League office says Goodell, Payton haven’t talked

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On Wednesday night, ESPN’s Ed Werder reported that Commissioner Roger Goodell said he has been talking to suspended Saints coach Sean Payton about a possible reinstatement before the Super Bowl.  The league now says that no such communications have occurred.

“I don’t want to say he could be because, again, we are in the early stages,” Goodell told Werder as Goodell was leaving Dallas on Wednesday.  “We are starting to talk about it.”

According to NFL.com, “we” didn’t mean Payton and Goodell.  Instead, “we” meant internal discussions at the league office.

Werder advises PFT that he accepts the explanation, and that he has revised his report accordingly.

So the official word is that Goodell hasn’t talked to Payton about a possible pre-Super Bowl reinstatement.  But the league office has had internal discussions about that possibility.

Either way, the possibility is now on the table.

10 responses to “League office says Goodell, Payton haven’t talked

  1. To the people who keep clicking on these stories only to comment that they’re “tired of hearing about this” I agree with you.

    If you were wrongly accused and fined for a crime I’d be tired of hearing about your problems too because I don’t care about you.

    Now if that happened to me, I’d care.

  2. Alright, this is what I think happened. I think that there originally was a deal in place with the RG and the Saints. I think what was suppose to happen was that the Saints would accept the punishment but at some point RG was going to revisit the suspensions and vacate them. Shaw Payton probably would have missed four games the players would have had reduced suspension as well. The problem was that they player fought thier suspensions. This resulted in the issue being played out in the public. So, RG couldn’t vacate at that point. I think Tom Benson being one of the owners willingly fell on his sword to help the league. But, when the players revolted all bets were off and we have the mess we have now. I know a lot of people are going to think that I’m insane but I can’t believe anyone on either side of this could have foresaw what has transpired. Now, the league and the Saints are negotating to try to get passed this and move on.

  3. “League office says Goodell, Payton haven’t talked” Translation: yes, they have. More lies from Goodell.

  4. Everything that comes from this man’s office is spinning like a top. When you can’t trust them to tell the truth when there is seemingly no downside, what makes you think you can trust them when there an actual risk?

  5. whats the point the damage is done and the season is shot… I guess hes worried that he actually has to go to new orleans so he reinstates the coach so the city goes easy on him…

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