Roddy White misses second straight practice


When Falcons wide receiver Roddy White missed practice on Wednesday with a knee injury, coach Mike Smith indicated that it was minor and that White was expected back at practice on Thursday and expected to play on Sunday.

Thursday’s practice has come and gone and White wasn’t on the field for it. That’s changed the outlook for Smith and the Falcons as the coach is now terming White a game-time decision for the home game against the Giants. Smith’s still sounding a hopeful note about White’s status, however.

“We’re going to be very cautious with Roddy in terms of getting ready for the ball game,” Smith said, via the team’s website. “He will not probably do a whole lot tomorrow or Saturday, and then we’ll get him out there on Sunday and see where he’s at. But it’s hard to keep Roddy White out of a football game.”

It will be harder to win a football game this week if White isn’t on the field. The Giants defense has been vulnerable to big passing plays this season and the Falcons are well-suited to exploit that when they have a healthy White and Julio Jones in the lineup.

Safety William Moore also missed practice Thursday. He was inactive for last week’s loss to the Panthers because of a hamstring injury.

11 responses to “Roddy White misses second straight practice

  1. Roddy White hasn’t missed a game his entire career, despite always being on the injury list. This is nothing.

  2. “The Falcons are well-suited to exploit [the Giants Defense] when they have a healthy White and Julio Jones.”

    Really? Is that why they combined for exactly 0 points against this defense in the playoffs?

    Hakeem Nicks laughs and does a dirty bird dance at your ‘expert analysis’.

  3. How are they well-suited? Jacquian Williams already shut down Jimmy Graham last week, who’s twice the athlete that Gonzalez is at this point. Matt Ryan doesn’t have Brees’ arm. With all those flutter passes he throws, Stevie Brown may have 3 picks this week.

    White can’t beat press without pushing off. Jones can be bracketed and taken away like he was in January. As long as we don’t allow that sputtering old boat in Turner to run free up the gut while trying to rip Matthew Melt’s head off, the only concern will be neutralizing Rodgers on the edges. Roddy White has never done anything of note when it mattered most. Not against the Giants, not against anyone. Julio Jones is just a downfield threat, and he won’t even be that since Williams is back and allowing Rolle and Brown to play out high. If Amukamara doesn’t play, then things may be slightly different.

  4. I see Corey Webster as a liability to at least one monster play from Julio Jones. Beyond that however, the Falcons are about as “for real” as the Texans.

  5. seems like roddy already has a built in excuse for when cruz and nicks show him and juilo who the best wr tandem in the league really is.

  6. For everyone saying it’s not worth the risk, the Falcons are already division champs, there’s nothing to play for, etc… I have to disagree.

    These are the kind of games the Falcons are going to have to win in the playoffs, and they need to be prepared for them. The best way to gear up for the postseason is by playing against strong competition, and the Giants are as formidable a challenge as any team in the league. I think Roddy needs to play to help him and the Falcons ready themselves for what’s to come, especially given their past postseason dissapointments. Even the best actors make dress rehersal, and that’s exactly what this game is.

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