Sanchez calls bringing back Braylon an “awesome” move

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The Jets might have been idiots a few weeks ago, but their players seem to think bringing back wide receiver Braylon Edwards was a genius move.

It’s awesome,” Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez said Tuesday night, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “He’ll fit right in, I’m sure.”

The consensus among Jets players was that bringing back Edwards was a good move, something which says more about their current receiving corps than Edwards himself.

With Stephen Hill suffering a sprained LCL last week, they were running out of options in what was already a thin room. So they claimed him off waivers, bringing him back at the veteran minimum for the final three games.

“That’s a funny sequence of events,” Sanchez said. “He’s a great player. We have a good chemistry together. I’m confident throwing him the ball. I don’t think that will change. Get him in the building soon and get him working.”

Of course, the bigger question is what Edwards has left. He caught 88 passes for 1,445 yards and 11 touchdowns for the Jets in 28 games, but in the two years since he left, just 23 catches for 255 yards and one score.

“It’s a good comfort level for him,” linebacker David Harris said. “When he was here before he had a good connection with him. He goes out and lays it on the line for his quarterback, diving for passes, jumping over guys. Even better as a run-blocker, which he doesn’t get credit for.

“He’s going to be another huge piece for our wide receiver corps. Professional guy. So we look for a lot of positive things from him.”

If Edwards lives up to that kind of notice, bringing him back will be the smartest move they’ve made lately.

18 responses to “Sanchez calls bringing back Braylon an “awesome” move

  1. what was he going to say, Sanchez is glad he is still with the team, never mind the is the starting QB.

  2. C’mon sanchez! How is this awesome? It’s not like hes going to make your completion % any better. If you cant throw a check-down pass, good luck having edwards help you out at all…

  3. Ok, im going to take a moment to defend braylon in regards to his stats. Everyone claims this huge drop off in production over the last two years, and automatically blames it on skill. While he has had a slight decline, the truth really is he just hasnt been targeted as much. With the jets, over two years, he was target 174 times, caught the ball 88 times. Use a percentage on catches when targeted 51%. The next two years after, targeted a total of 52 times, caught it 44%. Really not that big of a difference when u look at the chances hes been given. He produced for us before, and it seems the team is as confident as me that hell produce again.

  4. When Edwards was a Jet he had career years. He really helped Sanchez and it showed. Him,Jco and Santonio. They should have never let Jco and Braylon walk. Proof the Gm is an idiot

  5. “That’s a funny sequence of events,” Sanchez said. “He’s a great player.

    Great player? That is why he was on the Waiver wire…Amazing how everybody totes the company line where everybody is a great player…

  6. This “funny sequence of events” has be thinking that something “funny” is going on behind the scenes. Why would Seattle drop him this late in the season? How much money are they going to save by not paying him for three weeks? And they are in the playoff hunt, so why dump a WR that could provide depth in case of injury? Maybe they just needed space for their suspended corners.

  7. The whole JETS situation is a tragedy wrapped inside a comedy wrapped inside insanity. They are high jacking the ‘Factory of Sadness’ from Cleveland. I would suggest that Woody bring in the clowns but I think bringing I a broom to sweep the place clean would be more beneficial!

  8. Even Braylon will have trouble catching balls two feet in front of him. Even Braylon doesn’t have the hope to catch balls 5 feet over his head. Why do you think defensive backs lay off receivers? Because they know that Sanchize is more likely to throw to them than his intended target.

  9. In two years he’s had 23 receptions for 255 yards. His longest play was for 24 yards.

    That apparently is enough to get Mark Sanchez excited which only goes to show how much talent he and the rest of the team must have in comparison.

  10. NYjets1017 you are correct. has been an awesome addition when sanders was hurt he stepped right in same with brown and wallace so you are right in saying tanthebummer is a idiot

  11. Okay, we get it Jets/Sanchez haters. You think MS is a lousy QB–how could we not, when every article about the Jets has dozens of comments from you morons, once again saying how much you hate the Jets/Sanchez?

  12. Unfortunately everyone here is missing the root of the problem with this signing…he is now the best wr on this team!!!!
    The receiving and rb’s on this team are a disaster and those of you complaining about releasing Cotch look at his numbers in Pitt he’s never healthy and rarely sees the field he was good for a few years never great and wanted out no loss.
    We have 0 playmakers on offense Hill will be good in 2 years, Kerley is decent #3 or 4 guy he’s not anything special the only reason his numbers are even passable is because Keller had been hurt and the rest suck out loud

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