Aaron Rodgers disappointed Brian Urlacher won’t play Sunday


The Packers will be playing to win the NFC North title against the Bears this weekend, so you might think they’d be glad that Chicago will be playing without linebacker Brian Urlacher at Soldier Field.

According to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, that isn’t the case. On his Tuesday radio show, Rodgers said that he’ll miss the longtime Bear when the teams take the field on Sunday.

“I am disappointed; I like him being out there. I enjoy the competition with him; it’s a competitive rivalry that exists between our teams and between him and I individually. I enjoy the banter back and forth and enjoy the way he plays the game,” Rodger said, via ESPNWisconsin.com. “I think he plays the game hard within the rules and he’s a heck of a competitor, who has picked me off a couple too many times. I wish him the best and hope he gets healthy. He has been playing really well this year, that’s impressive to see because he has been around for a while.”

With Urlacher heading toward free agency, there’s a chance that he’s played the Packers for the last time as a member of the Bears. While it would have been nice to see him take part in the rivalry one more time, any Packers disappointment about who wasn’t on the field will likely fade if they’re celebrating a division title come the final whistle.

15 responses to “Aaron Rodgers disappointed Brian Urlacher won’t play Sunday

  1. Nice commentary by Rodgers, he’s keeping the sportsmanship in the sport. Brian and Aaron are both great players, needless to say.

  2. As a life long Bears fan, I really want to hate this guy…but he makes it very difficult. Class act, great competitor, hell of a player.

  3. I wouldn’t want Urlacher on the packers because I know how much he means to Chicago fans. It was like the Favre situation a few year back. You never want to see one of your longtime favorite players going to a rival. Don’t get me wrong. I’d take him over Hawk, but not at the expense of rubbing it in Bears fans noses.

  4. As a Vikings fan, I can’t help but respect Aaron Rodgers for challenging himself and his teammates to be the best they can be. His comments today show that he is a class act. I am happy he’ll be in the NFC North for years to come.

  5. Yeah know if all the people that say they “hate” Aaron Rodgers would just follow it up with, “because he owns my favorite NFCN team.” That would be cool. If he had a sub .500 record against the NFCN everyone would be a little more complimentary I think.

    For those that call him a diva, please show me where on the graph he would fit in with the established divas ala TO ochocinco etc.

    Facts are, he respects the game and ALL the men who play it, even the ones he has two face twice per year. He calls a spade a spade and holds himself accountable for what the offense does or fails to do every week.

  6. Rivalry? yes. Hatred? no.
    I remember scenes with Urlacher and Favre chatting it up between plays.
    If we want to talk about hatred, I think both Packers and Bears fans will quickly point to that blue and silver team up in Michigan.

  7. Urlacher should only play for 1 team, Da Bears!

    Just as i thought Favre should only play for 1 team, and he ruined that by playing for the Jets, and killed any good feeling toward him by playing for the Vikings, who i think EVERYONE hates.

  8. They’re both true competitors who hate each other on the field but hold the utmost respect for their skills in the game they play. Peyton Manning still writes a little handwritten note to opposing players when they retire telling them how much he appreciated their play and for the memories. Class act.

  9. This is why they play the game. so people like Rodgers can find out if they can play as good as they think.
    hes gloating because Urlacher wont play this week. The CHICAGO BEARS will be playing for Lovie Smith’s job this week and the players love that coach

  10. If Jim McMahon can play for the Packers–and he did in 1996– then so can Urlacher.

  11. Translation for Rogers:
    “I’ve enjoyed beating Urlacher’s defense year in and year out. It will be strange to take victory formation this Sunday and not see his face.”

    By the way, I’m a Bears fan.

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