Bucs’ Michael Bennett hula dances to campaign for Pro Bowl votes


After sacking Eagles quarterback Nick Foles on Sunday, Buccaneers defensive end Michael Bennett got up and did a hula dance. And in case that was too subtle, Bennett wants to make it perfectly clear: That was his way of hinting that people should vote to send him to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.

I was definitely being direct, trying to send a message, with that dance, because I know that, statistically at least, I’m right there with any other defensive end,” Bennett told the Tampa Tribune.

Bennett is currently tied for 12th in the NFL in sacks, with nine. But what matters from a Pro Bowl perspective is where he ranks among NFC defensive ends, and on that score he’s tied for fourth: Atlanta’s John Abraham (10), Detroit’s Cliff Avril (9.5) and St. Louis’s Robert Quinn (9.5) are the only defensive ends ahead of him, while Minnesota’s Jared Allen, Seattle’s Chris Clemons and Carolina’s Greg Hardy are tied with him.

“I’ve had a real good year, and I think I should be at the top with the rest of the guys,” Bennett said.

Unfortunately for Bennett, the fans voting for the Pro Bowl haven’t agreed with him: He’s way behind Allen, the leader among NFC defensive ends, in fan voting. So Bennett will have to hope he makes up ground when opposing players and coaches cast their Pro Bowl votes.

And opposing players and coaches probably won’t be impressed with his hula dance.

13 responses to “Bucs’ Michael Bennett hula dances to campaign for Pro Bowl votes

  1. I haven’t watched him close enough to know if he’s worth a vote, but ultimately, Allen has a much more recognizable name, and a much more recognizable face, the Bucs’ fanbase isn’t as widespread, and Tampa isn’t exactly known for the media storm it generates.

    So, fair or not, it’s an uphill climb for you, guy, even if you do deserve some consideration.

  2. I wish Carolina had Chris Clemons…

    But Charles Johnson deserves to go. The dude has been a monster this year. He may only have 8.5 sacks, but that doesn’t do justice on how often he has been getting heavy pressure.

  3. Last time I checked, Chris Clemons was on the Seahawks. Who fact checks your stories? Who ever it is, purchase them access to NFL team websites for roster checks, oh wait, nvm, those sites are free.

  4. One of the downsides to the ProBowl is that it’s a “lagging” indicator of accomplishment.

    By that I mean, a player has to be really good for a couple of years before most casual fans bother learning his name and voting for him, especially if the player is on a lower-profile team like the Buccaneers.

    However, once the fans know a player’s name, they’ll keep voting for him, even after his play drops off as he gets older.

    So I’m okay with this guy trying to be funny to get fan attention since he actually is playing at a high level, but most fans probably don’t even know his name.

  5. The Pro Bowl is a popularity contest and honestly speaking, I did not know Michael Bennett. I only knew their defensive tackles (probably because they were picked high).

  6. He certainly deserves to go. He’s even better as a run stuffer than he is a pass rusher. Besides, an undrafted waiver wire pickup playing as well as he is deserves to go.

  7. The All Madden team and Pro Bowlers should play against each other and the winner would only be recognized as the All Stars for that year that can be added to Hall of Fame credentials or something like that.

    Other than that. Nobody cares about the Pro bowl. I haven’t watched it in many years.

  8. We have sack dances, TD dances, first down dances, interception dances. I may be omitting some. Soon we’ll have centers dancing for having a good snap. Real men don’t dance.

  9. You don’t have to play well to go to the Pro Bowl. Just wait for everyone voted in ahead of you to come down with a fake injury and bow out and they’ll get to your name eventually.

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