Randy Moss: Colin Kaepernick gave me my first dislocated finger

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Randy Moss has caught 975 passes in his NFL career, but he had never caught a ball thrown as hard as the one 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick hit him with in Kaepernick’s first start.

Moss said today that he suffered a finger dislocation in the 49ers’ November 19 win over the Bears because a pass from Kaepernick was thrown so hard. Moss said that had never happened to him before.

Man, he dislocated my finger,” Moss said, via CSNBayArea.com. “[H]e had to put one them Randy Johnson fastballs on me. When it hit my finger, I felt my finger pop — dislocated it. So I had to come back to the sideline and the doctor had to pop it back in.”

The 35-year-old Moss said he has been able to stay very healthy this season after returning from a year away — other than getting in the way of that Kaepernick fastball.

“I try to take pride in taking care of my body and finessing the balls as they come to me,” Moss said. “But Kap throws hard. He’s very strong and he works out every day. And I didn’t really say anything to him other than, ‘Keep doing what he’s doing.’ My finger will heal up. It hurt. It hurt. It really did. I tried not to show any tears. I don’t know if they caught me crying or not. But it did hurt, but like I said, it’s not the time of the year to be crying because it’s late in the season. Everybody’s hurting. Everybody’s ailing. Everybody’s feeling a little bit of pain. Some go home and some keep moving. And we want to be the team that keeps moving.”

In addition to being impressed with Kaepernick’s arm strength, Moss has been impressed with Kaepernick’s leadership abilities.

“I think that Kap’s been able to come in and lead us as a whole unit,” Moss said. “Any time a guy can come in and lead like that, and I don’t mean verbally, I mean leading by example, it’s what we as football players look for in a player, especially a quarterback. So I really just compliment his leadership and going out there and leading our offense up and down the field.”

But as much as Moss likes Kaepernick, he wouldn’t mind seeing Kaepernick put a little more touch on his passes.

48 responses to “Randy Moss: Colin Kaepernick gave me my first dislocated finger

  1. It’s cute and everything that Moss is backing up his young QB, but, nobody believes that he’s never had a dislocated finger before.

    It’s all an attempt to give Kaep confidence.

  2. Randy’s a funny dude. I could hang out with Randy.

    Thinking this’ll be his last year in the league though. Despite the antics, he was a great WR and I hope people remember that.

  3. Think Kaepernick should get more credit than what he’s getting. One bad game against the Rams and all of a sudden Harbaugh made the wrong move.

  4. Kid can play. I am excited to watch he and the other group of young qbs develop… NFL fans have been spoiled the last 10 years with all time great qbs, and it only looks to keep going.

  5. First pass Randy caught within 30 yrs of the line of scrimmage. Probably ran the wrong route or avoided a blocking assignment.

  6. On Sunday night, Randy gets to meet up with the guy who didn’t break his finger but helped him break the record for most receiving touchdowns in a season.

  7. Blabadilba the next two games will hardly define his career he just started a few games ago and all indications are he will have a long productive career ahead of him lets slow down a little bit and let him play a whole season before we start talking about games that define his career

  8. “I try to take pride in taking care of my body and finessing the balls as they come to me,” Moss said.

    He couldnt think of any better way to state that?

  9. He dropped the flea flicker because he got out of rhythm due to pass interference for the last 20 yards of the run.

    we know what Belichik will do. He’ll attempt to double Aldon Smith all night.

    yes, you do neef a strong arm and touch. but alex smith was tough to watch sometimes. you get sick of. watching 20 yard bombs. Kaep opens everything way up. he just needs to get the game clock huddle management down. Harbaugh can’t be bailing him out on the sidelines every time. Either way the NFL is a more exciting league when Kaepernick is the 49ers QB.

  10. deangelo23hall says:
    Dec 12, 2012 8:17 PM
    What did the 2 highest scoring offenses of all time have in common?

    Randy Moss.


    What did the best two teams to not win a Super Bowl have in common?

    Randy Moss.

  11. “was this why he dropped the flea flicker touchdown pass?”

    No I think the defensive back pulling on his arm the whole time had something to do with it but hey whatever.

  12. It was always fun watching Randy play in purple. I remember the game in Detroit where he was triple covered in the end zone and did the bump with the DB to take the ball at the last moment for the TD, the fake he laid on three Dallas DB’s to score down the sidelines, and triple covered again he caught and then flipped the ball back over his head to Moe Williams to score on the last play of the half for a win at Denver. And especially mooning the Green Bay fans. Good stuff.

  13. Let me flesh out my earlier comment about defining his career.

    Most would agree, the 49ers were expected to go far this season. Harbaugh made the choice of Kaepernick over Smith THE storyline of the 49er’s season. These two games will, by and large, define that storyline. Win and secure the bye week, Kaep was the better choice. Lose the bye week, and face a likely first round playoff loss on the road, Smith was the better choice.

