Alfred Morris is full of the true spirit of Christmas


Several Washington players are really hoping Santa Claus is a Redskins fan, and Alfred Morris may have proven that it is, in fact, A Wonderful Life.

According to Sarah Kogod of the Washington Post, children at the Redskins’ community event at Macy’s on Tuesday had the chance to write letters to Saint Nick. For every letter to Santa turned in at their stores, Macy’s will donate $1, up to $1 million.

So naturally, some of the players got in on the action too.

Tight end Fred Davis asked for Power Rangers, Transformers, a Super Nintendo and a playoff berth, while Logan Paulsen asked for world peace, a puppy and a touchdown, in addition to a spot in the postseason.

But Morris’ letter was the clincher, the kind of thing you’d expect from a grateful sixth-rounder who is fourth in the league in rushing.

“Dear Santa,” Morris wrote. “I’m writing not to ask for a gift, but to ask you what you want for Christmas? You give every year and it’s your turn to receive, because it’s not always about receiving. Sincerely, Alfred Morris.”

Who doesn’t like this guy? And who wants to bet there’s no coal in his stocking, whether the Redskins make the playoffs or not?

25 responses to “Alfred Morris is full of the true spirit of Christmas

  1. Surprised he didn’t ask for 4-wheel drive on ’91 Mazda for the upcoming winter. Gotta love everything about Morris.

  2. Chances the kid known as “logicalvoicesays” commenting saying he’s the best running back in the NFL?

    Almost guaranteed.

    But, on a serious note, I’m glad the NFL is getting more guys like this. Great player, great heart, great character. Even as a packers fan, I’m glad Calvin Johnson now resides as the top reciever and I never hear from Randy Moss or TO anymore.

  3. That is awesome. I may not be a fan of Dan Snyder, but his players have been showing some real class as of late and have been fun to watch. Wishing them the best as they continue their push to the playoffs.

  4. This guy is quite the find. Have nothing but tremendous respect for him on and off the field, especially after seeing his interview on nfl network and I’m a Cowboys fan.

  5. I hope they pay this guy before he burns out. Shanahan thinks it’s his system, not the RB.

    Terrell Davis was special as is Morris.

    This coming from a Giants fan.

    I still like the good guys, regardless of the team they play for…

  6. I’m an Eagles fan that lives in Washington and hates almost everything about the Redskins, but man I really like this guy.

  7. I like this guy; he’s got great character. He’s talented, he’s humble; he keeps his feet on the ground and his eyes in the sky. Much respect for Alfred Morris. Let us all hope that Mike Shanahan does not dick him around at RB like he has done with every RB on his team since Terrell Davis.

  8. “It’s not all about receiving”? Of course the RB is going to say that.

    (The Redskins have been so hard to hate this season, hope he’s feeling this charitable in Philly next Sunday)

  9. “not always about receiving”- funny guy! so many celebs give money- it’s nicer when they give their time!

  10. Wow. I always love guys like this, who show real class and give you a good laugh every so often. No matter what team you root for, whether it be even the Cowboys, you gotta love this guy. His story has been great and I really do hope he has a long and successful career.

  11. Look at all these bitter folks make this about something other than Alfred’s great character and honor. That’s what’s wrong with the world. Show some respect or zip it. Bravo Mr. Morris. I wouldn’t want ANY other person as the RB for my team.

  12. well santa cant perform miracles on that playoff wish, u gotta be good and no bust on yr team, and redskins have one at rg3, sorry maybe 2013-2014 season

  13. Alfred is a class act and as humble as can be….Let’s all just admit that all the comments about Dan Snyder and the FA activity multiple years ago is not relevant now. The Skins are a classey bunch of winners.

  14. Everyone that said we trades away our future for RG3 well Alfred Morris is proof that that statement is ignorant. Not only is he a great, humble guy, but he has did better, 400 yds better then the #3 pick Trent Richardson. Great guy and a hard runner, and is going to be a great running back for the Redskins for along time. Happy Birthday Morris..

  15. packersareandwillalwaysbebetterthanthebears says:
    Dec 12, 2012 6:19 PM
    ……But, on a serious note, I’m glad the NFL is getting more guys like this. Great player, great heart, great character…..


    Love this guy too. Story on Andre Johnson last week in regards to Christmas giving. There’s a wicked good story on JJ Watt and the orphans he’s befriended down in Houston.

    Great story Darin.

  16. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 12, 2012 7:40 PM
    Look at all these bitter folks make this about something other than Alfred’s great character and honor. That’s what’s wrong with the world. Show some respect or zip it. Bravo Mr. Morris. I wouldn’t want ANY other person as the RB for my team.

    That’s funny, but I see exactly ONE post before yours that seems to be anything BUT respectful, and most are from “opposing” fans. I’d say if anyone has no class, that would be you. Back to the basement, little boy.

  17. Between RGIII and Alford Morris, the Skins added two very classy guys to the roster this year. I can’t, nor should anyone really blame Griffin for the media circus that surounds him, but I gotta say, these guys really make me proud to be a Skins fan. I wish guys like them throughout the league would get more notice, they deserve it. London Fletcher is another class act.

    Reminds me of Warrick Dunn and the houses he had built for single mothers. With all the bad news that’s filtered through the sports world lately, good stories like this are a great pick me up.

  18. Watch ESPN 30 for 30 Specials like “Broke” and then listen to an interview with Alfred Morris… he droves a 1991 Honda (I believe it’s a Honda) with close to 200,000 miles on it because it “runs great” and he spent most of his life poor and having to walk everywhere. Jim Rome asked him in an interview what gift he bought for himself when he made the NFL… Morris’ answer “My gift is being able to do what I love and play in the NFL”. The only thing he stated he wants in this life is a red-brick house for his mother, just like the one they always dreamed in living together when they were going through tough times… this kid is as much of a class act as there could ever be in the world; and somehow Vince Young blows through 19 million dollars in 3 years… Unfortunately a Jets fan, Fortunately an Alfred Morris fan

  19. Alf is the kind of guy I would be proud to be friends with. Not because of what he does on the field, but because of what he does off it.

    Success and true humility are a rare partnership these days.

  20. @RG3andout, You do know the Skins are only 1 game out and if they win and the Bears Lose the Skins would be the 6th seed and the Bears would be out because the Skins have the better conference record and if the Giants lose the Skins will be in 1st place in the NFC East because they have the better division record.Now to Alfred Morrisyes it is so good to have him as our RB he is great and seems to be an even better person.

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