Stephen Jones expects Garrett to remain Cowboys coach


At various points this season, there’s been speculation about whether or not Jason Garrett would return as Cowboys coach in 2013.

Those questions won’t go away completely until we’re actually into the offseason without a change coming to Dallas, but Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones is saying publicly that a coaching change is unlikely. During an interview on 1310 The Ticket, via the Dallas Morning News, Jones said that he couldn’t envision a scenario where the Cowboys wouldn’t bring Garrett back for another year.

We can envision such a scenario pretty easily. Three straight embarrassing losses to close the season with a losing record would be pretty hard for Garrett to overcome, especially after the Cowboys didn’t finish well in 2011. Jones obviously doesn’t want to consider such a turn of events and explained some of why he thinks Garrett will be back.

“I just think he’s done an outstanding job with this team,” Jones said. “There has been adversity in this season. He’s handled it well. He’s never complained, never blinked. I know our guys play hard for him. I don’t believe anybody has refuted that. No one wants to win more games than Jason. I know he’s disappointed that we haven’t won more games, but at the same time, we do have a winning record right now. We’re in the hunt.”

Things can change quickly, especially if there are other coaching options available that appeal to Jones and/or his father more than keeping Garrett in place. Unless the Cowboys completely go into the tank, though, it seems like he’s moved himself to safer ground with four wins in the last five weeks.

12 responses to “Stephen Jones expects Garrett to remain Cowboys coach

  1. He has a makeup year with all the injuries to that team, have another subpar year next yr and off with the head!

  2. Does this mean Payton would not take Jerry’s call? Garrett was a crap coordinator and is a crappier head coach. Why doesn’t Jerry just coach?

  3. “he isn’t going anywhere this season” – Jerry Jones 2 weeks before he fired Wade Phillips.

    Jason will be a cowboy for sure unless they get sean payton, it’s either sean payton or jason garret but garret is the assumption. My point is owners HAVE to express confidence in their coaches and it is anything but a promise of job security.

  4. Though I admire his and the team’s effort versus the Bengals, Garrett is not a good head coach. His mismanagement of the clock and questionable play calling, on every drive, has cost the team 4 to 5 wins last year and 2 this year (2 divisional titles and no playoffs). There is no accountability in regards to bad performances (Olgetree, Scandrick) and the lack of the player’s discipline on the penalties (always in big moments, top 3 in the NFL) is terrible. I know that Dallas has lost Lee, Carter, Church, Murray, and Ratliff for part of the year, no true depth, but the Packers and Giants won Super Bowls without some key players as well. I’m sure Garrett is a good guy, but when watching the games, I am amazed of the bad play calling and inconsistent performance. He/Jones needs to let Norv Turner be the OC, put his play card down, and get more involved with the game/players if he is going to stay. If they can get Sean Payton – get him! Lives in Dallas, coached with the Cowboys, likes Jerry Jones, loves Romo (tried to bring him to NO, before Brees signing), and would love the spotlight. The Cowboys would be an immediate contender, like Harbaugh with the Niners.

  5. Before you Cowgirl fans get all excited about Garrett leaving and Sean Payton taking over, please take a reality pill. Payton is back with the Saints next season and you guys will continue to be the most disappointing franchise of the last 20 years…

  6. Garret would make a phenomenal GM, my dream scenario is jerry stays president but gives Garret GM status and they either promote rob or get a new HC/OC.

    Garret’s culture in the lockerroom is one of champions, he’s been around some of the best coaches in nfl history and part of the best teams. He has done an absurdly good job assembling talent on the team, in his 3 drafts he has selected:

    dez bryant
    sean lee
    tyron smith
    dwayne harris
    bruce carter
    demarco murray
    (rest of last draft is too early to tell, seem like some solid contributors)

    He has also assembled an amazing coaching staff, and he preaches practice hard to play hard and that players have to EARN the star on the helmet. The only thing he is bad at is game management. Would be a perfect GM

  7. ppc50 says: “I know that Dallas has lost Lee, Carter, Church, Murray, and Ratliff for part of the year, no true depth, but the Packers and Giants won Super Bowls without some key players as well.”

    Let’s look at that for a sec. GB won a SB, with some key injuries, but WITH THE #4 DEFENSE. That had nothing to do with the QB or the HC. While the following year GB still had the same HC and the MVP QB and fewer key injuries, but did not have a top 20 defense – they didn’t win the SB (didn’t even get there).

    The Giants won the second SB because their defense came through on two big special teams fumbles and the 9ers dropped 2 INTs by Manning. And they won their first one because Tyree made a once in a lifetime catch of a bad throw. And their defense rose up at the right time. These things had, again, nothing to do with their QB or HC.

    Not sure why people aren’t able to determine cause and effect properly. Gruden, for example, won a SB with Dungy’s defense and the playbook from the Raiders. He was fired after 3 consequtive mediocre seasons. But for some reason everyone thinks he is a great HC. Cowher took 16 years to win finally win a SB, but he’s regarded as one of the most incredible coaches ever. Shanahan won two SBs with some guy named Elway, but was fired after Elway retired and the team drifted into mediocrity. Yet people consider him some sort of QB guru.

    It doesn’t make sense to me.

  8. I’m fine with Jason being the head coach..but get someone else to call the offensive plays pleaseeee

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