    IMO, This is how the press will define him and his career for years to come. These two games will always be a large part of his media storyline and thus “define his career.”

    Not trying to get into a semantic debate, just trying to clarify my intent.

  14. I have been saying this all along, the kid is the real deal. It took guts from Harbaugh to keep with him, but the Niners really have a chance at the dance if this kid can get some playing time before the playoffs.

  15. [quote]
    tedmurph says:
    Probably ran the wrong route or avoided a blocking assignment.[/quote]


    Randy has been an outstanding run blocker for the Niners this year.

  16. drrinow says:

    was this why he dropped the flea flicker touchdown pass?

    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    No, that was because the defender was pulling on his other arm for 10 yards before they got in the end zone. And he still almost pulled it in.

  17. drrinow says:
    Dec 12, 2012 8:57 PM
    was this why he dropped the flea flicker touchdown pass?


    along with being held all the way down field

  18. “What did the 2 highest scoring offenses of all time have in common?

    Randy Moss.”

    Moss never played for The Greatest Show on Turf.


    TROLL! We invented the greatest show on turf. Remember ’98, record setting offense etc. Damn people are stupid here.

  19. “What did the 2 highest scoring offenses of all time have in common?

    Randy Moss.”

    Moss never played for The Greatest Show on Turf.


    And for the record the top 2 scoring offenses in history:

    1. 2007 The New England Randy Moss’ scored 589
    2. 2011 Packers 560
    3. 1998 The Minnesota Randy Moss’ scored 556
    4. 1983 Redskins 541

  20. For sure I would give Moss thumbs up for Hall of Fame. The way teams roll coverages for Calvin Johnson, defenses had to do that for nearly a decade and he was still toasting them all. One of the most exciting football players I ever watched.

  21. I said it when all the 49ers fans were touting having Moss on the team and I’ll say it again… Moss is just a shell of the receiver he once was.

    He once couldn’t be stopped and had an attitude that he was not only the best but that he was going to whip your a$$.

    As a fan of the NFL I have never seen anyone who had his size, speed, hands, leaping ability, in flight ball skills, and the ability to tap his toes on the turf after the catch.

    An end zone view of how the defense had to adjust to try to cover him was amazing. CB off 10 yards, LB rolling to the flat to take away the slant, and the S over the top. Not just once in a while, all the time. And he piled up huge numbers despite that coverage being the rule.

    As a Vikings fan he was just fun to watch. I didn’t and still don’t care if he was a pain in the rear for the coaches, refs, meter-maids, etc. He was a Viking WR and he was the best.

    The GB playoff game where he “mooned” the crowd was one of his best games becasue he was playing on a bad ankle and yet somehow when they needed him he put a move on the CB and hauled in an easy touchdown.

    I realize he’s a good locker room guy and might have a few good plays left for someone like the Patriots, but he’s long, long, long past his prime.

    It’s a shame really, because with a strong armed QB who can really throw it deep he was pure magic to watch.

    Come on Randy… give us just one more incredible catch over the top… just one!!

  22. Those first years when Moss played for the Vikings were certainly fun to watch- amazing how many times he got 3 steps past his defenders on go routes- made it all look so easy.

    Then of course the attitude compromised him- that unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at a key moment in the NFC Championship game for squirting a water bottle at a ref- a sign of things to come.

    After spending a year or two in the wilderness (aka Oakland) he re-emerged with the Patriots in a slightly different form. He became a more finesse receiver as he lost his speed advantage, perfecting the subtle push-off when he went up for the ball that was hardly ever called…

    He had the talent to best Jerry Rice’s records, but never the attitude or the work ethic.

    He was one of the best WRs to play the game. But I wouldn’t vote him into the hall of fame.


  23. I try to take pride in taking care of my body and finessing the balls as they come to me,” Moss said.

    You keep finessing those balls playa

  24. Unlike Alex Smith CK can actually see wide open wide out Randy (fricking) Moss on the field. I watched a game, Moss was wide open in the endzone waving his arms like he might fly away, Smith throws to Vernon Davis at the 3 yard line and then the field goal happened.

  25. As a 49er fan it pains me to say this, but we can’t beat New England for the same reason we probably won’t beat Seattle. Our offensive line is just average or worse in protecting the passer so Colin Kaepernick will not be able to complete the big pass plays necessary to keep pace with high-performing quarterbacks. S.F. must be capable of generating at least 300 yards through the air consistently in the modern game. Expecting Frank Gore to carry the team to victory is something right out of the 1950’s. Forget it.

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