Andy Reid wants to coach someone in 2013


Owner Jeffrey Lurie still has to actually drop the axe on the guy who has coached the team since 1999, but it’s been widely believed for some time that the Eagles are going to part ways with Andy Reid after this season.

Reid’s name has already come up with the potential opening in San Diego, a good indication that there’s going to be interest in Reid around the league despite the way things are ending in Philly this season. What’s been less clear is whether or not Reid would want to jump right into another job if the Eagles gave him his walking papers.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports asked Reid whether he’d want to take a break under those circumstances and the answer was a pretty resounding no.

“That’s not where I’m at. No. Listen, I’m a coach. I don’t hide that from anybody. This is what I do. And I enjoy doing it. I love every day of it. I sure like winning more than losing, but I also am very privileged to be a coach in the National Football League,” Reid said. “No, I’ve got the energy. The energy is there. Listen, you’d have to talk to people around me. I’m not gonna sit here and … you know how I am. I keep my energy level up. I enjoy what I’m doing.”

Silver spoke to some “sources familiar with the Eagles’ organizational mindset” who said they thought there was still a chance Lurie could bring Reid back for another season, but there’s definitely an air of finality around both Silver’s piece and the Eagles right now. They’ve changed quarterbacks, fired two defensive assistants and it feels like just the tip of the iceberg of changes for the team with Reid’s departure on the list of moves to come.

Assuming things play out like that and he gets his way, Reid will be interviewing for another job as soon as possible.

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  1. Fairwell Andy. I hope you will find a city where you will be more appreciated than you were in Philly. You deserve it.

  2. I seriously think that Andy Reid needs a break from football. Coaching in that city with those fans with the personal problems of his kids has surely drained him mentally.

  3. @greymares

    Way off. They either give him an extension or fire him after this season. It would be a nightmare waiting to happen to bring him back as a lame duck coach, given how the last 2 years have went

  4. How great would it be if Reid wasn’t fired?!? Eagles fans would revolt. Philly would probably riot and burn to the ground.

  5. I’m in no position to tell an accomplished coach what to do.. but I think Andy should take a year off. It’s been a sad and hectic season. Enjoy some time away from the game, visit some friends and family, and maybe (by the looks of it above) go on a diet.

  6. Andy Reid wants to get paid by someone in 2013.

    And there are just enough job openings and enough coaches below him in the pecking order that it will happen.

  7. I can honestly say I dont think everything that is going wrong in Philly is Reid’s fault directly. Although putting an offensive coach in control of the defense is a serious head scratcher! But he has obviously proven that he can coach. Losing his son is something I think he didnt handle well, he really needed to step back for a minute. As a Bronco fan, and someone who is totally neutral, I say give him 1 more year.

  8. mataug says:Dec 13, 2012 5:40 PM

    I seriously think that Andy Reid needs a break from football. Coaching in that city with those fans with the personal problems of his kids has surely drained him mentally.

    Don’t blame Philadelphia. Ask players and coaches about the fan base and they will say we are some of the most passionate fans of football. You are just an eagles hater like most folks on this site. He failed as a father with his sons and it sure isn’t Philadelphias fault. You sound like a dope.

  9. Shuffle on up!

    Take the 476 to 81 north in Scranton, then west on I-86 in Binghamton to 390 north. Head west from Rochester on the NYS Thruway.

    Travel safe.

  10. idiots, philly always appreciated him…personally, it’s vick i wanted gone and it was vick that i didn’t want on my team in the first place…he really IS a coach killa…
    Reid is a great coach and the only mistake he made was call an audible move from Kolb to Vick…Morninwheg needs to move on and the defense should get a legit Defensive coordinator…Reid used to run a 3 RB system with Duce, West and Buck and run a west coast passing system…with the young guys on the team…they can turn it around if they just make the right decisions on the coaching staff even if Reid stays…

  11. Yesterday, it was the Eagle’s management’s fault for not paying an injured player. Today, it’s just the city of Philadelphia’s fault for holding Reid back. (Reid is really Eagle’s management, same as yesterday). Best of luck, Andy, you are my fav Eagle coach.

  12. Some readers aren’t going to like this, but he should have been more of a father and less of a coach. Maybe he should have done some of that and not just been defined as a coach. His family had terrible warnings signs and perhaps his son’s terrible incident could have been avoided if being just a coach wasn’t all Andy was. A man’s first responsibility is to his family, not his job or career. Period.

  13. I have long been a defender of Reid….his run of years where the Eagles were contenders was remarkable. But in recent years there have been too many gimmicky schemes on both offense and defense.

    I still think there is a lot of talent on that team….I hope the next coach gets back to fundamentals…running the ball, managing (and controlling) the clock, protecting the QB, and tackling.

  14. I have no idea why if my team wanted a coach id want this guy, sure he seems like a nice guy but that doesnt win championships which is what all fans strive their teams to win. I believe hes been with philly 15 years now!! 0 LOMBARDIES!…why would any franchise be excited about this hiring!!!!

  15. Seriously NOT trying to be a biased Giants fan….although it is hard.

    Andy Reid has OWNED the NFC East for the past 8-10 years with a few bumps along the way. He has dominated this division for most of his tenure. Granted, the two seasons have been a complete failure due to the high expectations of the fans, players and coaches…and the media. With recent “Dream Team” and “Dynasty” comments fro current and former players, it has furthered the expectation…and then made the failure even greater.

