Jason Garrett: We’re going to give Dez every chance to play


Earlier on Thursday, there were reports that Dez Bryant planned to delay surgery and keep playing for the Cowboys in the final three games of the season.

Coach Jason Garrett confirmed them when he met with the media in Dallas later in the day. There’s been no decision about whether or not Bryant will play against the Steelers and there won’t be one until the team sees how he handles catching passes. Thanks to swelling in his finger, Bryant won’t be trying to catch any on Thursday and he might not give it a whirl until Sunday morning.

“We are going to give him every chance to play,” Garrett said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “If that is wait ’til Saturday (to catch passes), then we will wait ’til Saturday. If it’s wait ’til Sunday, it’s wait ’til Sunday. We will give him every chance to do it.”

The Cowboys medical staff will work on a protective splint or device to protect Bryant’s finger from further damage if he does play, something that seems more likely with every new report from Dallas.

12 responses to “Jason Garrett: We’re going to give Dez every chance to play

  1. This is dumb and crosses the line. The team needs to make him sit. What is the point of have a Dr. give their opinion if the player will simply overrule them. I could understand if this was the playoffs or the SB, but it’s not. Curt Schilling got blasted when he said he wouldn’t pitch on 2 or 3 days rest when he won the WS with the Diamondbacks and was blasted for it. Players NEED to realize choices now have effects later on in life.

  2. It’s a broken finger people. His quality of life isn’t going to be effected by this it’s just a finger. Maybe he may not be able to pick his nose when he retires but that’s about it. You people crying about him playing are drama queens and need to get over it.

  3. Doctor # 1 ” you need surgery and shouldn’t play”
    Doctor #2 you need surgery and shouldn’t play”

    Jerrah “it’s up to you son, I trust your judgment”

    Wow Merica’a Team!!!

  4. As a Cowboys fan I’m torn. On one hand I admire his will and we have missed someone stepping up to show leadership like this all season (it’s not coming from Garrett). We’re a much better team with him on the field and he will help keep defenses honest. Even if he doesn’t catch a pass, his presence will help the run game and other receivers. On the other hand, if we lose and are out of the playoffs, he needs to go ahead and sit and have the surgery immediately so he doesn’t do more damage.

  5. Ronnie Lott lost part of his finger and kept on playing. This is really silly. Put a splint on it and go play football. It’s not like he is risking his life….

  6. It isn’t like he is risking his life. Just the functionality of his finger. As a wide receiver.

    They don’t need their hands strong or in good shape, right?

    Good career move.

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