Cruz says contract is a “matter of time”


Earlier in the season, Giants receiver Victor Cruz said the structure was in place for a new contract, which would compensate the third-year, minimum-salary wideout far more handsomely for his performance.

Since then, the deal hasn’t been finalized.

“Right now we are just going back and forth until the numbers are right in our favor and what we like,” Cruz said Friday, via  “There’s some give-and-take, no one side is just going to win the entire negotiation.

“Once we get closer to the numbers that we want, then the deal will be signed.  There are some things that are in place, like the structure and things like that.  So it is just a matter of time.”

The problem for Cruz is that, until the time comes to sign the deal, he’ll continue to bear the risk of injury.  Indeed, if Cruz tears an ACL or suffers some other serious injury on Sunday against the Falcons (or in any game before he applies his signature to the bottom of the deal), the structure will disappear.  Along with the rest of the deal.

The Giants possibly are holding back a bit in the hopes that Cruz will decide to put the bird in the hand in his bank account.  Whether right or wrong, it’s good business to hope that Cruz takes less than he wants in order to get more than he has, before he ends up with nothing.

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  1. I hate the Giants but I respect the way their front office has handled contracts, they have been consistent in getting the guys they drafted locked up to a favorable deal before they peak. It was what I wished my Lions had done with Cliff Avril two years ago before he got the idea he was worth 10+ million a year into his head. He has consistently improved every year in the league and been a great team guy yet instead of banking on that we let him play out his rookie deal and up his value. We did the same with CJ as well and ended up handing out a record breaking deal instead of just paying top dollar, Mayhew and Lewand need to learn.

  2. I’ve always believed it’s good business to treat people well. Especially the people who were instrumental in your team achieving its greatest goal (in the Giants’ case, a Super Bowl). They should pay him or risk demonstrating to the rest of the team that even a marquee player is just a financial concern to them, rather than a core asset.

  3. No, it isn’t good business – keep your star players happy. Having him content for one year, then bitter for the next three, is bad management.

    When Kurt Warner won his Super Bowl, the first thing the Rams did was write him a cheque (yeah, that’s right, “-que”, eh?) for $2M. Then they worked out his contract. But that gesture of good faith spoke volumes.

    The flip side is you end up with Chris Johnson – the Hall of Famer who might have been, but instead now shows up for six or seven games per year.

  4. Hopefully in the new deal there would be a clause forbidding his inane squirming in the end zone after scoring.

  5. Cruz is a class act. While it’s very risky, it’s nice to see a player actually play out the contract that he signed, instead of crying about how badly he’s “underpaid”.

  6. Do you any of you have a clue as to how much this kid makes being on the Giants.

    Let me start by saying I hope they lock him up and pay him well I want him to be a Giant for life.

    I am sure his game checks are pocket change.

    Would he have all the extra income if he were in a small market and not having Eli as his QB.

    The Soup gig his own clothing line and all of the other various gigs he has locked up.
    He got those for a couple reasons the first being he is a good player the second is he is a good player playing in the biggest market in the world.

    His story of a local kid from a bad area would not play out any where else as only here in NJ can he be a local kid.

    Unlike so many other pro players he is not a diva he knows if not for the Giants he would not be a star remember 32 teams passed on him 7 times so with 224 chances he was not drafted.

    If he was not with in driving distance of Giant Stadium they would not have invited him to camp if players did not get hurt he never would have got the chance to play.

    Victor is a local star we love him and it is nice that he understands its not all about the money he is living the dream that many have but few get to do.

  7. He openly spoke out about the non factor of his salary before the season. Normally you would have a long hold out after the season he had last yr. I seen him grab 3 TD’s in his rookie season against the jets during hard knocks and said that he is the future of the Giants. Now it’s time to pay him like his talent is appreciated. Lets not forget that an injury to him would hurt the team more than it would for Cruz’s future. If the Giants don’t show him they want him then there are 31 other teams that will. HE WON IT FAIR AND SQUARE…PAY HIM…PAY THAT MAN HIS MONEY!

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