Bills GM: “Time’s now” to trade up for a QB


You’ll have to pardon Bills general manager Buddy Nix if he’s not quite sure whether he wants to draft a quarterback or not.

After saying he needed to draft a franchise quarterback, and then circling back and saying he might not, he threw another log on the fire Friday morning, a bigger one at that.

Not only do the Bills need to draft one, he said during his weekly radio show, they might have to trade up to do so.

“Let me say this: I think there’s a time that in the era that you’re in and the development of your team, there’s a time when you can move up a round to take a quarterback,” Nix said on WGR, unsolicited (via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News). “And I think the time’s now for us.

“I mean, if a guy’s there — I keep saying that, and there’ll be one out there — if the guy’s there, then I think we’ll target — as I’ve said before — drafting a good quarterback. We need a good, young quarterback, and we’re going to do our best to get him.”

Nix either has something in mind and is trying to get his fans accustomed to the idea of making a big move, or he’s been swayed by the marketing department to keep the 5-8 Bills pertinent by talking about a bold plan.

Either way, spending all the free agent money last year didn’t work, so maybe making an Redskins-type splash for a guy they think could be their Robert Griffin III is the next step.

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  1. No, its really not. This is one of the worst QB drafts in recent history. There is no one who looks like a sure thing. Matt Barkely, Geno Smith, Aaron Murray…none of these guys are particularly impressive. And when Logan Thomas, a guy who has physical talent but no actual signs he’s a great QB, is considered potentially the first QB to go, its not a very good class.

  2. I think the “time is now” for the Bills to can Buddy, and get a real GM. Even before they signed Fitzpatrick to that ridiculous contract extension, it was painfully obvious that he was what player personnel guys call “JAG” – Just Another Guy. If Buddy Nix is just figuring out now that you need a top shelf QB to win in this league, then he is even dumber than I thought.

  3. If there were an Andrew Luck or RGIII in this year’s draft class, Mr. Nix might be taken seriously

    Or he could simply let us know the source of just what it is that he is smoking.

  4. The same GM that traded a 7th round pick for Tarvaris Jackson who was then kept inactive all season while on a 1 year contract. Trust this guy.

  5. He’s not talking about moving to the top part of the draft, he’s talking about probably the tail end of the first round…

    “there’s a time when you can move up a round to take a quarterback,”

    At that point it’s a fairly low risk move and may be worth it. Guys like Tyler Wilson, Landry Jones, and Matt Barkley are worth the risk there. These are guys that would have been top 10 picks had they come out last year.

  6. Um, no, the time for trading up to get a QB was LAST year.

    You remember last year, when you gave a mediocre QB 24 million in guaranteed money?

    Can someone explain to me how a guy can keep his job after openly admitting he needs to waste extra picks to move up and draft a player for a position he just dumped so much money into?

  7. Nix has the right idea, but he doesn’t need to move up in the draft to get one of the top guys. Look at the bottom rung teams in need of a QB- Cheifs, Cards…and…. maybe Raiders? But last year shored up the Dolphins, Colts, Seahawks, Browns and Skins. The year before Panthers, Vikes, Titans, Bengals, Jags. There’s hardly a team in need of a QB. So while I agree, this year’s QB class is weak at best, Nix really doesn’t need to start trading away multiple picks to get one of the top 3 guys, who in my opinion are all pretty much on the same level. And no, Barkley is not in that group.

  8. I know this has nothing to do with the Bills’ QB situation, but has anybody noticed the season that Mario Williams has put together so far? Pretty darn good. Not $100 million good, but a lot better than he was doing earlier in the year. Just sayin’…………

  9. They cant get one in this draft cuz Geno smith isnt a great QB neither is Barkely. Signing Smith or trading for Flynn shoukd be option A for the bills. They need to push fitz and draft a 2nd or 3rd round QB

  10. And now he thinks that passing on Andy Dalton, Colon Kaepernick, Nick Foles, Russell Wilson, and can anyone else add to the list, might have been mistakes.
    Isn’t it time to hold somebody accountable for not drafting a good QB and drafting players like Spiller, who I will say again is an undersized running back and that running backs are not good first round picks. They passed on Jason Pierre-Paul for Spiller and then to fill the hole, had to sign Mario Williams to a huge contract. How many running backs could they have signed with that money. How many teams make the playoffs each year with no first round running backs on their roster?
    They picked a CB, Aaron Williams, over Andy Dalton. I am not saying Dalton is a superstar, but he is a better player than A. Williams.. And there are no superstar QB’s in this years draft. There are ones that might develop in a few years but none to give away draft picks to move up for.

  11. Mike Vick, Alex Smith, Matt Flynn, Kirk Cousins, Joe Flacco is a FA next year, TIM TEBOW! — Most, if not all, of these guys are available to be had next year. I would take them over any of the guys coming out of this years draft.

  12. Too bad there are no QBs in the draft. Bills blew it BAD when they upped Fitz after 3-4 great games.

    Who signs an un-proven QB midseason after 3-4 good games? The Bills do.

    Entire team AND brass need to be cleared out.

  13. So you’re telling us that Ryan Fitzpatrick was NOT the answer????

    A year late on that one, Chief. Cost you a fat extension and several missed oportunities.

  14. If you want a sleeper QB that will be available in the lower rounds with no trade up necessary, think about taking a flyer on Nick Florence from Baylor. He’s as accurate a thrower as there is in the college game, a great runner and competitor and oh, yes, he leads the nation in total offense.

  15. I’m not nearly as high on Geno as I was in the early part of the season.

    That said, I don’t blame WVU’s downfalls on Geno, they had one of the worst defenses in football. I still see a lot of upside in Geno. He has been considered mentally gifted from an early age, something that sets him apart from guys like J. Russell or V. Young. Plus, he did not make a living being a scrambling QB like Young, he has always been a pocket passer. Geno also still has room to grow. He’s become much more physically imposing since his freshman year.

    I know there is bust potential with him, but after watching Geno and Fitz play, Geno is already a better QB. The throws he makes weekly are ones that I can only dream of Fitz ever making.

    Geno has size, brains and a great arm. Why not give him a shot?….

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