NaVorro Bowman joins PFT on NBC Sports Network


The 49ers travel to New England this week for a Sunday night matchup that some will call a potential Super Bowl preview.

Will 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman be one of those people? You can find out when he joins Erik Kuselias on Wednesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network. Bowman’s put together another excellent season for the 49ers, who can clinch the NFC West this weekend with a win and a Seahawks loss.

Mike Florio, Bob Glauber, Shaun King and Pete Najarian will also be on hand to talk about some of the other big matchups on tap for this weekend. The Giants’ trip to meet the Falcons and the Broncos’ matchup with the Ravens are two of the games that will get close attention over the course of the hour. There’s also a chance for PFT Planet to get involved via Twitter by asking questions that the crew will tackle on the air.

It all gets started at 5 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

6 responses to “NaVorro Bowman joins PFT on NBC Sports Network

  1. The 9ers D makes good qbs look average. This is a way better d then the texans. With justin and aldon smith coming, brady is in trouble. Not to mention his rcieving core will get hurt coming across the middle. As far as brady doing to us what he did to the texans, good luck. B

  2. Like they did to the Rams??
    Tom Brady will be on fire for his old home team. You can talk all you want, he is the best, playing his best and the Patriots are LOADED!
    9ers are unbelievable, but this squad in NE is no joke, better believe once they taste that hurry up and are sucking wind, they will get it!
    Then you can all come on Monday talking about how you hope you get another crack at us.
    Only December, so no Champs yet!
    But this is a great test.

  3. I hear what your sayin, but the rams are division rivals. Of course they’re gonna be tough for us to beat. Its going to be a bit hard to hurry up when brady is getting sacked and recievers are getting cracked. I guarantee at least one reciever will get injured. Brady might be the best right now but he consistently struggles wit the baltimore 3-4. I think the 9er 3-4 is going to give brady major problems. Also i dont think the N.E d will b able to stop the run game of the 9ers. As soon as they strt loading the box, the speed of V.D if going to give problems if that safety starts coming up to help run stop. Its going to be a good game but but niners got this one.

  4. When Brady and the Pats offense is playing at its best, it can not be stopped.
    When Willis and the Niners defense is playing at its best, they can not be moved.

    I hope both teams are playing at their best, then this will be one hell of a good game.

    Prediction : Niners 23 Pats 21

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