a chance against Manning this week? Nah. I have no doubts they’ll clinch the AFCN, I just think it’s hillarious how they keep having their fate in their hands and keep blowing it down their leg.

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