Goodell, Payton talking about reinstatement before Super Bowl


Sean Payton wasn’t able to get his suspension overturned by former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, but he is talking to Roger Goodell about getting reinstated a bit earlier than originally planned.

Goodell confirmed that he and Payton have “briefly” spoken about reinstatement and that they will have more conversations about it after the holidays. Goodell was asked whether Payton could be reinstated before the Super Bowl, which is currently the point when he’s eligible to be reinstated.

“I don’t want to say he could be because, again, we are in the early stages,” Goodell said, via Ed Werder of ESPN. “We are starting to talk about it.”

Whenever he is reinstated, Payton still needs to work out a new contract with New Orleans if he’s going to return to the Saints. If that’s not going to happen, it’s obviously in his best interests to be eligible to get to work as soon as possible since he’s not likely to have any shortage of suitors looking to interview him about his coaching services. Whichever route Payton winds up going, the earlier he’s reinstated the better for his preparations for 2013.

21 responses to “Goodell, Payton talking about reinstatement before Super Bowl

  1. As a member of the Who Dat Nation, I’ll take Payton not coming back to NOLA as a big kick in the you know what!!

  2. What is up with the NFL and these ridiculously long drawn out processes. Everything Goodell does takes a month long. Seriously have Payton fly to the NFL offices and sit down with him for an hr and you can quickly decide when his suspension should end.

  3. he’ll be reinstated you can count on it. It will be spun in a way to make Goodell look like a good guy – and in the process hopefully deflect the hate away from him during Super Bowl week in the Big Easy.

    Last thing the NFL wants is for fans to kick off against the commissioner when all the world’s media is in town.

  4. The commish is clearly trying to grease the skids for what will be a very rough week in NOLA prior to the Super Bowl. I can imagine the reception of Saints fans won’t be too cordial. If Goddell lifts the suspension of Payton the week prior to the SB, he might find himself able to eat at many of New Orleans fine restaurants without having to worry about arsenic being poured over his jambalaya.

  5. Well, Roger, are you going to reinstate him or not? What’s to discuss? “After the Holidays”? Saints playoff dreams are over, so why dangle freedom over his head. What do you want from him?

    Goodell seems to love lording his power over others.

  6. It’s funny how so many have criticized Coach Payton for not knowing everything his staff was doing but now want him to not sign a new contract with the Saints so he can become the coach of their favorite team, not happening.

  7. Pride won’t allow them to admit it, but deep inside every Saints fan knows he wants the Dallas gig. The man doesn’t even want to live in Louisiana.

  8. Im happy with what Rodger Godell is doing! He is cleaning up the game. The suspensions and fines need to get bigger if the bounty program is in the culture of football. I dont pay money to see replacement players i pay money to see stars play the game. Tickets are expensive and if a star player is going to be out and if it is my favorite player i dont want to go and i will just watch sports on tv. Throughout this bounty case i have come to dislike and maybe even hate saints fans because of their ignorance. Peyton vitt williams vilma and brees beong in the same catagory as saints fans… You group of losers need to be banned from the league and move the saints to la la land where they can continue living with their heads in the clouds.

  9. Who wants payton as a coach? If he is a great leader why wasnt he up their fighting for his team during the toughest times? Did he know the bounty program took place for multiple years and he didnt want to fight it out with his team or if it didnt take place why was he hiding like a coward and not saying anything. Im guessing he just wanted the bounty program to end. Hes such a great leader i mean coward in the eyes of saints fans because in their eyes the bounties didnt happen…

  10. GodDell needs to man up ! Either they all did it or not, if so they pay the penalty if not then lift the penalty but all this recision is making me ill. Sounds like GodDell is worried about legal ramifications based on his sanctions. What a WOOSY !!!

  11. I already called the suspensions would be thrown out and the coaches/organization would be blamed. This was the only way out for the NFL. Could the reinstatement of Sean Payton “Good Behavior” early release be some kind of leverage to get the Vilma defamation suit dismissed? Things that make ya go hmmmmmmm……

  12. Goodell likes to play games and as long as he has full control of any situation especially in this situation..Payton will continue to wait until Godell decides when it’s the right time for him to come back tho the saints season is over and damage done…It’s Roger’s world

  13. kane337
    First of all Payton isn’t coming to Dallas because Jerry Jones wouldn’t give up what Payton has in New Orleans, that’s control. The second issue is with you abninf. I now live in Texas and in one of the better areas of the state. The only reason I didn’t return to New Orleans after the storm was the fact that we were able to purchase a home in Texas. But, don’t ever think the Texas is God’s gift to the United States. And, I promise if by some unimaginable freak of nature process Payton was hired the coach the Cowboys you still wouldn’t win a superbowl because sooner or later JJ would get invovled

  14. If Payton goes to Dallas without compensation, Saints sue the NFL for $100 million. They have a strong argument that canceling Payton’s contract was far outside of precedent when many other player and coach deals are contingent on who remains coach, GM, owner, etc, that Payton’s suspension was based on flimsy evidence and denied the Saints a fair opportunity to renegotiate, and that if suspended, Paytons contract should haved tolled into the following year. Maybe a $100 million settlement is what it will take for the owners to finally dump Goodell and get a commish who can behave in the way that the office requires.

  15. I think Sean Payton still owe the a year because he didn’t work in 2012, but we will see in 2013. How all of this going to work out its not going to be easy and it not going to be fair. To be honest I don’t think the New Orleans Saints get the support from NFL nor the media, nor the other football organizations. It doesn’t matter what state the team is from it’s still part of the National Football League.

  16. So Peyton oversees rulebreaking, gets suspended for an entire year, and gets a new contract and pay raise for it.
    “Thanks for the precedent Goodell.”-NFL coaches

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