Jets think Braylon Edwards can play Monday


On Wednesday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that the team let wide receiver Braylon Edwards go because they weren’t sure he would be able to play again this season as a result of a hamstring injury.

“We thought he had a three-week injury or so,” Carroll said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star Ledger. “It would be a while for him to get back and we weren’t sure if he would make it back.”

The Jets obviously hoped for a different outcome when they claimed him off of waivers on Tuesday for a return engagement with the team. According to coach Rex Ryan, Edwards is healthy enough to practice and the team thinks he’ll be able to play against the Titans on Monday night.

“He passed the physical, he’s cleared to practice. I’m optimistic he’ll be able to play on Monday but I’ll learn on our trainers and doctors,” Ryan said.

Edwards may not be 100 percent, but the Jets really need a wide receiver. Stephen Hill didn’t practice Thursday with the knee injury he suffered last week and Clyde Gates has been out with a concussion, leaving an already thin unit in an emaciated state. Tight end Dustin Keller’s also up in the air, leaving the Jets to hope for the best with Edwards’ hamstring while trying to hold onto their improbable place on the outskirts of the playoff race.

8 responses to “Jets think Braylon Edwards can play Monday

  1. God knows he won’t catch anything because he cannot catch and they do not have anyone to throw to him anyway. So yeah he can start Monday and just run whatever route he wants to on any given play.

  2. I’m sick of hearing this ish mark Sanchez is a good QB he has NO help around him at all I mean come on bro Edwards will be a big upgrade to what they have. Shonn Greene is a scrub need a RB need wideouts need pass rushers so it’s not all on Sanchez if they let him walk it will be a big mistake mark my words

  3. @rj2323 – totally agree with you. First, everyone thinks that just because there’s has been a recent string of successful rookie QBs that this is the norm rather than the exception. However, the truth is that for every RGIII, there are 20 Eli Mannings that sucked for 4-5 years until they finally matured or fizzled out of the league.

    Second, Sanchez proved early on that if you give him some weapons, he can be more than a “game manager”. Crap QBs don’t get teams to 2 AFCCGs.

    Third, Jets should have stuck with the same OC. Changing coordinators has set Sanchez back like how it set back Alex Smith. Continuity and experience is what seasons a QB.

    Jets have a horrible front office so I expect them to flub this up and set the franchise back another 15 years. However, if they were smart, they’d stick with Sanchez, sign a bunch of WRs, junk that hokey wildcat crap, and let the guy continue learning.

    They should look across the stadium for a lesson in patience. If we went their route, we’d have 2 less rings.

  4. More like the Jets have nobody else to throw out there so Braylon on one leg is better than nothing.

  5. “God knows he won’t catch anything because he cannot catch and they do not have anyone to throw to him anyway.”

    He probably will catch things because he has caught things. From Mark Sanchez, as a matter of fact. During important games which also actually happened.

    You’re not right, is my point.

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