Patrick Peterson: I’ll show I’m the best in the NFL against Megatron


Although Lions-Cardinals is nowhere near the NFL’s best game on Sunday, that game will feature one of the NFL’s best individual matchups when Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is covered by Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson.

In fact, to hear Peterson tell it, the only better individual matchup in all the NFL than Peterson vs. Megatron is the one that happens in Cardinals practice, when Peterson covers teammate Larry Fitzgerald.

I think I am the best cornerback in the league right now,” Peterson told reporters in a conference call this week. “You know, me and Calvin, we’re the same caliber players.”

But Peterson doesn’t consider Johnson the best receiver in the league right now.

He’s second in my book behind Larry,” Peterson said.

The Cardinals will surely not leave Peterson one-on-one with Johnson all day on Sunday, but that’s what Peterson says he wants.

“I would like to go one-on-one as much as I can,” Peterson said.

Peterson is one of the NFL’s best young players, but when it comes to going one-on-one against Megatron, he may want to be careful what he wishes for.

25 responses to “Patrick Peterson: I’ll show I’m the best in the NFL against Megatron

  1. Peterson has a lot of chutzpah after last weekend, where he had 2 punt fumbles accounting for 14 of the 58 points the Cardinals gave up. Each time, when they immediately went to Peterson on the sideline, he was laughing. Peterson also made a business decision a couple of times on long runs by Lynch, either letting up or not bothering to try and disengage from his block. Yeah, they didn’t pass his way but Seattle only had 22 pass attempts in the game and pulled a lot of starters. It just isn’t the week for PP to be sticking his chest out.

  2. that’s quite a challenge, young buck. there are HOF caliber players that can’t do what PP is flapping about. he’s good, but calvin is a freak that is such a mis-match that i don’t think there is a single corner that can shut him down, unless we’re gauging 6 catches for 90 yards as a shut down.

  3. IF Peterson was the best DB in the league (he’s not), and IF this was the NFL of years past, before the rule changes benefitting offense, Peterson may have a case. Now, the only question is whether or not Peterson’s coaches share his ignorance; I’m leaning toward…No. LOTS of safety help over the top.

  4. Come on man! Your not even better then Champ in his mid thirties. Revis is the undisputed top dog at corner. Keep working because your good and your not great yet.

  5. Patrick Petersen, Charles Tillman and Darrelle Revis? Don’t make me laugh. Richard Sherman is the best corner in the league, and it’s not even close.

  6. its good that he has confidence but its sorta like cam newton ,, he does a superman celebration for his tds , why dosent he save his dance for wins he would do it alot less … pp is a great corner and has one up on most cornersbecause hes a beast on returns but… your team lost 59-0 last week , you were on coverage most of the day ummm thats not a good look for the best corner in the leauge …

  7. chicago shut him down pretty nicely (3 rec 34 yds) and then seattle did the same the following week (3 rec 46 yds). you need a physical corner who can run and play the ball in the air AND safety help. if arizona commits to that, they can keep his numbers down as well because they have the tools.

  8. Oh please. Peterson is good, but he gets regularly abused by Michael Crabtree, who probably isn’t on anyone’s list of top receivers.

  9. Champ Bailey might have something to say about this… I don’t care how old he is now, he is still the best out there when Revis isn’t playing.

  10. I watched Tannehill and Hartline light this guy up for about 150 yards or Hartlines 225+ yard game. While I was watching I one word came to my mind……..overrated. Not trying to be negative but it is what it is.

  11. bkostela hit it right. As a Lions fan and obviously a big fan of Megatron, you need a physical corner who can actually provides some resistance at the line to Calvin (most can’t) AND you need safety help over the top. Seattle and Chicago limited him somewhat by doing this.

    Of course, in those two games it must be noted there were times Stafford missed him, so you some missed opportunities for CJ to fall your way too. So even if you’ve got the right corner who can disrupt / jam at the line while not getting knocked over, and also take away the short routes, you still need to dedicate a safety over the top with no other responsibility but deep help. Fools talk about how (insert name here) shut down CJ…it doesn’t happen, it takes a lot more than one player. Including Revis, he had deep help all game. That’s the formula, and hope for the best.

  12. Megatron owns Peterson before Peterson knew he was owned. How ? Proof ? The first 4 words Peterson uttered, “I think I am.” Show’s over folks. Megatron living in Patrick’s head rent free.

  13. The only way you’re shutting down Megatron is either double/triple coverage, or if you leave a different WR uncovered so blatantly on every pass play that Stafford HAS to throw it to him instead.

    The way Megatron is playing this year, I would choose option B. The other Lions’ WRs can’t catch, anyway, since Broyles got hurt.

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