Ndamukong Suh not fined for roughing Aaron Rodgers


For Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, it’s news when the NFL doesn’t fine him.

So we’ll pass along the news we’ve confirmed with the league office today, which is that Suh was not fined for a hit on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. That hit did draw a 15-yard penalty for roughing the passer, but the league apparently didn’t think a simple shove was flagrant enough to warrant a fine.

Suh said this week that he thinks quarterbacks get preferential treatment, and that if the referee had done his job properly, the flag he threw would have been on the Packers for holding him.

“It must be nice to be a quarterback in this league,” Suh told the Detroit Free Press. “The thing is, is that I ask questions, and I ask the referees what could I have done differently? And if you go back and look at the play, I was held.”

Suh also said he was proud of fighting off the hold and pressuring Rodgers on the play.

“He threw an incomplete pass. There’s a reason why he threw that incomplete pass,” Suh said. “Because I was right there, and I was in his face, and I pushed him.”

And although pushing him cost the Lions 15 yards, it won’t cost Suh any money.

50 responses to “Ndamukong Suh not fined for roughing Aaron Rodgers

  1. shouldnt of been a flag to begin with.. just like the hit on dez shouldnt of been a flag and another hit i seen flagged that was crazy to.. no fun league strikes again and again

  2. as a packers fan i thought it was questionable to even give him a flag. but watching the play over i guess he did take 2 steps and shove him after he threw the ball. so it could go either way imo. i don’t believe suh deserved a fine for that hit. i must say that he said he was held on that play?? there was holding by both teams during this game. you lost get over it, after a 14 point lead.

  3. Football is violent! As long as he’s not stomping people out let em do his thing. These fines and possible suspensions that have been hung over all of their heads is ridiculous

  4. He’s right. So much Packers holding goes uncalled.

    Shouldn’t have been a flag on the play either. 30 QB’s around the league have that happen to them once a month and it’s never called.

  5. Shove any other player (way after the play, mind you) and the referees come in and break it up and tell the players to knock it off. Shove one of the NFL’s golden boy untouchables a little bit after he throws the pass, and it results in a personal foul.

  6. “Suh said this week that he thinks quarterbacks get preferential treatment”.

    Really…What gave it away. The fact that quarterbacks are franchise players and there are specific rules just to potect them. What a genius.

  7. It wasn’t a violent hit but it still was a shove to knock a QB down more than obviously after the player threw the ball. It was absolutely pointless for him to go ahead and shove Rodgers anyway. That’s why the flag was thrown, that’s why Suh is an idiot. He’s delusional though and will always think he’s flawless.

  8. The play doesn’t warrant a fine, a second look at, an article saying he didn’t get a fine.

    These repeated articles on news sites implying he almost got fined give him a bad reputation. The dude gave a one handed shove in the course of the play. There was 0% chance he would ever get fined for that

    Michael David Smith: When two high-profile plays like Rodgers and Suh are involved in a hit that results in a personal foul penalty, we always follow up with the league about whether there was a fine and report that to our readers. It’s interesting that you don’t think this warranted an article, and you felt it was worth your time to read it and post a response.

  9. I did not see the play in question. However, since when does the lack of a fine mean a flag was not warranted? I don’t think the NFL ever that every personal foul is deserving of a fine.

  10. Um . . . the pass was incomplete not because of your pass rush, but rather because Randall Cobb dropped a ball that hit him in both hands. Get your facts right douche bag.

  11. If Suh got fined for “playing football”, Rodgers should get fined for not being a man and taking a hit. If the Packers didnt hold as much as they do, Suh would be in his face even more. THAT is the truth.

  12. A further point of illumination not yet stated:

    Suh knew he’d be penalized 15 yards, but went ahead and pushed Rodgers.

    That’s selfish and non-team behavior.

    It’s emblematic of Detroit’s breed of player in the DL.

  13. Anyone else ever notice that whenever Rodgers gets hit, he always looks back at the guy, and if he doesn’t know who it is, he keeps looking until he sees the name on the jersey. It’s like the guy is building a personal list of the people who hit him, so later he can say that player is dirty. I’ve noticed it a lot lately, and its something Brady does as well. As if they are saying, hey do you know who I am? I don’t get hit. I respect both of these guys,and think they are great QBs, but they both act as if they need a chip on their shoulders in order to play well. They both want to act as if they are disrespected. Yet they are two of the most respected QBs in the game, and they get the benefit of the doubt on any close hit. Just saying

  14. I don’t think it was an egregious foul that warranted a fine but roughing the passer was fair. Suh had to take two steps after Rodgers released the ball in order to get to him so the push/shove wasn’t necessary and it was hard enough to knock Rodgers off his feet. A flag was correct. Suh was just in a snit because he was held, and that is understandable.

