Eagles will pay Mike Patterson


Well, that was quick.

The Eagles have decided to not to reduce the salary of defensive tackle Mike Patterson after his placement on the non-football illness list.

Patterson, who began the season on the non-football illness list after surgery to repair a tangle of blood vessels in his brain, had a provision in his contract that automatically reduces his pay for any week that he is on the NFI list.  But the provision was implemented to protect the team in the event that Patterson couldn’t play due to the brain condition.

Since returning to the field, Patterson contracted viral pneumonia, which unlike the brain condition arguably was connected to practicing and playing in the elements.

“After a day of reflection, the Eagles and [G.M.] Howie Roseman decided to treat Mike like the high-character player that he is,” agent Peter Schaffer tells PFT.  “They’re doing it because they believe that players who have done what Mike has done for the franchise should be rewarded.  They always had Mike’s best interests at heart.  So they renegotiated his contract to remove the provision that automatically dropped his pay.”

Schaffer emphasized that the outcome reflects not animosity between himself, the Eagles, and Patterson, but the existence of a strong working relationship that allowed the parties to find a solution when it otherwise appeared that the team’s hands were tied.  The Eagles promptly sought and obtained league approval to revise the contract, allowing the Eagles to pay Patterson the extra $150,000 that otherwise would have been removed from his 2012 compensation over the final three weeks of the season.

It was the right thing to do, and it was wise for the parties to find a way to work it out.  It’s also a positive sign that the Eagles have the kind of flexibility under Roseman that would keep them from clinging to an unreasonable position simply because the franchise doesn’t want to admit that perhaps there’s a better path.

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  1. It’s also a sign that they value him and plan to keep him around next year. (well, howie anyway…everyone else will be gone). As they should, he’s a good teammate and solid player and played very well the few games he was able to play this year.

  2. “It was the right thing to do, and it was wise for the parties to find a way to work it out.” I think this action shows that Reason is alive and well in the Eagles organization. It’s never to late to find redemption by being magnanimous. (and please someone tell that to Goodell)

  3. As an Eagles fan, I’m happy that Howie decided to change his mind and make the right decision. I know they are pretty stubborn and don’t like to admit they made a mistake. Glad they could work it out.

  4. It was the public opinion, from this site and others that changed their minds.

    Back in the day, well…no chance he sees that money.

  5. bernieboy79 says:Dec 13, 2012 4:26 PM

    A shame that Roseman/Eagles didn’t realize this on their own. The damage is done.

    Still an Eagles fan…still disgusted.

    If that bothers you I have a hard time believing you are an Eagles fan. Damage is not done. Don’t be a complete bonehead. It’s called business.

  6. The Eagles are the only team who have built a new stadium in the last decade and were not awarded a Super Bowl. Too bad……You could use the Blank Panthers as security guards for the big game. Instead of sentencing criminals to jail……They should just make them live in Philly for a year!

  7. @bobonmycob

    I know its business, but when the longest tenured vet on a team gets treated like this, it disgusts me. This this the same guy that suffered a seizure on the practice field due to a potentially fatal brain condition. He delayed surgery in 2011 and literally put his life at risk for this team…and they want to screw him out of a $150k by taking advantage of a technicality on what defines a non-football injury? Sure it’s business…but it’s bad business and it makes the front office look horrible. You dont think this damages theit image with fans and players?

  8. @bernieb79

    Every team does things like this. They just rarely get put in the spotlight. It’s a cold hearted thing to do but business is cold hearted. For me I think they were in business mode and after thinking about it for a night realized that it maybe good for business it’s not good for player morality. They back peddled in the right direction. I don’t think this will impact us long term.

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