Everson Griffen escapes fine for hit on Cutler


On Sunday, Florio opined that Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen had a fine coming his way after he was penalized for unnecessary roughness while sacking Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Griffen’s teammate Jared Allen was in the process of dragging Cutler to the turf when Griffen hit him high and made contact with his helmet. Cutler remained in the game for the rest of the drive, but he was later replaced by Jason Campbell because of a neck injury that was closely monitored in Chicago this week.

Florio’s powers of prognostication failed him on this one, though. Griffen has not been fined by the NFL for the hit, which is a bit surprising given the normal response to quarterbacks getting hit in the head. Griffen was fined in Week 13 for a hit on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

One player from the Vikings-Bears game did run afoul of the league, however. Bears cornerback Charles Tillman was hit with a $7,875 fine after getting an unnecessary roughness penalty for coming in late on Vikings running back Toby Gerhart.

8 responses to “Everson Griffen escapes fine for hit on Cutler

  1. Good, it was a stupid call. He was falling to the ground as Griffen was going to tackle him. Just like there is no helmet to helmet penalty when the runner lowers his head. And the bad call on Allen’s out of bounds hit. He had not steped out of bounds yet, even the anoucers thought it was a bad flag, and they are never for the Vikes.

  2. I’m fine with no fine, but if you don’t think it was a penalty, you don’t know the rules and haven’t watched a football game in the last five years.

  3. The flag on Jared Allen for “hitting the player out of bounds after the play was over” was ridiculous. He merely made the tackle to end the play! The ball carrier was not gonna go out of bounds on his own. Furthermore, it showed excellent hustle on his part to chase down the play on the far side of the field from where he lined up. Good job by Jared, whereas the referee should be fined by the league for making such a shockingly absurd call! Ridiculous.

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