Delaying surgery could permanently damage Bryant’s finger

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones said Friday that wide receiver Dez Bryant may suffer a permanent lack of flexibility in his left index finger if he doesn’t have surgery, but he thinks Bryant can also be successful on the field if that happens.

During an appearance on 105.3 FM “The Fan,” Jones said the team wouldn’t do anything to compromise Bryant’s health.

“It’ll be a challenge with the flexibility of the finger, probably, for the rest of his life,” Jones said, via Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I think he’ll still be able to use it and use it in a way that he’ll be successful on the field and use it every day, as well.”

The Cowboys are working to come up with something to protect Bryant’s left index finger (he’s left-handed). Coach Jason Garrett said the team hasn’t pushed for season-ending surgery, but that it could be a possibility depending on Bryant’s condition.

“We sure wouldn’t do anything if we felt like it was going to compromise his long-term career,” Jones said. “Dez has got a bright career in front of him. He’s obviously, I think, growing from a maturity point right before everybody’s eyes. He’s playing. He’s understanding the game better. Playing well on the field.

“At the end of the day, we wouldn’t do anything that would compromise his health for the future.”

At the end of the day, it’s easy to say it’s just a finger, as long as it’s not your finger. Playing this week could leave Bryant with something he has to live with when his post-football career begins.

Maybe he could end up looking like former Rams wide receiver Torry Holt (pictured here) who will be able to creep people out the rest of his days. Perhaps he and Brian Baldinger can wave to each other as well.

Photo credit: DeAngelo Williams’ Twitter account.

16 responses to “Delaying surgery could permanently damage Bryant’s finger

  1. Good thing that both Jerry and Stephen Jones are both medical doctors. Otherwise Bryant and Ratliff might be pressured to return too early.

    Oh, wait…

  2. i think it’s selfish of garrett and the cowboys to make bryant make the decision and saying “we’re giving him every chance to play…and if he chickens out then it’s on him”. lamesauce, cowboys, to guilt someone into having such a long-term result from an injury

  3. First they say that delaying to have surgery likely will lead to a lifelong loss of flexibility and ultimately will limit the use of his finger. Then in the same sentence they say they won’t do anything that compromises his long term career with the cowboys. And their excuse for him playing without surgery is that they think the loss of flexibility and ultimately the usefulness of his finger is something they can live with and shouldn’t hurt his career too bad.

    Yet they also say they won’t do anything to jeapordize the long term health of Dez. This is right after they said not having surgery would harm his long term health.

    Which is it?

  4. Broken fingers used to require a splint/cast, some pain killers and a bit of time. Now they all seem to “require” surgery. Better medicine or more money?

  5. Player safety is only top priority when it comes to law suits.

    If Dez Bryant wants to ruin the index finger on his left hand, everyone wants to pat him on the back for playing tough. Who cares if you risk permanent damage to your index finger, the playoffs are on the line. Two doctors independently verified that he needed surgery, but what do they know? They only went to medical school. It isn’t like you need the index finger on your left hand for anything. Especially if you are left handed.

  6. Good to see the Cowboys placing a player’s long term future ahead of short-term team goals (cough). Isn’t that the underlying reason for all the pending lawsuits by retired players?

  7. i don’t get this surgery thing,cast/splint it and it will heal with time, you lose very very little flexibility, iv broken my share of fingers

  8. As a cowboys fan (witch I’m not) I would want him to get fixed. To ensure a positive future.

    As a Giants fan (witch I am) I want him to play. To ensure a never fully repaired hand.

    I would never want any player to get hurt because I believe that’s wrong however when a guy is asking for it than it’s his own fault.

  9. I seem to remember Staubach having a similar problem with one of his little fingers that he had corrected at the end of his career.

  10. I’m not a doctor, far from it, but from what I heard about the injury it wasn’t just a simple break. Mangled would be a better term. No splint to fix that bad boy.
    If I were him, I would get the surgery and come back next year.

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