Bucs keep cutting prices

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As the Buccaneers keep trying to fill up their home stadium on a consistent basis (as opposed to, say, once or twice a year), the team has announced that, for the fifth straight year, ticket prices won’t be increased.

Also, season-ticket prices will drop for 35 percent of the seats at Raymond James Stadium.  Lower-level seats can be had for as little as $65 per game.

Prices begin as low as $30 per game for adults and $15 per game for children.

“Nothing beats the live experience of Raymond James Stadium on Sundays, and our number one goal is to provide an affordable, enjoyable, and safe gameday experience for the entire family,” Buccaneers Co-Chairman Ed Glazer said.

With plenty of genuine hope for the future, the Bucs have to be hoping that these moves will help persuade more people to choose to come to the games.

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  1. The Bucs and NFL really need a wake up call. I am quite sure that the seats they are going to lower the ticket prices on are for the seats on the east side of the stadium. During the months of Sept to early November it is BRUTAL going to a game and watching it from that side of the stadium. It is sooo hot it isn’t even fun or worth it. They need night games for the Bucs during that time period. I am not sure why the NFL does not have Tuesday night games. That would make more sense than even Thursday night games. They could give the tickets away for free and they would not sell out that side of the stadium during those months if they are going to keep them at the 1pm time slot.

  2. Being a FL narrative. I can say that tailgating at Raymond James can be a lot of fun! Happy to see they’re trying to get more fans to go. It really can be an exciting experience if they just make it affordable. Hopefully people take advantage of this situation and don’t let it go to waste!

  3. Everyone hates to hear it, but Tampa is just not a rabid NFL town. College is king in that part of Florida.

  4. Here is a novel idea for teams that cannot sell out year after year. Cut your prices to a fraction of what they are prior to the season starting. Perhaps if they can create some type of demand they will be able to raise them gradually.

  5. The Bucs cut prices on their cheapest (nosebleed) ticket from $35 to $30. All other prices remained the same. They trumpet the holding steady of prices as some major achievement. But if you are not selling something and do not LOWER the price, you are assuming that you are not subject to the law of supply and demand. That Economics 101.

  6. I would kill to go see any NFL team for $30. If that doesn’t get the fans out then the Bucs should move immediately.

  7. Arthur Blank did this with the Falcons several years back when the stadium was half empty.

    Seats began to fill, and because of this novel idea, revenue increased and Blank was able to sign better players and the Falcons became a better team.

    Why is this so hard to figure ?

  8. Hey guys, as a native and the biggest bucs fan out there, the economy sucks down here. It’s not the prices, its our jobs keeping us out of the games. Give us 2 years

  9. $30 a seat is still too much in this economy. Bring the wife and kids and spring for concessions and you’re up to $100+ without breaking a sweat. Not to mention parking and the aggravation of traffic and scanning for terrorist implements.

    Who needs it when one can watch in your own home theater?

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