C.J. Spiller looks to Larry Fitzgerald for how to handle frustration


After getting just seven carries in the Buffalo Bills 15-12 loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, running back C.J. Spiller admitted to having some frustration in his lack of touches.

Spiller tried to say the right things but the displeasure still came out in his comments following the game. Spiller is trying to draw inspiration from Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald in how to handle a difficult situation.

“I have definitely just been trying to be professional about it and also just eying Larry Fitzgerald,” Spiller told Seattle reporters Wednesday in a conference call leading up to the Bills game against the Seahawks in Toronto this week. “You look at that guy and he is not complaining. They do not have the best quarterbacks over there, but he is still going out there, getting his job done and being a professional about his business. “[I’m] just trying to take some tips from how he handles it.”

Fitzgerald graciously handled the aftermath of a 58-0 loss to Seattle last weekend that saw his father, a Minnesota-based media member, be highly critical of his team’s performance. Fitzgerald is also on pace to have his worst season as a professional through little fault of his own. He was targeted 11 times in Seattle by Arizona quarterbacks. Three of those passes were intercepted and Fitzgerald managed just one catch for two yards in the fourth quarter. He has every right to complain about his quarterbacks, the coaching staff or team management and yet Fitzgerald never is openly critical of his team.

Spiller wants to follow that example and be the best teammate he can be.

“I cannot get selfish and get caught up in how many times I touch it,” Spiller said. “That is for the outside world to continue to debate. I have all the faith in the world in what Coach Gailey is trying to do with me in our offense.”

17 responses to “C.J. Spiller looks to Larry Fitzgerald for how to handle frustration

  1. what a great man to have on our team. gailey needs to go! hes the only person in the world who doesnt think spiller should get the ball 20-25 times a game.

  2. A quickly rising star and a true professional here for the bills. The bills better figure out that they need to get him a lot more touches and fast before he decides to leave for a team that will fully utilize him. Like those three running back needy teams in the division for example…

  3. This is a refreshing change of pace… Instead of hearing about whining and complaining all the time it’s nice to see some of theses guys are still professional and have respect

  4. It really is sad that Fitzgerald is wasting away in Arizona. Yeah, he’s getting paid millions, but it’s not just Larry being robbed of good stats and wins – we, the fans, are missing out on seeing a legitimately great receiver play in his prime, during an age in which passing is easier than ever. I would love to see what Larry could do with someone like Peyton Manning throwing to him (but please don’t let this happen in real life).

  5. “Spiller wants to follow that example and be the best teammate he can be.”

    Yeah, by complaining about his teammates? I’m sorry, but how is it being a good teammate when you compare yourself to another “star” who also has a bad surrounding team? Isn’t Spiller essentially saying, “Larry has a good attitude even though his team sucks. I am going to keep working and do what he is doing.” It doesn’t seem like Spiller is being a good teammate IMHO.

  6. At some point, Larry has to speak up though. If he doesn’t, he will waste away in the doldrums of what has become the new ‘old’ Cardinals. He needs to demand a trade to contender as soon as the season is over.

  7. As for CJ, he needs to take some solace in the fact that this will be Chan’s last season as a head coach on ANY level. Believe me, CJ can be a force in this league but he is stuck in an organization that has no idea about how to be competitive in the NFL right now.

  8. smh…this has ‘trade demand’ next year written all over it. Unfortunately, CJ, your GMs ego is so big he’s already insisted that is offensive genius head-coach with a 15-30 record is coming back next year.

    I hope you get to work in an offense that actually knows how to utilize your undervalue talents…unfortunately as a Bills fan, I know that’s going to be somewhere else probably.

  9. I mean if I was Spiller I’d be mad to. I’m not a Bills fan but I watch them because I’m a Jet fan and if I saw a Jet RB averaging 7 yards a carry and he wasn’t getting much touches I’d be pissed off. He has great speed so he can get to the edge fast and he has decent strength. Can you imagine if he left buffalo once his contract is up and he plays with Fitz. If they have a good Qb by then they would be deadly.

  10. As a Bills fan, I admire his professionalism. However, when you have a player performing like a superstar, and his coach lets him touch the ball as often as the opposing team’s punter (yes, really!), then it might be time to go ahead and throw the coach under the bus. You can only be diplomatic about repeated stupidity for so long.

  11. Larry’s advice on handling frustration would be to slap the snot out of a pregnant girlfriend!!

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