  15. I’m a Packer fan. I can’t stand Suh. I hate the call on the field. It’s getting to the point of ridiculous that the defense isn’t allowed to touch anybody on offense without having a flag thrown. Stop the madness!

  16. Suh didn’t do anything wrong.

    Fairley slammed his forearm into Rodgers’ neck once and then threw him down on his neck a second time. Not flagged but should have been fined.

  17. reesesteel23 says: Dec 14, 2012 4:59 PM

    Lol you cant even push QB’s now?…Can we let this guy play football……..geez
    -vikings fan

    You weren’t paying attention the game I take it?

    There is more way than one to rough a passer, hand to the head leading with the crown.

    The ref explained that Suh took too many steps after the ball had been released Which I think was about 3 or 4, that one is the easiest of all to avoid. He couldn’t help himself.

    Just like they couldn’t help it with the group celebration or a turkey day challenge flag.

  18. Suh been watching too much Old Joe Greene tape. What’s next, he punches the Oline guy in the nuts ?
    Send him to UFC, the big boys know just what to do with him. Tag him ,bag him.

  19. I’m a Lions fan and let me say what everyone will know next year, and what rpiotro1 is learning now:

    Nick Fairley is 3 times dirtier than Suh.

    He just hasn’t had a chance to show it. YouTube his play in Auburn. Suh oversteps the line and lets his emotions overtake him when playing. Which leads him to do borderline things.

    Fairley revels in being dirty. As in he consciously plays dirty. He did in high school. He did it in college. And he’s starting to fire up in the NFL.

    He revels in it.

  20. Stafford gets hit like that every week and doesn’t even get a flag. So do plenty of other QBs. The league’s vendetta against Suh is starting to get boring. They’ll have to find another villain pretty soon.

  21. Is it time to dump Goodell and bring Tagliabue back until a replacement that better understands the game/men/players can be found as Tag’s replacement. All this save the QB and childish attitude towards them began with Goodell and has gone a little too far in most cases.

  22. @axespray

    Ya if a Lions player would have done that, it would have INSTANTLY been roughing the passer.

    Packers get away with everything and the whole NFL knows it. Most protected team in the game.

  23. I’m not surprised Suh didn’t get a fine. Not a terrible hit. I AM surprised that Fairley didn’t get a fine for his late slam of Rodgers that was missed by the refs.

  24. hey draftguy, fairley forearm smash was much worse and wasn’t called either. neither guys name is suh. as a packer fan of 57 years, i didn’t think the suh hit was dirty, it could have been worse. as a high school defensive line coach, i stress the one step rule. if you are within one step of the qb when he releases the ball, hit him, if you need two steps, don’t. fundemental football

  25. lionsdraftguy says:
    Dec 15, 2012 8:49 AM
    Packers get away with everything and the whole NFL knows it. Most protected team in the game.


  26. rufio1984 says:Dec 15, 2012 8:45 AM

    Was the hit to Stafford fined? THAT hit looked worse than the Suh hit and was not flagged..

    Of course the hit to StafFORD was not flagged. Rodgers and the Packers are the darlings of the NFL. That’s why the Packer offensive line gets away with holding virtually every snap.

  27. Anyone who thinks that Suh wasnt being an ignorant player, watch the play.

    Suh took over 2 steps and contacted Rodgers with his hand. Then Suh continued the play by extending his arm in a shoving/thrusting motion, with full intent of knocking Rodgers down. That is why the flag was thrown and that is why Suh has the reputation he has. Suh had complete control of himself and knew exactly what he was doing and what his actions would cause. In this case… 15 yards for being a dummy.

    And to you clowns who think that GB gets a break on holding. That is laughable. The referees say there is holding on every play. The severity or duration of the holding is what warrants a flag. So, of course GB gets away with holding, but so does every other NFL team. It just depends on how much you hate GB or love your team to complain about fairness.

  28. monstersofthemidway545051 says:
    Dec 14, 2012 6:18 PM
    Here is this guy’s problem. Count the ‘I’s’ in his quotes. Lack of authority from his coach.


    What do you mean? He sounds like he could be President of the United States!

    BTW, Packers fan and that was not a penalty. It wasn’t a hold either.

  29. Suh gets away with more garbage than any 2 other players in the league. He must have a friend at the league office.

  30. I wonder if Suh is aware of the fact that there is holding on practically EVERY single play in an NFL game. EVERY team gets away with it. If they would have called that, you’d get people on here arguing to just let ’em play.

    Was the hit on Rodgers flagrant? Absolutely not. But he pushed him after taking two full steps after the ball was thrown. It was obvious, late, unnecessary and against the rules. The penalty was the correct call to make. Period!!

  31. mjkelly77 says: Dec 15, 2012 10:11 AM
    Of course the hit to Stafford was not flagged. Rodgers and the Packers are the darlings of the NFL. That’s why the Packer offensive line gets away with holding virtually every snap.


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