Report: Gronkowski will try to practice this week

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The Patriots have been doing pretty well without tight end Rob Gronkowski.  They could be doing even better with him.

Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reports that Gronkowski will try to practice this week.  He suffered a broken forearm on November 18, promptly undergoing surgery.

He has missed three games since then, with the Pats outscoring their opponents by 65 total points.Tom Curran of CSN New England said on Tuesday’s PFT Live that Gronkowski is likely to return to the field in the postseason.  At which time the Pats will likely be riding a 10-game winning streak, including six straight without him.So, yes, this could indeed be the year that the Pats finally add that fourth Super Bowl trophy.

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13 responses to “Report: Gronkowski will try to practice this week

  1. It’s stunning to me how well the offense has played without him. He’s one of the best in the league at his position. Local media has said since before the MNF game that he was raring to go even against Hou. I am glad they are taking it easy with him. I don’t want him back until the last/second to last game so he can get some reps in before the playoffs roll around. AHern rushed back (granted different type of injury)and it cost him a few more games off.

  2. Don’t rush him back, especially for a NFC opponent. They’re playing well without him so let him heal properly.

  3. Seeing that Houston was considered the best team in the NFL (that is, before this past MNF), I think we are going to do great this weekend!! Go Pats!!

  4. Bones heal much differently than ligaments. There really isn’t any nuance and the risk of re-injury is very minor, unlike say a high ankle sprain that Hernandez had. I don’t think the Patriots rushed back Hernandez like some people have said, he looked good against Seattle and high ankle sprains are very tricky setbacks are quite common.

    The Patriots medical staff knows what they’re doing and they are the only ones that truly know Gronk’s situation but if the bone is healed they should let him play. I always thought Gronk would be back for the Jacksonville or second Miami game.

    As Bill Belichick says football players play football if he’s ready let him play.

  5. I think Hernandez is as good as he’s going to be this year, but he doesn’t have that “it” factor like before the injury. That will hopefully be back next season.

  6. Just a smoke screen. They’ll list Gronk as limited in practice, with no intention of playing him, to give the 49ers something extra to prepare for. Get him a few snaps in the last reg season game so he’s healthy and good to go for the playoffs.

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