Valet takes Reggie Wayne’s car for joy ride, gets arrested for DWI


When you give your car to a valet, you’re trusting him to park it and have it ready to give back to you when you return. Colts receiver Reggie Wayne gave his car to a valet who apparently didn’t understand that tacit agreement.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Wayne gave his Bentley to a valet at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Indianapolis on Saturday night, but when he got up on Sunday morning, the valets on duty told him the car was gone. As it turned out, the valet, Gunner Belcher, had been arrested for driving while intoxicated at 2 a.m. Sunday, and it was Wayne’s Bentley that he was driving.

When police asked Belcher what he was doing with Wayne’s car, Belcher claimed he was Wayne’s “cousin by marriage.”

The car had been towed from the site where Belcher was arrested, but has since been returned to Wayne. Maybe this whole thing could have been avoided if Wayne were still driving a dump truck.