Rex Ryan on Braylon’s “idiot” comment: I’ve been called a lot worse

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A week after calling the people who run the Jets “idiots,” Braylon Edwards was claimed by the Jets when the Seahawks waived him. You might think calling your future bosses idiots isn’t the way to get yourself a new job, but Jets coach Rex Ryan says there are no hard feelings.

“There’s a lot of comments that get fired at me, so I’m OK with them,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “He knows what I’ve always thought about Braylon. I’ve always been a big fan of Braylon’s because I like the way he plays. So I think that comment . . . There’s things privately where I’ve been called a lot worse from players.”

The Jets are expecting Edwards to play in Monday night’s game against the Titans, and Ryan said Edwards has been delighted to be back with many of the same teammates he had in his previous stint with the Jets.

“He’s extremely happy to be here,” Ryan said. “He’s hugging guys. He’s going crazy. I was happy to see him despite the obvious comment.”

With Edwards’ help, the Jets could still finish 9-7 and possibly contend for the final wild-card berth in the AFC. But if Edwards is anything other than a model citizen during these final three weeks of the season, the Jets will look like idiots for signing him.

32 responses to “Rex Ryan on Braylon’s “idiot” comment: I’ve been called a lot worse

  1. Jeez, you’d think Braylon was some savior to carry the Jets to the Super Bowl. He was virtually invisible in Seattle and their receiver group isn’t exactly amongst the NFL elite. If he does get a lot of playing time it shows you the sad group Sanchez has to work with.. though watching Sanchez play, that’s no excuse for most of his play.

  2. Well I’m usually commenting negatively about Rex Ryan, but this time it’s a positive criticism. Many NFL decision makers fail because they take things too personally and put their egos ahead of good football decisions. Here’s a guy that’s willing to do what he thinks gives his team a better chance to win games regardless of the politics.

    +1 to Ryan this week

  3. Whoever is under center for the Jets monday night should hang Braylon out to dry across the middle


    A Philadelphia Eagles fan

  4. This year, Rex actually has not been that annoying. His players have been the ones that seem to all have trouble thinking before speaking. I commend Rex for trying to improve his health and not guaranteeing super bowl victories. He also never slams players or coaches in the media even though he probably has wanted to. If Revis were healthy, this team could be a couple wins better…

  5. If bringing a disruptive player into the fold (regardless of his physical talent), and sending the message to the rest of the team that it is OK to disrespect the coaches by insulting them publicly, it is arguable that the “idiot” comment was more truth than insult. I have to give Ryan another -1 this week for gross lack of integrity. How can he possibly have an ounce of respect left from the players; and how can he build any kind of a program without some respect. Sorry, but no “+” for the big guy this week, at least not from me.

  6. So, why would a guy sign with a team that he JUST called a “bunch of idiots”?

    Oh yeah, they were the only team stupid enough to offer him a contract.

    Funny how that can change a guy’s opinion, huh?

  7. “He’s extremely happy to be here,” Ryan said. “He’s hugging guys. He’s going crazy. I was happy to see him despite the obvious comment.”

    did Rex just say it was obvious he was an idiot?

  8. dtr3e says: Dec 13, 2012 4:34 PM

    Lol at the people bashing Rex for answering a question. Can’t wait! to see them go deep into the play-offs.

    oh? I think you “can” and you “will” wait…..and wait……and wait

  9. Braylon probably wanted to stay with the Jets vs. moving on

    ….and Rex probably feels like an idiot for going with the guys he got instead.

    ….and Rex needs a wideout who can deal with Mark Sanchez’s inconsistent ball location.

    I give Rex kudos for trying to win with the best available players, just like the rest of us who try to pick up a player off waivers in our own fantasy league.

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