    Andy Reid is an excellent football coach. However, his voice and system have become ineffective to the Eagles players. In addition, with continued poor draft picks, he depleted his roster – forcing the team to make trades and sign big cash Free Agents to fill a void.

    His time has come to an end in Philly…and he will get another job, a fresh start and most likel;y have success. Not sure if he can win the big one though…..that remains to be seen.

  16. Dude, go be with your family. NFL football is an entertainment product and it’s been a very costly detriment to your family for too long.

  17. Die hard Eagles fan here. And I know I’m in the minority, but God I hope Andy comes back. I listen to the constant calls on WIP n ESPN radio Philly and its enough to make any intelligent person sick. I heard 5 consecutive callers scream for him to be fired after week one, an we were 1-0. My fellow fans embarrass me. Actually got into a fight with a friend over this when I told him he doesn’t deserve a parade bc he boos the team so much. I go to games. And listen to sports talk daily. And at least half of our fanbase in Philly are obnoxious idiots who make the rest of us look bad. Here’s hoping Andy comes back with Foles for another year. Because the last time I checked, u grade a coach on wins and losses… maybe his postseason record. Or maybe his record against the hated Cowboys. But u certainly don’t judge him based on his boring post game interview or his usage of timeouts…..not with Andy’s W L record anyway…..

  18. @nygdefenserules – How can you say Andy Reid has owned the NFC East for the past 8-10 years? Every fan in Philly would gladly trade every division title in our entire history for those two Super Bowl victories the Giants have claimed in the past five years. And that’s the main reason Andy will soon be gone. He’s had 14 cracks at it, with some very talented teams along the way, with no trophies. And it’s clear we are getting worse, not better.

  19. Honestly, the biggest mistake Andy made was hiring Juan as his DC and making Vick is Starting QB… Juan was completely incompetent and he tried to make Vick into a pocket passer… something he never was, is, or ever will be… save for those two errors he might still have a job… nonetheless he’s still one hell of a coach compared to the others out there and wherever he goes he will help turn a franchise around.. gonna be really weird seeing him coach another team.

    Objective Eagles Fan

  20. I’ve been an eagles fan since 1990. I want Andy Reid back as our head coach next year. Hopefully he gets a 5 year extension. He is one of the best coaches in the world.

  21. Andy Reid is a good coach. He needs a good D Coach to strive and castillo wasn’t it. Jim Johnson was one of the best . Eagles fans want him gone, be careful what you ask for you’ll end up like the jets. I could see Josh McDaniels going there unless they’re really on a downward spiral and hire Chip Kelly.

  22. I’m sick and tired of people bashing eagles fans. Name one thing that they have done in the past 30 years to deserve said titles that 1: hasn’t happend in every stadium in America 2: doesn’t involve the Deion sanders prayer dance. As far as Andy goes, we all love Andy as a person, but when u don’t run the ball or run the same plays every week, there’s a concern there. It’s been happening for years and its tiresome. He also isn’t a very good talent evaluator. Name a draft pick (other than Mcnabb, his very 1st) that’s contributed over the long run of this team? It’s hard to name 3 picks in the past how many years that have been consistent. Unless you’ve lived it, you can’t imagine how much we get pissed that nyg was and dal have multiple rings and Philly doesn’t have any. That’s why fans get pissed, bc we want to win. We have no say in who this team brings in, but I have a feeling the fan consensus would be slightly different in terms of drafting.

  23. I live in Eagles country [but am loyal to my hometown Ravens] and can’t understand the vitriol directed at Big Red. It’s as if the fanbase doesn’t remember what a joke this team was before he got there. And don’t say “Oh yea, how about Buddy Ryan??” I lived through that era too, when I had no team to root for but the Eagles. What a bufoon. Look at the what Rex has done with the Jets, nuff said. Anyone remember Rich Kotite? Ray Rhoades? If this is Andy’s last year with Philly, he’ll be unemployed for a matter of minutes. Be carefull what you ask for…….

  24. I like Ried. Every year he ‘s had a young team who we’re contenders.. Injury bug the past few years Vick and the O line especially. Homie Roseman should have blame too if Ried gets the axe tho. Ill hate to see Ried go. Since howie took over we’ve been falling apart. I like the Namdi acquisition then.. Still quite not a Dawkins caliber which Hoie allowed his walking papers. Banner is starting to be missed. I agree jpell.. Ried should get 5 years more. If not I guess fresh start. But who will fit them shoes.. John Gruden..? Bill Cowher? I still like Ried..

  25. Andy Reid should coach college football like with Western Michigan or Wisconsin (who lost the coach Bielema to Arkansas). He has the similar coaching styles like Mike Leach at Washington State and Bo Bellini at Nebraska. Change of scenery in college football will be better for him if getting fired or resigned w/ the Eagles.

  26. Reid will finish his contract either as HC or upstairs.

    Andy should consider coaching an NCAA II or III team.

    Mike Vick’s too old to scramble anymore so the league has caught up to him, revealing his limited QB skills.

    Nick Foles will be a backup somewhere next year if Reid is fired.

    Eagles are sub .500 for the next 5 years.

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