Steelers chairman Dan Rooney leaving post in Ireland

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Steelers chairman emeritus Dan Rooney is coming home.

According to Timothy McNulty of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Rooney is stepping down as the United States’ ambassador to Ireland Friday.

Rooney was named ambassador by President Barack Obama, and has served as our country’s top diplomat in Dublin for more than three years.

Rooney was an advocate for Irish causes for decades before his appointment in July 2009. He was the first American ambassador to visit all 32 counties.

His return to the U.S. comes at a good time for the NFL, as his has been hailed as a voice of reason within the league.

Rooney has said in the past he’s not in favor of an 18-game season, saying “I would rather not have the money,” so it will be interesting to hear his advice on the suggestion of expanding the playoffs.

15 responses to “Steelers chairman Dan Rooney leaving post in Ireland

  1. After his longtime support of the Irish peace process, I’m glad Rooney could apply his level-headed approach in a more hands-on role as the American Ambassador. But I’m also glad he’s now returning home where he can be a voice of reason on NFL issues. He seems to have some influence with Commissioner Goodell, who certainly needs rational guidance in his decisionmaking.

  2. Not sure how being opposed to an 18-game season qualifies one as being “hailed as a voice of reason within the league.” or why eschewing profit because “I would rather not have the money” endears you to your fellows or makes much sense at all really.

  3. Need more proof Steelers are the “World’s Team”?

    Their owner is the friggin’ U.S. Ambassador to Ireland!

    Meanwhile Jerry Jones is in the locker room after games getting into fights with his players.

  4. Having been raised in Pittsburgh, and having put up with Brister, O’Donnell, Maddox, Miller, etc, not to mention the cheap collection of oversized high school bleachers known as Heinz Field (which guarantees almost no home-field noise advantage for 30 years since the sound bleeds out to the river and parking lots), it’s amusing to read Rooney’s remark “I would rather not have the money”.

    Your track record says otherwise, Dan.

  5. Save football from Roger Goodell and the bad owners, please! If Mr. Rooney can’t do it nobody can…

  6. Sam Von Schamm-

    You aren’t from Pittsburgh. If you were, you’d be a fan of the Steelers.

    You see, you don’t really have a choice if you’re from Pittsburgh, you’re born into Steeler Nation.

    Nice try.

  7. I became a Steelers fan somewhere around 1972. Over the years I became a Rooney fan as well, and for good reason.

    The Rooney family are American icons. If you let your fandom of a rival team fool you into thinking otherwise, then I feel sorry for you.

    The NFL has been accumulating “new money” owners that have turned the league into a disastrous mix of self-importance, greed, and arrogance. That is one of the main reasons we get to look at creeps like Roger Goodell now. You *do* understand that the owners are his bosses, right? He’s just doing what he’s told.

    Glad to see Dan coming back to the States, and hopeful he will get involved in NFL matters again. Everyone that truly loves our game should be hoping for that, too.

    As for my loyalty to the Steelers, I’ve never set foot in the state of Pennsylvania, let alone the city of Pittsburgh. I’m a fan because of the history, and yes the ownership.

    And I’m most definitely a Rooney fan.

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