Jason Taylor does not like Bill Parcells

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In a case of ESPN-on-ESPN crime based not on conflicting reports but on conflicting personalities, Jason Taylor has lashed out at Bill Parcells.

Taylor, a former Dolphins defensive end who now serves as an ESPN commentator, and Parcells, a former Dolphins executive who now serves as an ESPN commentator, did not see eye to eye when they were together in Miami and still do not see eye to eye now that they’re together in Bristol.

Taylor told the Miami Herald that he is “not the biggest Bill Parcells fan,” saying that Parcells did a lousy job running the Dolphins from 2008 to 2010.

And the Herald says that “Taylor blasted Parcells” when discussing the way Parcells did his job as executive V.P. of football operations. Taylor ripped Parcells dealt for his “lack of building for the future, and the lack of commitment on his part.”

Taylor had been one of the best and most popular Dolphins for a decade when Parcells arrived, but Parcells traded him to the Redskins shortly after Parcells got the job in Miami. After Taylor was released by the Redskins a year later Parcells signed him to a one-year deal, but after that year ended Parcells wasn’t interested in having him back, so Taylor left for the Jets. After Parcells left, Taylor returned for a third stint with the Dolphins in 2011.

When Taylor got the job at ESPN this year, he said he didn’t think Parcells would want him there.

If Bill had anything to do with hiring me, they wouldn’t have hired me or they would get rid of me,” Taylor told the Herald. “I haven’t talked to Bill since he got rid of me a second time.”

If Taylor and Parcells bump into each other at the ESPN Christmas party, it won’t be pretty.

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  1. I like Jason Taylor but he needs to chill out, it was obviously nothing personal.

    Parcels needed to make a statement to the players as to who was in charge, he did that by getting rid of Taylor.

    The Dolphins were on the way up with Parcels until Huzinga sold the team, and then Parcels left.

  2. Taylor hit the nail on the head when he said Parcells lacked committment, IMO..It appeared after leaving the Giants, he left the Pats after losing the Super Bowl. Every team he went to after that, he seemed to leave before the moment of reckoning, so if things didn’t work out, he couldn’t take the sole blame- The year before the Jets were expected to really compete, when Vinny was supposed to come back from injury, he split. He built Dallas so far, then took off BEFORE the results truly bore their fruit, so we really can’t judge his efforts there as successful or not . Ditto Miami. I think in the Giant’s organization he was young and had to prove himself, but somewhere along the lines after that he got the notion that he kept his reputation intact by building a team up, but made sure he was gone before the final results were in, so he was not viewed as a failure if things didn’t result in another Lombardi Trophy……

    Or, I could just be a guy who thinks he can Psycho-analyze everything from afar

  3. joetoronto- clearly you know nothing about the Dolphins.

    “The Dolphins were on the way up with Parcels until Huzinga sold the team, and then Parcels left.”

    Hah right. After a lucky 11-5.. 7-9 and 7-9 looks like a decline not a rise.

  4. Parcells 1st and 2nd round picks in 08-10:

    Jake Long, Phil Merling, Chad Henne, Vontae Davis, Pat Whote, Sean Smith, Jared Odrick, Koa Misi

    3rd rounders were Kendall Langford, Patrick Turner, and John Jerry

    And he hired Tony Sparano as HC and Jeff Ireland as GM.

    We went 11-5 his first year but for Chad Pennington’s falling into his lap in August, Josh McCown would have been the starter.

    Parcells was an unmitigated disaster and it will take a couple more years before we even have a chance to legitimately compete.

  5. I don’t think Jason Taylor is saying something that isn’t true. Parcells seems to take off if he sees things are going to look like he doesn’t look super great and when you think about it Taylor was dedicated to the miami dolphins if he went back to them so many times. Parcells doesn’t want to look bad and wants to keep the fame of being a good coach or whatever he does so he takes off before it gets real bad.

  6. Bill Parcels wants players who buy into his system. Taylor – and other key veterans on other teams Parcells has worked for – often don’t want to radically change their approach to playing football. When teams change coaches and executives, these things happen. Taylor has a right to be upset about it. But by jettisoning Taylor, Parcells did what he did at all of his other NFL stops. I don’t think it was a personal attack on Taylor.

  7. Although great football player in his prime, what Jason Taylor knows about running a team is player biased, and wouldn’t fill a thimble. Taylor thought too much of himself and his value to Miami the city, and the franchise, and got his feelings hurt when the business side of the NFL caught up with his declining skills.

  8. JT is and always was a class act. Parcells is an arrogant prick whom took the money and ran leaving Miami in as bad of shape as he found it. Screw Parcells. Nothing but a snake oil salesman.

  9. Parcells fleeced the Redskins with that trade. He got two draft picks and lost a big contract for an aging player, then got the same player back on a one year deal a year later. Genius!

  10. The Pats might not have lost the Super Bowl if he hadn’t decided to check out the Super Bowl. He never bothered coaching that Super Bowl.

