Gronk one of 19 questionable Patriots


The Patriots continue their questionable use of the term “questionable” in their injury reports.

In advance of Sunday’s game against the 49ers, a whopping 19 members of the team are listed as questionable to play due to injury, including tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Gronkowski, who had surgery November 19 to repair a broken forearm, practiced for the first time since the injury on Friday, on a limited basis.  The other 18 questionable Pats all practiced on a limited basis, too.

The full list is right here.  It includes even one player who is questionable for a reason unrelated to injury — defensive lineman Kyle Love.

Technically, the “questionable” label means there’s a 50-50 chance the player will play.  There’s likely a 50-50 chance that coach Bill Belichick doesn’t care.

Or higher.

UPDATE 6:15 p.m. ET:  A league source tells PFT that, despite being listed as questionable, Gronkowski will not play on Sunday.

36 responses to “Gronk one of 19 questionable Patriots

  1. He won’t and shouldn’t play not worth it. Love had a child not sure why he wouldn’t play but mine as well list everybody as questionable right??

  2. The concept of the injury report is bs anyways. Why should you reveal to your opponent your intentions? Only reason is NFL being in bed with the gamblers. Why would you give your opponent clues as to where to attack your players? I would list about 40 guys every week questionable.

  3. On the long injury report of life who in the end can we confidently say isn’t questionable?

    In all seriousness, Belichick listing Kyle Love as questionable is hilarious. I just miss seeing Tom Brady being listed as “probable” with a shoulder injury, good times.

  4. That’s what Belichick does, he puts half the team as questionable. That way the opposition has a harder time trying to gauge what to defend. Smart, but wrong. The thing is though Bill Belichick will do whatever it takes to win, even something as low as cheating, which we all observed before.

  5. There’s a 100% chance Bill B. doesn’t care what you or anybody else thinks about his injury report. Much to do about nothing.

  6. Wow, New Orleans may get fined for not listing Graham, however New England is overusing the injury report for listing all possibilities. This is questionable.

  7. It’s only an issue to those who waste their time playing fantasy football as opposed to golfing, bowling, swimming, exercising, reading…or God forbid…actually working.

    Who cares? He’s not on the IR, so he’ll be back…when he’s back.

  8. My take.It all depends on the Ravens Broncos game
    early Sunday.If the Ravens win Gronk sits if they
    lose he plays.Broncos are tied with Pats for a #2
    buy and have and easier sched. then the Ravens.

  9. Having an injury report so people can gamble with added information is a helluva lot more questionable than Gronk’s status for Sunday night. What a waste of time and effort.

  10. I love it. Another example right here how the media hates BB. He tells them nothing and gives them zero usable info and of course they can’t stand that and resent it. This is about the 127th time the media has tried to call attention the Pats injury report and the 127th time it goes nowhere and the league does nothing…..and of course….the DBs in the media can’t stand it and they resent it. LOL

  11. Why do u care so much about NE injury labels? Think of something else to complain about because this is irrelevant. It was irrelevant last week and next week too. Something new please, your jokes are way old

  12. Hey, some teams don’t put injured players on the list

    The pats go the other route. Makes no difference unless you
    Gamble or are heavy into fantasy. In both cases read the local paper and you’ll know who’s good to go

  13. I’m not a Pats fan, but I agree with Bellicheck on this.

    The list is for Vegas to set the line and gamblers to use when making their bets. It has nothing to do with football on the field.

    I’d list my entire roster as questionable. It’s a crazy though but what if the Pats ran the opening kick back for a TD. Then kicked off and ran a punt back and on and on until the end of the game. There’s a chance Brady wouldn’t touch the field. Everyone is questionable.

  14. The guy I am going against in my fantasy playoffs this week must have swallowed his tongue when he saw Gronk on the “questionable” list.

    I can only dream that they would actually play him.

  15. If the NFL is going to so narrowly define injury categories, then they should expect teams to list their players like the Patriots do. And trust me, I’m no Patriots fan. This is a case of garbage in, garbage out.

  16. They were limited at practice. They were then listed on the injury report.

    What is the problem here?

    Not listing players on the injury report after they were limited in practice gets teams fined by the league, doesn’t it?

  17. Watch out Bill.

    Goodell gets mad when you don’t cooperate with Las Vegas and mob bookies by making a mockery of his injury reporting policy.

    You are only making it harder for other teams to employ bounties on injured players by hiding injuries as well – and Goodell would rather put gambling interests ahead of player safety.

    Expect a fine or a loss of a draft pick.

  18. Belichick is following the letter of the law, so the league can not find fault with his methods.

    The injury report isn’t right as a concept. Opponents go after players, right where they’re injured, as the Giants admitted they did last year.

  19. Listing players as questionable makes opponents have to prepare for all possibilities. I believe if what coach Bill does with the injury report was against the rules, the NFL would have said or done something about it by now. All coaches look for any possible edge.

    As for Gronk I hope they hold him out until completely healed. You know the other teams will be punching it etc, when in the pile ups.


  20. Coach Harbaugh of the Ravens had a dispute with the league early in the year over an injury report. He stated he was going to follow the Patriots lead and method in the future. This story is filled with venom and resentment against a great organization. You should not use your national pulpit to cast your hatred.

  21. BB to TB:

    Tom, I’m going to list you on the injury report this week for a bad manicure…

    Got to love BB, The league wants all types of injuries listed for Vegas, etc…
    All he’s doing is following orders from Lord Goodell,

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