Patterson will file grievance against Eagles


A fight is brewing between the Eagles and one of their key defensive players.

As we reported earlier in the day, the Eagles have placed defensive tackle Mike Patterson on the non-football illness list, following his hospitalization for viral pneumonia.  As we also reported, the Eagles have decided to reduce Patterson’s salary over the final three weeks of the season, which will cost him roughly $150,000.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Patterson will file a grievance challenging the decision.

“This is not how you treat people if you’re a winning organization,” agent Peter Schaffer told McLane.

Schaeffer believes Patterson developed the illness due to work.

“I think it’s pretty clear that he got it at practice or at the NovaCare Complex,” Schaffer said. “That’s where he spends all his time. That’s all he’s doing is practicing and working out.”

Schaffer also said he addressed the decision directly with G.M. Howie Roseman.

“I told Howie this morning that if he could prove to be that Mike didn’t get pneumonia at practice I wouldn’t file a grievance,” Schaffer said. “He said he couldn’t. . . .  I love Howie, but this is wrong and petty.  To do this to one of your leaders and to a guy that fought back from brain surgery is just wrong.”

The Eagles addressed the situation generally.  “Our number one priority is to get Mike Patterson well enough to get back on the football field,” the team said in a statement.  “He has worked hard this year to get back and he has our full support as an organization.”

Patterson may have their full support, but he’s not getting his full pay.

33 responses to “Patterson will file grievance against Eagles

  1. I understand that football is a business. But there are ways to conduct business. The guy got pneumonia. He didn’t crash a motocycle, or a get in a drunken car wreck. For a team in serious need of rebuilding, that is hardly the way to attract quality free agents. The Eagles really are awful at everything.

  2. That is messed up! I’m sitting in the hospital right now with something similar to viral pneumonia and I can tell u that the fastest way to recovery is having support from your family, friends, and especially your employers.

    I wish him well because this flu virus going aroun now is no joke!

  3. This is straight up bush league on the part of the Eagles. Patterson has been one of the hardest working guys in the organization the past 5 years. I never thought I’d see the day that the organization sink this low. Sad to call myself an Eagles fan these days.

  4. The NFLPA is an absolute embarrassment. I realize it’s hard to take a stand on issues when half your membership is broke when they miss one pay cheque but they do nothing to change that culture.

  5. Stay classy Eagles… I suppose that’s saying something coming from a Raiders fan.

  6. This is just so wrong on so many levels. What are they thinking? Classless. Petty. A horrifying way to treat any employee much less one of your better players. I hope free agents see this and think twice about ever becoming an Eagle.

  7. Only in the “best country in the world” does an employee under contract making a yearly salary, get pay taking away because he got sick. It’s disgusting. This is something that happens in Ethiopia, not a first world country.

  8. This is not how you treat people if you’re a winning organization,” agent Peter Schaffer told McLane.

    Well, the Eagles are 4-9 so your point is well taken. Howie screwed the pooch in his first big bor decision.

  9. Wow you people are dumb. This is a business. If I barely played in a season I would understand a pay cut. He literally did nothing… Therefore he does not deserve fully salary. Having emotions and love in business is bad business. This is why none of you run a football organization. A bunch of softies.

  10. That is just so low. All that bad press and gaining the reputation of a petty employer amongst free agents for what? Pennies on the dollar saved? The hit to the organization’s rep will cost more than anything they end up saving.

  11. Man that is a weak move from the Eagles. If this is the thought process of Eagles management, that team is starting a long period of mediocrity. What agent will steer his players there? Other teams will use this against the Eagles when recruiting free agents.

  12. This is why i always support players when it comes to hold outs! Management keeps referring to honoring contracts but they rarely do it themselves!

  13. I been embarrassed many times by the Eagles during my over three decades as a fan. This nickel and dime treatment of a guy that has always been a good soldier ranks right up there…

  14. It’s not wrong. The guy has been paid through his health problems and still will be. It’s no different than long term disability. No issue with the tram’s actions here.

  15. It’s gonna cost them 25% more to sign free agents now. Who’d want to work for an organization that will screw you out of your paycheck if they have other options? This is both morally wrong and a very bad business decision.

  16. We really need to fire Howie… has anyone ever heard this dude speak… this nutjob doesn’t have a clue… compare Howie to Reece, Thompson, Colbert, and all the other successful GM’s and you realize he leaves a lot to be desired.

  17. Us Eagles fans can thank the horrible GM Howie “the joke” Roseman. Since he stepped in our drafts have 80% been retarded reaches, position switching and what not. This is a guy who literally had brain surgery, did EVERYTHING in his power to get healthy and get back onto the field for the team and this is how HOWIE thanks him? I HOPE he wins the grievance and they are forced to pay him his due salary. I could see if he went out clubbing and got drunk and passed out in the Delaware River and got hypothermia, but he got pneumonia which is relatively easy to acquire. Such a horrible move by Howie and im almost certain that Reid does NOT support this.

  18. Hey, it’s not a story about how bad an organization the Vikes are or how bad our fans are. Please keep doing what your doing Eagles, Cardinals, Jags, Raiders, Jets, Chiefs, Bungles… Thank you.

  19. Does anyone know the cap situation for next year? I’m pretty sure that’s why they did it.

    All things considered, it’s a classless act for someone who has worked so hard to get back on the field for this organization. Sorry Patterson.

  20. Maybe the Eagles thought that team morale was too high…

    I know that it’s a business and all that, but that amount of money is small relative to the blowback they’ll get in future negotiations with all players.

    It’s one thing to throw in the towel and rebuild, maybe cutting some expensive players to get cap space, but it’s another to soil your reputation permanently. Kinda makes it hard to keep that “one big family” idea afloat.

  21. This is pretty embarrassing.

    Patterson has no more guaranteed money. Wouldn’t be surprised if after this stupid stunt they release him as soon as the season is over.

  22. You guys know that the NFL is a business, right?

    He was paid last year and this year, and hadn’t played at all up until a few weeks ago. The organization has been more than generous with Patterson.

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