Flacco surprised by Cameron firing, calls rift “overblown”


Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said Wednesday he was surprised by the firing of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, calling the perception they had a bad relationship “overblown.”

Cam has done so much for my career,” Flacco said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. “He brought me here and trusted to bring me here, first of all. He’s just helped me every year I’ve been here. I’ll never forget that. He’s been great for me.”

Aside from the fact that when people say negative reports are overblown, it often means they’re merely true and uncomfortable, Flacco said he talked to Cameron after he was replaced by Jim Caldwell.

“Cam felt at peace,” Flacco said. “It was a good conversation, very natural. We did spend a lot of time together and if that conversation was tough, I think that would have been a little bit crazy.”

Flacco acknowledged that he the rest of the offense shared some of the blame for his old pal being unemployed, admitting they “probably” underachieved.

“I think as an offense, we have to look at ourselves and see what we can do to be better. Obviously, we weren’t good enough,” Flacco said. “I think we’re working on becoming a very good offense around here and I think we all probably wish it would happen a little bit quicker. I think we’re still working toward that.”

Given the fact the offense required firing someone with three weeks left in the season, they should probably hurry.

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  1. Cam Cameron was a good coordinator, not really good and nowhere near great. He helped us in many areas, but tried to outthink people at times-way too Billick-esk.

    Simplifying the offense may be a blessing in disguise, but Joe’s two second half turnovers told the story for our recent offensive problems. We have the potential to put up 35+ points a game. I like our chances better now.

  2. They put up 28 against Washington and they fire the OC. Let’s see what happens when Flacco (wants to be called “elite”) wants to be paid like Tom Brady.

  3. Don’t be surprised when your next to go Joe! If you don’t improve your play, too many strip sacks from the blind side, and like a statue in the pocket!!!!!!!

  4. Flacco is terrible. It isn’t Cam’s fault flacco has zero pocket presence. The ravens are vastly over rated and won’t win another game.

  5. Flacco said. “I think we’re working on becoming a very good offense around here and I think we all probably wish it would happen a little bit quicker.”

    A little bit quicker?! You’ve been there 5 years. Hate to break it to you, but your teammates wish you’d develop your skills much, much quicker.

  6. Isn’t it a little strange to comment about a mustach when you offense is going in the gutter. But who said raven trolls have their priorities right. Good luck against Denver … You’ll need help as usual from the refs to win that one.

  7. I am not a Raven, as my handle gave me away but i love football and watching the Ravens, the only problem i had with Cameron, was that he neglected the running game a lot.

    The last game against the Steelers, the Ravens were running the ball well, but he went away from it and put the game in Flacco’s hands. And a lot of time when they lose, Ray Rice has like 13 carries or 14 carries. Ray Rice is a beast, and Cameron has to understand he is their best offensive weapon. Flacco throwing 40 times while Rice touches the ball 13 or 14 times, is just pure stupidity.

  8. I don’t think Flacco is lying when he said it was overblown or that he was shocked.

    Almost all of us were shocked by the timing of the firing. And that was perhaps the point.

    Cam was too predictable, and to none more so than the QB he groomed for the last 5 years, or the QB Coach that watched him from the sky box these last 13 games.

    If everyone knows what Cam would have called in any given situation, why the hell do we need Cam? Let someone else with a little more chutzpah, and maybe more risk-tolerance take the reigns.

    Caldwell definitely wasn’t the only reason Peyton was Peyton. This was witnessed by Curtis Painter’s abysmal season. But he wasn’t the only reason Curtis Painter was a flop either. Joe is neither Curtis, nor Peyton, but he is a decent QB with talent somewhere in between, and he has shown that he can manage a game, in spite of some very noticeable and critical lapses in concentration or judgement.

    So Harbaugh and Caldwell’s comments may be absolutely truthful insofar as wanting to just provide that little edge of no-huddle, hurry-up frenetic-pace offense that gives them the edge in close games, of which they have had MANY this season.

    2 of these last 3 regular season games are at home, with the last one on the road as a final test. It’s the optimal scenario to test the no-huddle with a QB that you’re trying to sign at a steep discount to save as much cash to re-build a defense after your Hall of Famers are gone.

    I think this is an incredibly shrewd move.

  9. Again I don’t get it. This man has won more games than any qb in history in his first four years. Only qb to lead his to the playoffs over the past four years and win a game. He has led his team to two afc championships and has been three dropped passes from two superbowls. He’s not elite but a winner and if they do not resign him would somebody please tell me a better option. There is none. The o line sucks receivers are average at best. He has put his team in positions to win and the defense lets him down. He goes lack pocket presence but he also should have more than 2 seconds to get rid of the ball.

  10. The firing of Cam Cameron was something that Ratbird fans have wanted for awhile now, but the timing is certainly curious. They put up 28 against the Redskins, something like 105 against the Raiders a few weeks prior, and overall have gone to the playoffs every year since Cam got here. I don’t blame them for letting him go, but I have no clue why they chose to do it now instead of the end of the season.

  11. Flacco is “surprised” this didn’t happen sooner.

    Cam doesn’t put the players in a position to win. I ean literally put them in a position. Why is Oher at Left Tackle? We’ll start with that one first…

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