  11. “Taylor hit the nail on the head when he said Parcells lacked committment”

    That might be true but the elephant in the room that Taylor has NEVER wanted to address is the considerable drop off in play and effort himself. He was an absolutely embarrassing joke in Washington and a shadow of his former self when he went back to Miami for 2nd and 3rd stints. Until Taylor recognizes that and admits it he’s going to keep sounding like the bitter baby he sounds like now.

    Parcell’s tenure in Miami might warrant criticism but Taylor was cut for performance reasons…period. Otherwise the Redskins and Jets wouldn’t have been so happy to see him go.

  12. Good grief… Taylor could no longer perform at a high level and Parcells knew it. That was confirmed by the fact that neither the Redskins nor the Jets wanted to resign him after seeing him play. Get over it, man. You were expendable, and he treated you like you were expendable. That means he was doing a GOOD job, at least regarding you.

  13. Parcells is over rated, plain and simple. JT was a beast and the face of the franchise. Parcells ego couldn’t have a player more popular then himself in the building. It reminds me of how Jimmy Johnson treated Dan Marino going to a run game.

  14. It is only a story if someone comes out and says they like Bill Parcells. It is pretty much assumed that everybody else hates the man.

  15. I just want to make sure I haven’t missed your point —

    Parcells takes a job and works 24/7 to structure the Organization and to stock the roster with his kind of players. And then he “takes off before his results bear fruit” ??
    No, I haven’t missed your point….I’ve DISmissed it.

    The Patriots were a ship without a rudder in 1993, they didn’t even have solid ownership. 3 years later — Super Bowl.

    The Jets were 4-28 under the immortal Rich Kotite when Parcells arrived. He took essentially the same roster and was in the Playoff Hunt til the last week of the season. 2 years later — AFC Champs game.

    The Cowboys were laughing stocks after 3 straight 5-11 seasons under a coach who’s name I can’t even remember. Parcells stocked that roster with players who are still making contributions. Maybe the previous poster should try working for Jerry Jones before commenting on “Commitment”

    Jason Taylor’s year with the Jets told me all I need to know about his commitment.

  16. Bill Parcells is the most over rated coach in sports history. The man won 2 Super Bowls and only cause one kicker drove the ball wide right.
    Why isn’t he compared to all the other coaches who have one two or less? He’s not Lombardi, Knoll, or even Belichick. Hell Coughlin has the same amount of rings and half the ego.

  17. It figures, Parcells would end up with ESPN.
    This crappy network attracts bozos on a regular basis.
    Rex Ryan would be a natural for ESPN

  18. Jason Taylor was a below average player his last 4 years in the league.

    He wanted a huge contract from Miami but didn’t have the talent any more. So he held out and got burned. Now he’s playing the blame game.

  19. Who is Jason Taylor? What Superbowl has he ever won?

    Parcells has won and knows how to win. Taylor talking about Parcells is like a broke man telling Donald Trump how to be rich.

  20. It is well known that Parcells was close with Tim Mara, who hated Wellington, and when Tim sold his share of the Giants, that was just as much of the reason Parcells left the Giants as it was his health. He tried to pull a power play on Kraft, and was already negotiating with Leon Hess to coach the Jets BEFORE the Patriots even made the playoffs in 1996. He didn’t even expect them to make the Super Bowl, and didn’t even coach with his head in the game — and only lost because of a fluke turnover and running out of time for a last minute comeback. He turned the Jets from laughingstocks with Kotite into should-have-been AFC Champs, and only left after 1999 after Vinny’s injury. He made the Cowboys into #1 seeds in Dallas, and they were jokes before, and since he left. The Dolphins were a lost cause before he got there and you can criticize him for bailing out on them, but saying he’s overrated is beyond imbecilic.

  21. Parcells has always left teams when ownership became shaky — or it was Jerry Jones, which is shaky. I mentioned how he was close to Tim Mara and how he (mostly) left because Bob Tisch was coming in with his share of the Giants. He was with the Pats the year before Kraft got there, he left the Jets because Hess’ estate sold it to Woody, he left the Dolphins because Huizenga was about to sell to Ross. That’s the only consistent thing that has followed Parcells is that he jumps ship when ownership becomes foggy.

  22. Everywhere Parcells went, he went to the team with teh #1 draft pick (Pats, Jets, Fins) or #8 pick (Cowboys). Pretty much any poster here would have improved teams in that situation (maybe not Cantonbound13)

    Whatever successes he may have had in NE,NYJ, & Dallas; he royally screwed the Dolphins.

    In 2008, he had the #1 pick, two #2 picks, and in every round he had the first pick of that round. Of all the picks, only Jake Long is still employed by the Dolphins and he’s on IR and a good possibility not to be re-signed next year. That is absolutely inexcuseable. It’s Matt Millen-esque. Worse actually. The player drafted in 208 should be the core of a winning tream at this point and they have zero to show for it.

  23. When Parcells signed with Miami the Falcons also wanted him but he choose Miami, maybe because Huzienga gave him a blank check with no date of expiration. Imagine how different things would be if he had went to the Falcons. Hopefully they would still have drafted Matt Ryan, he is beyond over-rated.

  24. Taylor is absolutely correct about Parcels doing a lousy job running the Dolphins. It’s true. I don’t think Parcels was fully committed to the job and it showed. Taylor is dead on about that.

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