Dez Bryant getting second opinion on finger


Dez Bryant wants to play this week, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has already called him the “ultimate decision-maker,” in regards to playing with a broken finger.

Toward that end, Bryant is getting a second opinion today in hopes of being cleared to play against the Steelers.

“We don’t anticipate Dez practicing today, and we’re just going to see where he is,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We’re going to get that information. One of the things that we know about Dez is that he’s a tough guy, and he loves playing football. He’s going to give himself and our team every chance possible to play in this ball game and continue to play this season.

“We just need to get more medical information about how to handle the situation right now, the best way to handle it for now and the future.”

Bryant hurt his left index finger in the fourth quarter last week, missed five plays but returned and caught a touchdown pass with the finger taped to the next one.

X-rays showed a fracture, and he will need surgery, but the hope is he can put it off if it doesn’t create a risk of long-term damage.

“I would say that [the risk of more harm] is an overriding question with all injuries and certainly the willingness of the player to play, the ability of the player to function like he needs to function are big questions as well,” Garrett said. “But certainly his health now, his health going forward are huge factors in making this decision.”

It’s easy to say “it’s just a finger,” in a case like this, especially when he’s already performed well with the injury. When it’s your finger, and a key component in your future earnings, the decision becomes far more complicated.

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  1. If a CB can play with a hand cast on and still pull in an INT, then I would think Dez could play. And btw, this is a slow news days story, its a finger. Not an ALC/Neck/Hammy injury.

  2. Isn’t there a story out there of I believe Ronnie Lott, cutting off one of his fingers at halftime because it was severely broken? He cut it off so he could go back out and play and not have to go have it fixed. That’s just nasty, nasty football.

  3. Why is it that clueless owner Jerry ‘Facelift’ Jones can say Dez Bryant is “the ultimate decision maker” in determining if he is healthy enough to participate in an NFL game when the very same owner second guesses Jay Ratliff’s choices when the identical issue comes up with Jay?

  4. I sincerely hope he has someone with him that he can trust whose only concern is his well being. The pressure on him to play will be immense and all those that are screaming “it’s just a finger” won’t be paying his bills if becomes a long term problem that shortens his career. This is where the NFLPA might actually have some significant value. A union rep should be there to make sure Bryant hears what the doctor is saying, not just what he wants to hear. If the doctors green light him, great. Go play. But if they say there’s a chance you could do permanent damage, that’s when the union rep should lean in, look Bryant in the eye, and ask him if realizes what that may mean to his future earning potential. Let’s be honest, he’s a gifted WR. He isn’t a brilliant mind that will be flooded with job offers after he retires. He needs to make money now to last him the rest of his life.

  5. cow395 says:Dec 12, 2012 1:54 PM

    who gets surgery for a fractured finger?

    You do realize thatthere is more than just a bone in your finger right?

  6. Not a criticism of Ronnie Lott of course, but he didn’t cut his finger off during a game. It got mangled in a game, and in the off-season he decided to have the fingertip surgically removed rather than repaired, because repairing the extensive damage would have kept him sidelined for the start of the following season.

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