Lovie Smith says the Bears are in “great shape”


There have been a couple of reports out of Chicago this week that Bears coach Lovie Smith is on the hot seat because the team has lost four of their last five games.

Smith isn’t sweating anything, though. He said Wednesday that he thinks the team is in “great shape” at 8-5 and that they won’t be making any big changes at this point in the season as a result of the recent run of bad results.

“A lot of teams would like to be in the position we’re in right now, believe me … in the playoffs right now, and all you have to do is win three football games. Most guys would take that,” Smith said, via the Chicago Tribune. “So again, don’t feel sorry for the Chicago Bears. We’re in great shape. No, we’re not going to get rid of any coaches and we’re going to try to keep as many of our players as we possibly can and we’re going to win some football games.”

The Bears play the Packers this Sunday and need to win to have a shot at winning the division this year. Even if they lose, though, they close with the Cardinals and Lions and two wins would leave them with a 10-6 record that should be good enough to get them into the playoffs. It’s not the way you’d like to close after a 7-1 start, but it also isn’t a moment to drastically change what has worked out pretty well in general for the Bears this season.

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  1. “It’s not the way you’d like to close after a 7-1 start, but it also isn’t a moment to drastically change what has worked out pretty well in general for the Bears this season.”

    Excuse me?

    You’re missing the point.

    At 7-1, people who are the top-most quoted prognosticators were suggesting Chicago is Super Bowl material.

    Now that’s laughable.

    How’s that working out for you that “we are in great shape,” Lovie?

    More like, back up the truck: Where’s the end of the unemployment line start in Chicago?

    It’s a dreary team to watch.

  2. Why do Lovie’s comments always remind me of the Monty Python movie quote after the guy got his arm chopped off and blood’spurting everywhere, saying “it’s only a flesh wound”?

  3. Chicago fans and media can’t handle rough patches, which is very weird considering the 25+ year SB drought for the Bears and the fact that the Cubs play in the same city.

    But it doesn’t matter if the Bears were 13-0, if they lost the last three games (because they sat starters) fans and the media would be freaking out and talking about how horrible the team is run and how the sky is falling because the Bears are unlike every other team in sports in that they should never ever lose. Ever.

    As I said in another thread, the worst part about being a Bears fan is dealing with other Bears fans.

  4. Lovie doesn’t get it…A win at MN last week, and the Bears are three up on the Vikes and own the tiebreakers…But now, if the Bears lose Sunday (highly likely) and the Vikes hold off the Rams (certainly possible), guess whose delusional a$$ will find itself in 3rd. place in the North?

  5. Sure, being 8-5 is in ‘great shape’…If you started out 1-4 and THEN went 7-1, and if you weren’t about to be 8-6 after Sunday. Once again, Lovie is arrogant and clueless, maybe if he knew how to win against consistently good teams the Bears would have more than three playoff appearances (and a SB loss) to show for his tenure in Chicago.

  6. Giving them the Lions game is a bit of a reach after the Vikings just beat them. The Bears will miss the playoffs again. Largely because they insist on playing people who are old and incapable of playing a full 16 game season. Every year the wheels come off around week 11. Lovie needs to go.

  7. @lrt79

    There’s a huge difference between meatball fans complaining why starters are being rested and the average even-keeled fan voicing displeasure in their team being 2-5 against winning teams (soon to be 2-6, let’s be honest). While I agree that many Chicago fans do freak at the drop of a hat, the problem in the Bears organization is anything but. Years of botched draft picks (especially in the first round), poor money management (see Earl Bennett’s contract), horrible decision making concerning player talent (Hester at receiver) and the refusal of a decent OC to work under Lovie Smith have caught up with the team.

    So yeah, having to be lumped in with “da superfans” can be annoying! But don’t forget being lumped in with the cynical fans that overreact the other way and speak against legitimate fan frustrations. I’m not saying Lovie has to go by any means, but I think a solid case can be made that his time has come and gone.

  8. The Bears are built around getting turnovers on defense. Protecting the football is how you beat the Bears. Without turnovers they can’t score.

    I saw a stat the other day that something like 70% of Chicago’s points were off turnovers.

  9. Lovie further went on to say:
    “If you look at the big picture here, and see what this organization has done over the past 92 years, we’re in excellent shape right now. Most teams would love to have 9 championships. We’re in great position to add a few more over the course of the next century. No need to hit the panic button now.”

  10. Lose Sunday and its downhill and changes coming in 3 weeks. Period…it has to happen if its a business. Your paid on performance and mediocracy isnt tolerated in the NFL.

  11. All the sites are going ballistic for Smith’s head and as always Smith comes out with the usual “Smith speak” and as always the fans are left just numb. The Pack always out coach Smith and this time will probably no different. I hope Cutler gets the chance to spread the ball around like the first Viking game.

  12. I’ll be watching Lovie this Sunday to see how he reacts when his team, that is supposed to be in “great shape,” is getting thumped by the cheese-heads of GB…just calm as ever with no sense of outward urgency. I could be optimistic and believe the Bears will be coming out smelling like roses, but I have a strong feeling that they’ll be coming out smelling like, well, you fill in the blank. If I’m wrong, and I sure hope that I am, bring on the remarks, I can take it.

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