Jags-Fins will be televised in Miami

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The Dolphins are in the midst of yet another sluggish season.  And with the even-more-sluggish Jags coming to town, it’s hardly a tempting ticket.

And yet the game will be televised locally.

The Dolphins announced on Thursday that they have “complied with the NFL requirements to allow Sunday’s game to be broadcast locally.”  Though there’s no elaboration, it undoubtedly means that the team and/or its sponsors decided to write a check for all unsold tickets, at 34 cents on the dollar.

Every team handles the issue of unsold tickets different.  Some teams, like the Bucs, refuse to buy the unsold tickets.  Others, like the Dolphins, routinely do.

Others, like the Bills, periodically rely on a local citizen to write the check.

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  1. I like the jags only for the underdog element but I am not watching them this year. I don’t have the intellect of Mularky but I’m certain I could put up more than a field goal every week.

  2. the phins took the option for the lower 85% of seats to avoid a blackout….. so they need 51k seats… they sold about 43k season tickets at the beginning…

    so in a metro area of 6 million… the phins are unable to sell 8,000 tickets…

    one day we’ll be out of mudville… but its not today….

  3. You routinely bash Tampa fans for not supporting the Bucs at the games, but not Dolphin fans even though the much larger city of Miami constantly has the same problem.

  4. Fins fans are an absolute joke they spend more time telling lebaratard how much the Jets and their fans suck than paying attention to their own team that stadium is always empty it doesn’t matter who they play hell every south Florida team should move none are supported the Heat can’t even get a real sellout.

  5. The Jaguars fans get alot of grief from the national media about ticket sales. But they draw better than the other two teams in Florida. These are where they rank for the 2012 season.

    21. Jacksonville – 64,23129
    29. Miami – 58,48430
    31 Tampa Bay – 55,612

    And the Jaguars are 2-11.

  6. There would be way more people going to these games if the front office fielded teams the weren’t overwhelmingly flawed and won on a consistent basis. There are better things to do in so fla than watch your team loose. I used to ho to every game until the 1 win season…After that luckily I moved to a different city that was to far away to justify attending. I still watch every game in hopes that eventually I can justify going…Almost bought tickets after the smack down of the jets thooo

  7. I’ve been a Dolphin fan for 17 years, I’m 31, and in those 17 years I have attended about 25 games, all of which came in the last 10-12 years. Out of those 25 games I have watched the dolphins win 3 times in that stadium. 3 times out of 25 or even 30 games… Needless to say I have not attended a game since the year after Pennington took us to the playoffs, which was complete fools gold. I would consider myself a fair weather fan though, I have 3 young boys and paying $500 to go to a game with my family is like 75% of what I make in an entire week. It’s just not going to happen so yes I am fair weather, my 60 inch LED does just fine. Hell the Dolphins are now so terribly boring to watch, I mean its BRUTAL watching these guys try to score a TD, that I just watch RedZone and while watching RedZone the singular time the Dolphins get in the RedZone they show me. I am sorry Dolphin nation but these are facts, I will always love the dolphins but until they give me something to root for they will never see another dime from me and that stadium deserves to be empty, 17 years and I’ve seen one playoff victory that I can remember, maybe two? When I was 14 did they win a playoff game? But I can only remember one off the top of my head, its PATHETIC!!!! We are the Clippers or Nets of the NBA, the Lions or Cardinals of the 90’s or the Kansas City Royals of MLB, that is what we have become =/ rant off.

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