David Wilson bows to pressure, won’t flip any more


Flip Wilson has flipped his stance.

Giants running back David Wilson, who said earlier this week people should “relax” about his signature celebration, said Friday he changed his mind.

Wilson said on ESPN he would no longer do a backflip after he scores, perhaps in consideration to the fact running back Ahmad Bradshaw won’t travel to Atlanta with a knee injury.

“I think it’s for the team’s best interests,” Wilson said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “I don’t want to make anyone upset or nervous or scared. I want to do something that people enjoy rather than worry about.”

Asked what he’d do if he scored against the Falcons, Wilson said he wasn’t sure.

“First thing is just get in the end zone,” he said. “Maybe it will be spontaneous. The main thing is just get in the end zone first.”

Frankly, Wilson’s been doing backflips since he was 3 years old, and it seems like far more has been made of this than should be. But the Giants are nervous, and have made him sufficiently so that he’ll tone it down.

8 responses to “David Wilson bows to pressure, won’t flip any more

  1. Let me get this straight, and I’m serious:

    They have a problem with this, thinking he’s showing up opponents (the injury “risk” talk is bogus), but somehow encourage Vic to dance? I couldn’t care less about either. It means they are scoring for us, but come on, man…

  2. for once all the media complaining and attention is helping a player even when he doesnt realize it.. does it seem silly yes but as a NYG fan we cannot afford to lose wilson over something dumb like this.. imagine if he lands one inch the wrong way and sprains his ankle and cant play.. imagine how dumb hed look then.. id say find another dance to do and if u score a Td in the superbowl then u can flip as many times as u want..

  3. too much made out of this…..a lot of hoopla over Arian Foster being a vegan……turns out he is not even a vegetarian,,,,,he still eats meat….so leave Wilson alone

  4. Looks like I’m going to have to create a few different sign on names now, so I can get comments through. Pretend to be a fan of a few different teams etc.

  5. Since when has doing a back flip been so frowned upon? I guess I can understand the fear of injury but it just seems it is being a little blown out of proportion. I always felt that one may be more prone to injury when playing more conscious of avoiding injury. I guess this is just a byproduct of a toned down NFL regarding “player safety”.

  6. Let the man flip already! He is a young athlete celebrating. He smoked my team last week and I don’t care. I don’t get mad about the salsa dance. People need to save their worries for bigger things in life.

  7. Is this guy so immature he can’t see that he could tweak a knee, ankle, hammy etc.? A placekicker blew out an ACL years ago celebrating a FG simply by jumping up and landing awkwardly. Same thing in baseball when celebrating a walk-off, by jumping up and landing on home plate the wrong way. I imagine the ” pressure” was coach C. This is not about just Wilson. It has to do with the entire TEAM should he hurt himself in such a frivolous manner.

  8. They arent worried about him getting hurt practicing or working out or playing in games because that is what he is paid to do. So there should be no problem with him doing a flip after scoring because he is more likely to get hurry actually playing the game, so let the kid have his fun, he deserves it for putting points on the board for his TEAM

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