Kevin Kolb’s season is officially over


The Cardinals waited a long time for quarterback Kevin Kolb’s ribs to heal enough for him to return to the lineup, but their patience has reached its end.

Arizona placed Kolb on injured reserve Wednesday, ending his season and ending the hopes that the best of their three quarterbacks might return to help them end a losing streak that stands at nine games after last Sunday’s humiliating 58-0 loss to the Seahawks.

Kolb said last week that the ribs were still not completely healed from the initial injury and the pace of the recovery process obviously hasn’t picked up since them. That means John Skelton, Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer will have to figure out a way to pick up a win in the final three weeks, which might be a tall order given the way Skelton and Lindley have played so far this season.

Kolb is set to make $9 million in salary next season and he’s due to receive a $2 million roster bonus in March. Even though Kolb did show them more command of the offense in his six games this season than he did in 2011, it’s hard to see the Cardinals bringing him back at that price regardless of who is making the decisions after the Cardinals sift through the detritus of this season.

The Cardinals added offensive lineman Mike Gibson to the roster in the spot vacated by Kolb.

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  1. Kevin Kolb is awesome! Obviously they didn’t see him play in Philly. I’ve been watching his highlights on You Tube all day. A real special talent to say the least

  2. The Cardinals need to reel-in a big-name coach, one of the reasons being so that free agents of all levels might at least consider playing there.

  3. I wasn’t thrilled when Kolb came to AZ, but he kind of grew on me (and probably lots of other Cardinals fans). It sucks that he couldn’t take the punishment behind the O-Line here.

  4. Don’t re-sign him!

    Instead, they should have (on the eve of the NFL draft?) a NFL Network ‘special’ where the new Arizona coaches hold an “open tryout” for QB.

    Invite Mike Vick, Vince Young, and JaMarcus Russell (maybe even NcNabb if he still wants to play) to showcase their skills live on TV. The winner gets a 2 year contract for 3 million a year (2nd year not guaranteed).

  5. It sounds funny to say it but I actually think Arizona could have been a wild card playoff team with Kolb managing the game.

    He did just enough to help them win and not much to help them lose.

    Kind of like a poor man’s Alex Smith.

  6. Coaches often make their decisions on the team’s roster as well. In a QB-driven league, not having a QB can really hold a team back. I think they could make a move for Alex Smith, but I think the draft is the place to go. Matt Barkley could do well throwing to Fitz and Michael Floyd. And at worst, he’s good enough to reward that stellar top 10 defense of theirs

  7. lol, I like it. We can have a remake of the old “Quaterback Club” games for Sega Genesis

    Make them hit tires from 40 yards, do an obstacle course, etc, and the winner gets a contract. Judging by the list you have, it would be a bad idea to have anything involving reading defense

  8. Far and away the worst trade in the last few years. Yeah, the Eagles really bent Zona over on this one. It was funny since everyone but the Cardinals knew he was a bum.

  9. I went to school with Kevin. Heck of a person…NFL QB? Still to be determined. He had a few good games and alot of bad ones. Just enough good games to make you think he has something. Wish he could play with an OLine that could give him some time. Fitz is GREAT, but not if you can’t get him the ball.

  10. kevin Kolb is far from a bum. He played great football until his ribs were broken. If you didn’t watch him every sunday then you dont know what you are talking about. Kolb is our QB.

  11. It’s too bad for Kolb and Cardinals fans that AZ has jerked Kolb around so much. I never saw him play so poorly that Skelton was a better option. If he had been given all of the reps and play time a #1 should, he might have been conditioned and on his game enough to avoid some of these injury problems. Instead he hasn’t been allowed to get into rhythm and gets into games when the team is flailing and takes the brunt of the abuse.

    As a Seattle fan at the 58-0 beat-down, I’ve never seen a team quit so much on their ownership, coaching, and fans. It was pathetic. a week or so ago I was on here defending Wisenhunt becuase I thought he was a good coach. But after witnessing that disaster in person it’s obvious he has lost the team, and needs to go.

  12. Who saw his highlights from the Calgary game? The Cards sure will miss him when they line up against Saskatchewan.

  13. It really, really doesn’t matter who the Cardinals trot out there to get murdered behind the worst offensive line in the history of football.

    I’m not saying Kevin Kolb is a great, or even an above-average QB, but you certainly can’t make a judgement on him based upon what you’ve seen so far.

  14. And to think how high Cardinals fans were after that 4-0 start. Back when it was fun to look at Power Rankings.

    Poor Arizona.

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