Osi Umenyiora: There’s no question we’re the best team in football


Under Tom Coughlin, the Giants have turned the overly aggressive crowing of other players and teams to great inspirational effect.

“Talk is cheap, play the game” has been a mantra of sorts for the team and it is one that’s served them fairly well. It’s just a shame that they can’t break it out on defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who answered a question about whether the Patriots were the best team in football by making a pretty bold claim about the Giants.

“When the Giants are playing our best, there’s no question we’re the best team in football,” Umenyiora said on 98.7 ESPN Radio, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “We’ve just been inconsistent. So if we can play the way we’re capable of playing – the way we played against San Francisco, the way we played against Green Bay, the way we played against the Saints for the majority of the game – I don’t think there’s a team that’s better than us at all.”

We don’t have a great argument with Umenyiora’s belief that the Giants are really, really good when they are playing their best. It’s just hard to understand why you’d bother arguing that you were the best team in the league when you have to qualify it with “if we can play the way we’re capable of playing.” After all, Amelia Earhart was a really good pilot when she was flying as well as she was capable of flying.

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  1. This article demands that idiot fans from other teams post to it and make fools of themselves. Get in here now and do your bit to amuse us with your ignorance. I suggest writing the same boring stuff that you’ve been scribbling over and over for months. Don’t disappoint us.

  2. I’ll make it easy. They are not the best team in football. There is a reason the Saints were 5-7 coming into the game

  3. Ahh, another one where the headline doesn’t match the statement. Yes WHEN they play their best, the can beat the best. Its getting that best to show up thats the problem.

  4. I dont get how anyone can say the giants follow the mantra “talk is cheap, play the game”. Outside of Eli, they have the biggest group of loudmouths in the NFL. Even after losing their ringleader Brandon Jacobs.

  5. Ooh! Ooh! Can we start the comments off with a G-Men fan who takes everything just a little bit too seriously? That’d be great – thanks in anticipation!

  6. I’m a Giants fan, but I’m a realistic one. That’s a mighty big “if”. They ARE great when they play their A game, but there are many many teams that can make the same claim.

  7. Ill take the bait. Im a Patriots fan, and I agree with Umenyiora. When the Giants play to their capability they are probably the best team in the league. But they are terribly inconsistent and seem to play to the level of their opponent.

    However they do seem to have the ability to peak at the right time. No one should want to play them in teh post season

  8. Why would we post anything? You’ve done a great job of establishing that people feel obligated to display their ignorance and submit their predictable hackneyed non informative opinions.

  9. Osi said “we’ve just been inconsistent”. We’ve heard that sentiment from players after a loss all season long. The next time a player admits that his opponent was the better team, will be the first time.

  10. We in Patriots Nation have a great amount of respect for The Giants and would agree with his statement; however, one wonders why they are so inconsistent. I, personally, hope the Gmen start playing up to their potential and that The Pats win out. We know that a Super Bowl between those two teams would be a real game, not a blowout.

  11. Osi, you are the LAST person who should be talking.

    True, the Giants can beat the best teams, but they can also lose to the worst teams. No one would be shocked if they beat Atlanta and Baltimore, then lost to Philly.

    (And I’m a Giants fan)

  12. As the Herd and SVP say, how good is your good?

    The Giants is the best. Proven by beating the best the NFC has to offer, and the Pats 2 times last season (although, more or less a moot point now as the Pats D is much improved over last season and even earlier this season). The underlying issue is the inconsistency and the Giants playing down to the level of lesser opponents. I still believe they should be 9-4 and should have beaten the Redskins. Why Gilbride decides to basically stop throwing the ball against one of, if not the worst defensive backfields in football in the 2nd half last week is beyond my comprehension.

    Regardless, shut up Osi.

  13. However, people are idiots and apparently they don’t realize that the media is asking them these questions. They aren’t just going and randomly tweeting them like fools and running their mouths. Why would he not say he thinks the Giants are the best. It would be foolhardy and weak not to. I take back saying shut up Osi as he was just answering a question. It’s not like he said the Pats weren’t a great team. The Giants don’t go talking trash on other teams…everyone just glosses over the points where they compliment and say that their opponents are good in order to do some Giant hating…

    The whole the only part of the article that is well-written are the parts that are quoted. Otherwise it’s trash, especially the last paragraph. Just shows how stupid people are…boohoohoo, he said he thinks his team is the best.

  14. Coming from a Pats fan, I think he’s right. All they have to do is get into the playoffs. The Giants have proven themselves and they can talk all they want. All I’m hoping for is a Pats win when they face off in the Super Bowl again. I have a lot of respect for that Giant team, and clearly so do the Patriots considering they made their offense more balanced because they know they can’t beat the NYG simply dropping back every play.

  15. Question –

    Were the 49ers or Packers playing their best when you beat them?

    Tell me which game from your career you felt the opponent was the best you have ever seen where you still won. I’d like to review that tape and then ask you some follow up questions after I find the mistakes they made.

  16. It is funny every Pats fan is like … yea we respect the Giants (and we do)… so does BB and the Pats brain trust… I think we are all (NE fans) hoping for another shot at Big Blue…

  17. The Giants have won two Super Bowls in recent years and that is to their credit. However, don’t look for another this year.

  18. by definition “the best team in the NFL” and “we’ve just been inconsistent” sort of cancel each other out. best team in the NFL implies consistency. Now, my FAVORITE team in the NFL is pretty obvious, i’d say, but i’m not yet ready to call ’em the BEST team in the NFL. Waiting for consistent, long term, omg great playing of the caliber i haven’t seen from too many teams, including the Giants, i’m afraid. Breaks my heart to say it, but the Patriots come closest, and i’m not ready to call them “the best” yet either.

  19. We’re the only team who can claim we beat ourselves in our losses. The stupid penalties, settling for FGs vs. DAL, PHI and WSH, blowing a lead by not converting (read: Steelers didn’t stop us) vs. PIT and the CIN game was the only one where we were soundly beaten and cannot make that claim.

  20. gisellichek says: Dec 12, 2012 12:49 PM

    It is funny every Pats fan is like … yea we respect the Giants (and we do)… so does BB and the Pats brain trust… I think we are all (NE fans) hoping for another shot at Big Blue…

    Not the read I got in that post the other night after beating the Texans. Patriots fans are still shook and bitter, and the Giants are still the same team that owns them.

  21. Lifelong Giant fan here…in theory wouldn’t any team playing at their very best be considered the best team in football at that moment? Sort of like ‘if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a noise’ type of conundrum….

    I agree with the person who already stated what else can Osi say when asked? ‘Boy we really stink up the joint when we get on the field’?

    I just wish the media would leave our guys alone so they can concentrate and train on being the best in the game!!!

  22. (i’ll start by saying i’m a big giants fan and i’m sitting here typing this in my old Sehorn Jersey)

    Osi should realize its impossible to talk about whose team is best. Every week the team is better that week beats the team who isnt as good that week.

    but what osi, and me, and the giants can take pride in. is that the higher the caliber of opponent, the better the giants play.

    cases in point, the 2 SB, the packers and 49ers games this year.

  23. Best in the NFL….LMFAO you aren’t even the best in your division. Hey Josi better stop yappin and start playin or the Midgets won’t even make the playoffs.

  24. He’s delusional and will take back his statement, like he did about RGIII. The best team in football wears Burgundy and Gold. The end.


    Who USC or Minnesota Golden Gophers? Thats the only talent I see that wears Burgundy and Gold.

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