The Cardinals turn back to Ryan Lindley


Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt turned his back to the dartboard and let a dart fly over his shoulder at Cardinals headquarters Wednesday and the dart landed in the part of the board reading Ryan Lindley.

At least that’s how we imagine Whisenhunt is making his quarterback choice from week to week. John Skelton started last week’s debacle in Seattle with Lindley coming on in relief while Lindley started the Week 13 debacle against the Jets, so it’s not like there’s some clearly right answer to the question starting Whisenhunt in the face. The darts make as sense as anything else Whisenhunt did to wind up naming Lindley the starter for Sunday’s game against the Lions.

The Cardinals placed Kevin Kolb on injured reserve Wednesday, ending any hope that he’d return to retake the job he was doing before breaking his ribs. That leaves Whisenhunt to continue choosing between Skelton and Lindley week after week in some kind of absurd sequel to Groundhog Day.

Perhaps he’ll break the cycle by turning to Brian Hoyer, although the recent arrival in the desert is probably still getting up to speed on the playbook. Given what the guys who know the offense have done this year, that might not be a prerequisite for the job.

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  1. I think the Whisenhunt and the Cards should draft Johnny Football.

    Continue to use the carousel at until he can join the NFL after his jr year.

    At least that’s the only way Whisenhunt will still be around til then.

  2. Seriously, Vince Young is sitting on a couch. He may not be super awesome. But he did make the pro bowl twice, is only 29 and HAS to be better than Lindley/Skelton/Kolb/Hoyer.

  3. Lindley is horrific and not ready to start. There’s not much left to lose, but Skelton is actually better. I mean the guy looked awful against a superior pass defense, I’m not saying either are good because they are both terrible. But what I am saying is Skelton is less terrible.

  4. Arizona has no one on their roster that can get the job done. Kolb is mentioned only because his salary is too expensive to cut him. Sadly, their four early season wins may take them out of the picture for a top QB in the draft. Even if they draft a good rookie they need to make a trade for a more veteran guy.

  5. Here is what I do not understand. There are guys like David Garrard, Vince Young ETC that are out there without a job. If they keep up with this carousel of JV caliber Qbs they will never pull themselves out of the bottom 5 teams and become reputable. All 3 of those qbs just plain and simple suck. Why not give a Garrard, Young a shot for one to sell tickets for 2 just to make the fans interested in the games. Lindley is programed run the ball once and then miss horribly twice on 2 elementary throws then go back to the sideline. Kolb just is afraid of people hitting him. Skelton is just not there. He would be a solid UFL backup or a pop warner coach. None of these guys are worthy of a NFL job and it is uttertly pathetic.

  6. I see Mike Vick and Rashard Mendenhall in Arizona’s future! lol @ Lindly this dude is awful but Vince Young and McNabb are out of the league? 4real?

  7. Whiz had to go with Lindley to let him start at least a game in Arizona. Thus far, he has set the position back a decade if not two on the road. We’ll see how he does against the Lions pass rush.

    As a Cardinals fan, it’s tough to admit that I look back in fondness at the Tom Tupa, Gary Hogeboom, Stoney Case, Tim Rosenbach, Boomer Esiason, Jim McMahon, Max Hall, Jeff Blake and Derek Anderson years…

  8. i think at this point by not picking up young or garrard the owners basically just saying ok well settle for a top 1-5 draftpick next year and improve somewhere..and since theres really no quality QBs coming out of the draft theyll still need a F.A qb like vick or something…to sum up, arizona is a mess

  9. Why do people believe VY or McNabb has anything left? McNabb was pretty good in Philly but went downhill after that and VY is an over emotional broke man’s Vick. And Vick don’t have many years left either he can only stay healthy for like a quarter of the season. Give it up.

  10. One last thing you all act like he was actually selected to go to the probowl. He was a replacement both years. Why not throw up the useless fact he was on a madden cover also.

  11. “Please give the Patriots their next ring already, so we can get to the draft/off season.”

    At this point, the Patriots are more likely to lose to the Giants in the Super Bowl for a third time than win a ring.

  12. There needs to be a clause in the NFL that after a certain amount of years of failure and incompetence, teams should be disbanded. The Cards would be right up at the top of the list.

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